• First Human Ferro

    FHF (First Human Ferro), a Ukrainian dark ambient project organized by Olegh
    Kolyada back in summer 1998, with first field recordings being experienced yet
    in winter 1997. The debut raw experiments date back June-August 1998 when “The
    Halo over Pontiff’s Hearse” was recorded. A year later in 1999 FHF
    started musical manipulations with harsher sounds which resulted into “Metaballistik:
    Viewed under Infra-Red” session, known as Ukrainian exceptional death
    industrial material ever. Both above-mentioned albums were released on tapes
    and cd-rs several times in limited editions in Ukraine and Poland. In 2000 a
    classical dark ambient album “Motherwards” was recorded, issued
    a year later as the first professional cd release of the project. 2001 was marked
    by a progression of the project’s musical swings with its ultimate death
    industrial output “Ferrari” and “Numinosum” issued in
    a while by Polish and Ukrainian labels respectively. The same year Olegh Kolyada
    launched his apocalyptic ritual side-project In Meditarivm recording two albums
    within several years: “Les Fleurs du Mal” 2000-2001 and “Uterus”
    2002 released in a limited cd-r format. A re-mixed collection of FHF’s
    first ambient sketches was released the same 2002 year by a Ukrainian label
    under the title “Greater than Temple” cd-r.

    After a hiatus FHF returned in 2003 with its best known material “Guernica
    Macrocosmica” cd on Eibon Records, the album which is still considered
    as a milestone of nostalghic ambient music. That very year the FHF project
    was split into two identities: nostalghia (nostalghic shoegaze music) and
    realia (all dark ambient experiments). In 2005 two exclusive tracks for German
    Drone Records 7” series were recorded on behalf of In Meditarium project,
    issued a year later as “Mare Internum” vinyl recording. In late
    2005 a Ukrainian OMS Records, based in Olegh’s native city Zhytomyr,
    released next FHF’s dark ambient material “Corona Astralis”
    cd. Joining forces with an Italian finest Eibon Records again in 2006 a brand-new
    harsh ambient album “Adamnation” cd was issued a year later. Finally
    in late 2007 Olegh Kolyada initiated and compiled an exclusive international
    collection of the best dark ambient tracks “Energia” by the finest
    musicians to commemorate a centenary of world’s greatest space engineer
    S.P.Korolyov (1907-1966), born in Zhytomyr city too. In late 2008 the project
    was invited to take part in another great compilation “Sacral Symphony”
    issued by a Belgian EETapes.

    2009 was devoted to collecting Olegh Kolyada’s music never released,
    now being strictly-oriented: Ostarbeiter as a moniker for early death industrial
    & power electronics experiments, FHF as an electro-acoustic, radio-noise
    & dark ambient project, and In Meditarivm as an apocalyptic ritual one.
    The collection in question is entitled “Panoptikvm” and will be
    released as a series of several cds/lps. Panoptikvm series includes: In Meditarivm
    “The Great Limbo” and “Broken Urn”, OSTARBEITER “The
    Iron Era”, and FHF “Homo Shargey” records. 16/05/2009 FHF
    first ever live, onstage together w/Deutsch Nepal, Noises of Russia, and Filivs
    Macrocosmi. A digital document about the event was released in February 2010
    as v/a “Secret Assembly” DVD by Zhytomyr-based OMS Records. In
    March a Polish label Wrotycz Records released In Meditarivm “The Great
    Limbo” CD.

    At the very dawn of 2011 a Polish New Nihilism label took care of another
    part of the Panoptikvm series “Homo Shargey” CD. At the beginning
    of the year FHF project got an offer from a Russian label Nitkie to release
    two albums: “Stardust” CD, featured by Claustrum, Louisa John-Krol,
    and Oda Relicta, released exclusively on April, the 12th as a tribute to the
    cosmic date, and “Prosa Profana” CD, Olegh Kolyada’s collaboration
    with an Italian band Albireon, released in September 2011. 04/06/2011 FHF’s
    2nd live set, onstage together w/Troum, Cisfinitum, and a few other projects
    in Kyiv.
    Originally planned to be released via French rip-offs Slaughter in Art in
    2010, the memorial recording Ostarbeiter “The Iron Era” 2CD was
    co-released by Steinklang Industries with Old Captain on May, the 3rd, 2012.
    The most ambitious FHF’s record, a collaborative work with Cisfinitum “Alchemicals”
    CD, was released by Old Captain on the 29th of December, 2012…

    First Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter – Ego Vox 3 versions Gradual Hate Records
    First Human Ferro Feat. Albireon – Prosa Profana (12xFile, MP3, Album, S/Edition)
    Heterodox (CD, Album, Ltd) Old Captain, Gradual Hate Records OCCD17, GH 128


    Human Ferro – Heterodo

    Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter – Ego Vox

    Ego Vox by First Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter

  • First Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter – Ego Vox

    Label: Gradual Hate Records / Series: Hate The Modern World – H.T.M.06 CD
    Format: CDr, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2015
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial

    “Ego Vox” is a post industrial split by FHF and Ostarbeiter, two Olegh Kolyada’s projects famous for a special existential vein of dark ambient and death industrial electronics. Originally presented at a live gig in 2011 with Cisfinitum (featuring one track). With his back to society Old Captain’s owner keeps eschatological silence.


    1. From Cradle to Grave
    2. Nasha Zemlya
    3. Chasing the Shadow
    4. Terminus
    5. Presidential Chair
    6. The Point of No Return
    7. Particles of God
    8. Windmill Cross
    9. Bird on Burning Tree (feat. Cisfinitum)
    10. Narcolepsis Milieu

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    Ego Vox by First Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter