• raison d’être ‎– Anima Caelum

    raison d’être ‎– Anima Caelum
    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD300
    Format: 2 × CD, Album
    Country: Italy
    Released: 30 Apr 2019
    Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial

    Anima Caelum contains both complete live sets and selection of tracks from live recordings by raison d’être, from performances stretching from the world tours of 2014-2015 to the very unique moment at the once-in-a-lifetime event Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live in 2017 performing one track from each of his Cold Meat Industry studio albums.
    This is apocalyptic music that can bring life to heaven!

    Originally released on Old Europa Cafe as a double MC in 2018, now revised and remastered for CD-format and optimum sound quality.

    CD 1
    De Produndis
    Inner Depths Of Sadness
    Reflecting In Shadows
    End Of A Cycle
    The Shadow Of The Soul
    Metamorphyses – Phase VI
    Without The Shedding There Is No Forgiveness
    Passing Inner Shields – End
    The Verge Of Somnolence
    My Souls Is Darkened
    Shedding The Guilt

    Track 1 – 10 recorded live at Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live, at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden – 2017-11-04, with edits and overdubs to correct problems.
    Track 11 recorded live at Bolkow Castle Party 2015-07-18
    Track 12 – 13 recorded live at Cleveland Radio show 2014-10-23

    CD 2
    Old Wounds Opened
    Shedding The Guilt
    A Flaming Ordeal
    Closer to The Abyss
    The Water Of Cleansing
    Sharing The Guilt
    The Shadow Weaver
    Old Wounds Opened

    Track 1 – 7 recorded live at Jerusalem, Israel 2015-05-09
    Track 8 recorded live at Montreal 2014-10-15
    Track 9 recorded live at Poznan 2014-03-29
    Track 10 recorded live at Miami 2014-10-30

    All music by Peter Andersson 1991-2017.
    Recorded live 2014-2017.

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  • Raison d’être ‎– Enthralled By The Wind Of Loneliness (2 × Vinyl, LP)

    Raison d’être ‎– Enthralled By The Wind Of Loneliness (2 × Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Cyclic Law ‎– 128th Cycle, Old Europa Cafe ‎– OELP 027
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP
    Country: Germany
    Released: 20 Dec 2018
    Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient

    For the first time on vinyl, re-issue the second album by raison d’être, originally released in 1994. For this recording all sounds have been restored and re-recorded from the original source material and all tracks have been carefully remixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with current standards for high quality audio. This re-issue also contains 4 bonus tracks not featured on the original album. Re-mastered for vinyl according to the K-14 level standard by Peter Andersson. A Cyclic Law & Old Europa Cafe Co-Release.

    -Standard Edition Gatefold 2LP limited to 300 copies on Black vinyl. 350gr cover with matt lamination. 11 tracks. Running Time 75:17


  • Abattoir & Satori – Megaloschemos

    Abattoir & Satori – Megaloschemos
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 138 CD
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Released: 26 Jul 2018
    Style: Industrial, Ritual, Dark ambient

    Tracklist: 1 The Great Vow 2 Hesychasm 3 Sabazius 4 Adrastus 5 Eschatology (dp mix) 6 Hermetism 7 Octoechos

    All tracks composed by Lorenzo Abattoir (IT) & Dave Kirby (UK)
    Except “Eschatology” composed by Dave Phillips

    Satori, continuing a project first started in the 1980’s founding member Dave Kirby brings an onslaught of industrial soundscapes, pounding drums and a dystopian vision of a world commited to destroying itself.
    Comprising a mixture of harsh noise and power electronics with a harder and heavier percussive beat than before Satori enter 2018 with a collection of new songs “Dispossession” based on the physical and mental disconnect facing everyone in the modern world. A constant pervasive undercurrent of violence, the feeling of a society on the brink of a total meltdown and the fears and torments of the powerless individual.

    Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer from Torino. His work takes shape in a context of underground extreme noise music to become accessible through projects related to sound art. “The sound of chaos merging with order, where every detail and nuance seems to be carefully regulated and controlled”.


  • Raison d’être ‎– Enthralled By The Wind Of Loneliness (Redux)

    Raison d’être ‎– Enthralled By The Wind Of Loneliness (Redux)

    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD175
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Italy
    Released: 31 May 2013
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial

    Unveiled, the verge of the silence, the voice of the shadow; the cynosure of the psyche is trembling for the essential breath. A subliminal reborn of invisible light strikes the eyes as the underpass appears in the essence and escarps into the esoteric realm of the source of life. A subliminal summon from disappearing heart enthralls the wind of loneliness. Lost spirit leaves deep traces behind as the path is revealing. Circle within circle the lingering path transubstantiates ostensibly, into a revolving contemplation.

    ‘Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness’, the second CD album by raison d’être, was originally released in 1994 by Cold Meat Industry. It is now available as a reduxed and enhanced CD album. All the sounds has been restored and re-recorded from source and all the tracks has been carefully mixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with the modern standards for high quality audio. ‘Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness’ with four related related bonus tracks can for the first time be experienced with superior audio quality and well balanced mixes.

    ‘Enthralled by the Wind of Loneliness’ has been mastered according to the K-14 level standard. The K-14 system will ensure that the highest dynamical range will be preserved in the music. It…  more

    Composed by Peter Andersson in 1993-1994.
    Restored, re-recorded and mixed in 2013.
    K-14 level mastering.
    CD released by Old Europa Café, OECD175.
    Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres. YA-2014-52.


  • Atomine Elektrine ‎– Laniakea

    Label: Wrotycz Records ‎– WRT 023, Wrotycz Records ‎– WRT023
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Poland
    Released: 09 Oct 2015
    Style:  Ambient, Berlin-School, Experimental

    The word Laniakea means the immeasurable heaven: deep, spacious, dark and ostensibly emtpy but still full of energy, matter, structures and bright objects. The same words can be said about the sound on the new studio album by Atomine Elektrine. Further on, the ‘Laniakea’ album is also characterized by molecular reactions, eroding particles, nuclear fractals, diffused lightwaves and multiversed orbits. Old fashioned modular analogue electronic synthesis combined with modern digital processing is the gravitational focal point on ‘Laniakea’. The tracks have mainly sequencer driven narratives with ambient layers of both classic retro styled elements and advanced processed novel sounds.

    The origin of the ‘Laniakea’ album is based on two fundamental occurrences: The definition of the galaxy supercluster Laniakea in 2014 and the decease of the Tangerine Dream mastermind Edgar Froese in 2015. ‘Laniakea’ is simply a homage to the vastness of space and a eulogy to the kosmische musik that appeared in the early 1970’s.

    Three bonus tracks (sketches) are included on the CD version (duration 76 minutes) compared to the digital download album (duration 61 minutes). Comes in a 6-panel digipak sleeve with original art by Hypsis (hypsis.net).

    Atomine Elektrine is a side project of Peter Andersson, most known from the dark ambient industrial project raison d’être, with thematic interest in the vast space but also in the smaller world of atoms. It is named after a nuclear power plant and is in part inspired by the electronic space music of the 70’s. Peter Andersson, let out his version of this musical direction in the beginning of 1992, and since then has been expressed on a number of albums, for instance ‘Archimetrical Universe’ (1999), ‘Nebulous’ (2007) and ‘The Deep Invisible’ (2008).

    Bonus tracks (CD only):

    1. Achernar
    2. Acamar
    3. Zeta Normae

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