• Dernière Volonté ‎– Ne Te Retourne Pas

    Dernière Volonté ‎– Ne Te Retourne Pas
    Label: Hau Ruck! ‎– HR!100
    Format: CD, Compilation, Misprint
    Country: Austria
    Released: 13 Jan 2012
    Style: Military, Synth-pop, Neofolk

    Compilation of songs which appeared on some limited vinyls and deleted compilations, but as well unreleased tracks from 2003 till today. Some songs come from different side projects which never got released. Also included is the single «Toujours», originally recorded for the «Devant le Miroir» Tour and now available for the first time on CD. As well there is a track from a planned but never released CDs, produced at the same period and the main title was «Mon Insolence» which later became – in different form – the track «Languissant» on «Devant le Miroir».

    Un Pas En Arrière/Ne Te Retourne Pas (2008) – Inédits
    Achtung (2002) – Tiré de la compilation Fire Danger Season
    L’Appel (2004) – Tiré de la compilation Hau Ruck Festival II
    J’Aimerais Tant Crier (2005) – Inédit
    Regard Camouflage (2006) – Single additionnel du LP Devant Le Miroir
    Mon Insolence (2007) – Inédit (en collaboration avec Pierre Pi)
    Toujours/L’Eau Froide (2007) – Extraits du single Toujours
    L’Éternité (2007) – Single accompagnant la version LP The Philosopher’s Stone de Der Blutharsch
    La Nuit Revient/Tout A Disparu (2008) – Extraits du single La Nuit Revient

    Comes in a digipak with a 15-paged booklet affixed to it.

    BUY: https://gh-records.com/home/2441-derniere-volonte-ne-te-retourne-pas.html



    01 – Requiem Aeternam from Lux Aeterna by Oda Relicta
    02 – Bereginya from Adorned path of Stillness by Day Before Us
    03 – End .​.​. from Ad Extirpanda by Stupor Mentis
    04 – Mordance Hall from Unbewusste by Turnavel
    05 – Finis Gloriae Mundi from Oscvritas Illvmina – The 77 Pages Soundtrack by Kazeria
    06 – Tooth and Claw (Sol Invictus) 2010 from Mørk Skog / Five years of Dark Ambient Sounds by Mørk Skog
    07- Opened Eyes from Psicofonías – Las Voces Desconocidas (reissue) by In Slaughter Natives
    08 – To Clarice from An Edible Body by Wind Atlas
    09 – The Chronicles Of The Great Race (The Shadow Out Of Time) from Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to H​.​P​.​Lovecraft” by Kazeria
    10 – Como La Piel from Donde Habite El Olvido by Silent Love Of Death
    11 – Without Purity from Comprende by Cawatana
    12 – Polaris from Circulo de Ur by The Wyrm
    13 – Der Unheimliche Gast from Nachtstücke by HIEMIS

    Original Sounds From GH Records