• Corazzata Valdemone – Avanguardia Rumorista

    Label: Ufa Muzak ‎– UFA63
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Russia
    Released: 06 Nov 2013
    Style: Industrial, Military, Folk 

    The most orchestral album by Corazzata Valdemone so far.Avantgarde industrial-folk music for the neo-futurists !With a touch of Martial sounds or better said Totalitarian influences. Featuring 2 traditional covers and many special guests.
    Tracklist:1 – Gorizia (feat. Art Inferno)2 – Preghiera Madonna del Manganello (feat. Deviate Damaen)3 – Invicta4 – A new force for an old ideal (feat Siegfried)5 – Eternal Faith6 – Mother of Death7 – Il Testamento (feat. Colonnello Frangar)8 – Ich hatt einen Kameraden (feat. Art Inferno)9 – Marching for God (feat. L’Effet C’est Moi)

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  • Corazzata Valdemone – Stornellando In Grigioverde

    Label: Wolf Age
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2015
    Style: Industrial, Neofolk, Modern Classical

    10 tracks of totalitarian Martial-Industrial and a touch of Italian Folklore.

    Inspired by the iron storms of the first World War.
    Special guests: Absentia Lunae, Art Inferno, Faust(O), Stefania Domizia.
    01. Risorgere
    02. Death to Scum
    03. The March of Fire
    04. In marcia!
    05. Pane e Morte…e Fantasia
    06. Runenlied
    07. Ode al Fuoco Distruggitore
    08. Memoriae
    09. Gott mit Uns
    10. A Noi!

    Corazzata Valdemone was born in early 2003 as a side project of the singer of the Neo-Folk band Kannonau. The intent that move this act, is to create a music strongly provocative and aggressive, through a Power Electronics style really raw and ultraist, with a touch of humor noir.

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