Urze de Lume

Legends and myth, rites and cries
Stories past, living new life in the hands of today. Living the present, that in future will be Past.
Awakening the old. As free as the wind blown by wood and echoed by the vibrating perring fur.

Back to the land, to grass, to heather, to honey, to being.

The wolf howls under the moon
Fear covers the snow, like expanding music.
Coarse yet finished. So claim the artisan’s hands.

“Caminhos da Urze | 2015
"11” Live at Tertúlia Castelense | 2014
Iberia Oculta | 2012



Urze De Lume – Ibéria Oculta

Urze De Lume – Caminhos Da Urze

Urze De Lume – Ibéria Oculta by Gh Records on Mixcloud

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