• Der Blutharsch ‎– When All Else Fails!

    Der Blutharsch ‎– When All Else Fails!
    Label: WKN ‎– WKN 15
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue, 2nd Edition
    Country: Austria
    Released: 2008
    Style: Industrial, Ambient, Neofolk

    Later edition packaged in a digipak with a smooth, semi-glossy surface. The gold text on the front cover is embossed, and there is an embossed version of the iron cross symbol on the inside of the front panel.

    Featuring [Collaboration] – Geoffroy D., j.weber*, Lina Baby Doll, Marthynna, Maya C-Mc.C

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  • Der Blutharsch – Deutsch Nepal ‎– Apöcalyptic Climäx 2

    Label: WKN ‎– WKN 5
    Format: CD, Remastered
    Country: Austria
    Released: 15 Apr 2011
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Experimental

    In 1999 “Apocalyptic Climax” was the result of mutual collaboration of the leading martial industrial-ambient formations Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal.

    The state of despair and hopelessness is the main leitmotif of this music.
    Death floating in the uncertainty, death as the basic obsession standing behind all your thoughts and feelings-the monotonous and cold language and fixed scenes.
    Albin Sunlight Julius & Lina Baby Doll stand here for the chroniclers of Europe , its dramatic historical way which gave rise to the bloody outbreaks & mystical spiritual revelations-war as the phenomenon of the human nature which is constantly testing itself for strength.

    The album, which was released as a limited 10" vinyl in 1999, is finaly available in digital / CD format .

    As usual with Der Blutharsch the album contains 5 untitled tracks.

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