NeKrodamus presents a futurepop gem, with pounding rhythms, pulsing synth patterns, and deep, melodic male vocals. It is high-energy and intense with quality production, sounding similar to popular futurepop bands like Spektralized, Icon of Coil, Pride and Fall, VNV Nation, etc. There are a couple of nice tracks with additional back-up female vocals, adding a nice touch.

1 Flames On My Window
2 Deadline
3 Burning Wild (feat. Froxeanne)
Vocals – Froxeanne
4 Reason To Die
5 The Edge Of Silence
6 And Night Falls (feat. Billy SMK)
Vocals – Billy SMK
7 High
8 Beyond The Stalights (feat. Froxeanne)
Vocals – Froxeanne
9 The World
10 Song Of Disaster
11 Deadline (Umilenie Remix)
Remix – Umilenie

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