• Abattoir & Satori at the Cube, Bristol

    Satori, continuing a project first started in the 1980’s founding member Dave Kirby brings an onslaught of industrial soundscapes, pounding drums and a dystopian vision of a world commited to destroying itself. 
    Comprising a mixture of harsh noise and power electronics with a harder and heavier percussive beat than before Satori enter 2018 with a collection of new songs “Dispossession” based on the physical and mental disconnect facing everyone in the modern world. A constant pervasive undercurrent of violence, the feeling of a society on the brink of a total meltdown and the fears and torments of the powerless individual.

    Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer from Torino. His work takes shape in a context of underground extreme noise music to become accessible through projects related to sound art. “The sound of chaos merging with order, where every detail and nuance seems to be carefully regulated and controlled”.


  • Hiemis – Thule

    HIEMIS – Thule
    Limited edition ( 40 copies)
    Label: Gradual Hate Records / Series: El Lobo y la Espada ‎– L.E. 11 K7
    Format: Cassette, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: 25 Apr 2019
    Style: Drone, Dark Ambient, Esoteric Ambient

    There is evidence that shows the existence in ancient times of an arcane civilization that controlled much of the West and even Greece and Egypt itself. The Atlantis empire was a confederation of different kingdoms located in the ancient Thule, which together formed an empire that ruled for nearly 3000 years the Mediterranean. They were experts in different subjects such as astronomy, navigation or metallurgy, one of their greatest legacies being megalithic monuments. Political and religious interests caused the oblivion of this civilization, in addition to the false legends that pushed the destruction of the myth. Precursor of Greco-Roman mythology, the Atlantean lineage was recovered over time by Julius Caesar himself for his own benefit as propaganda of the Roman Empire, becoming a living god, like the kings of Atlantis.

    Many will be the historians, archaeologists and researchers of all time who will try to decipher the mystery of Atlantis. Especially, after Schiemann discovered the city of Troy following the clues found in Homer’s readings. The hypotheses about their possible settlement have been, in most cases, speculative and with little scientific basis. Surely one of those that has gained more strength is that which relates it to Greece (Minoan culture) and Spain (Tartessian… more

    Music by Juan Carlos Toledo (Silent Love of Death)
    Art by Diego Arandojo

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    Existen evidencias que demuestran la existencia en tiempos antiguos de una arcana civilización que controló gran parte de Occidente e incluso Grecia y el propio Egipto. El imperio Atlantis era una confederación de distintos reinos ubicados en la antigua Thule, que unidos conformaron un imperio que gobernó durante cerca de 3000 años el Mediterráneo. Eran expertos en distintas materias como la astronomía, la navegación o la metalurgia, siendo uno de sus mayores legados los monumentos megalíticos. Intereses políticos y religiosos provocaron el olvido de esta civilización, además de las falsas leyendas que empujaron a la destrucción del mito. Precursor de la mitología grecorromana, el linaje atlante fue recuperado con el paso del tiempo por el mismísimo Julio Cesar para su propio provecho como propaganda del Imperio Romano, convirtiéndose en un dios viviente, como los reyes de la Atlántida. 

    Muchos serán los historiadores, arqueólogos e investigadores de todos los tiempos que intentarán descifrar el misterio de la Atlántida. Sobre todo, después de que Schiemann descubriera la ciudad de Troya siguiendo las pistas encontradas en las lecturas de Homero. Las hipótesis sobre su posible asentamiento han sido, en la mayoría de los casos, especulativas y con escasa base científica. Seguramente una de las que ha cobrado más fuerza es aquella que la relaciona con Grecia (Cultura minoica) y España (cultura tartésica). En ese sentido, las teorías encontraron afinidad con algunos topónimos mencionados por Plantón y que hace referencia al Mediterráneo, África y a la que fuera colonia fenicia de Gades. 

  • raison d’être ‎– Anima Caelum

    raison d’être ‎– Anima Caelum
    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD300
    Format: 2 × CD, Album
    Country: Italy
    Released: 30 Apr 2019
    Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial

    Anima Caelum contains both complete live sets and selection of tracks from live recordings by raison d’être, from performances stretching from the world tours of 2014-2015 to the very unique moment at the once-in-a-lifetime event Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live in 2017 performing one track from each of his Cold Meat Industry studio albums.
    This is apocalyptic music that can bring life to heaven!

    Originally released on Old Europa Cafe as a double MC in 2018, now revised and remastered for CD-format and optimum sound quality.

    CD 1
    De Produndis
    Inner Depths Of Sadness
    Reflecting In Shadows
    End Of A Cycle
    The Shadow Of The Soul
    Metamorphyses – Phase VI
    Without The Shedding There Is No Forgiveness
    Passing Inner Shields – End
    The Verge Of Somnolence
    My Souls Is Darkened
    Shedding The Guilt

    Track 1 – 10 recorded live at Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live, at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden – 2017-11-04, with edits and overdubs to correct problems.
    Track 11 recorded live at Bolkow Castle Party 2015-07-18
    Track 12 – 13 recorded live at Cleveland Radio show 2014-10-23

    CD 2
    Old Wounds Opened
    Shedding The Guilt
    A Flaming Ordeal
    Closer to The Abyss
    The Water Of Cleansing
    Sharing The Guilt
    The Shadow Weaver
    Old Wounds Opened

    Track 1 – 7 recorded live at Jerusalem, Israel 2015-05-09
    Track 8 recorded live at Montreal 2014-10-15
    Track 9 recorded live at Poznan 2014-03-29
    Track 10 recorded live at Miami 2014-10-30

    All music by Peter Andersson 1991-2017.
    Recorded live 2014-2017.

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  • SatØri

    Satori ‎– Dispossession

    Satori ‎– Dispossession
    Label: COD noizes ‎– SHUM18
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Russia
    Released: 25 Dec 2018
    Style: Power Electronics, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise

    British industrial veterans Satori was formed in Margate, Kent by Dave Kirby and Robert Maycock in 1984. Origially called Psychopath. Satori have released material on cult labels which represented post-industrial music culture in its absolute form: Zeal SS, Broken Flag, Cold Spring Records, Tesco Organization / Functional Organization, Malignant Records and many more. They collaborated and splitted the stage with Sutcliffe Jügend, Nadja, Abbatoir and Merzbow. Comprising a mixture of dark ambient, harsh noise and power electronics with a harder and heavier percussive beat than before Satori now present a collection of new songs “Dispossession”.

    Album, consisting of twelve tracks with a total length more than an hour, has been released as a luxury matte laminated digipak housed in a matte laminated cardboard slipcase decorated with glossy stencil UV-varnish printing.

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  • Mz.412 ‎– Svartmyrkr (Vinyl, LP)

    Mz.412 ‎– Svartmyrkr
    Label: Cold Spring ‎– CSR257LP
    Format: Vinyl, LP
    Country: UK
    Released: 08 Feb 2019
    Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial

    Black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

    «Svartmyrkr manages to be incredibly cinematic and tense. With oppressive and constantly building atmospheres with a martial stomp, it often does feel like it would perfectly fit as trailer music or as a soundtrack to Saruman creating the Uruk-Hai… there’s always an apocalyptic and frightening feel, even in the subdued moments. Svartmyrkr is extremely immersive and engaging… It’s great when a band that has been at it for this long can make something so effective and that isn’t just a simple rehash» (Metal Storm)

    «Svartmyrkr is surprisingly an evolution towards a more atmospheric musical framework where noise has a restrained, but important, place… A lot of bands would simply exhumed their old sound to please their old fans placating their nostalgia. Ulvtharm, Nordvargr and Drakh have instead decided to move their sound one step towards other territories using crafts instead of impact. Highly recommended» (4.5/5, Chain D.L.K.)

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/home/2291-mz412-svartmyrkr-vinyl-lp.html