Cyclotimia ‎– Regnum
    Label: helezobeton ‎– ZHB-LXXXII
    Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Russia
    Released: 2020
    Style: Downtempo, Electro, Synthwave

    More than five years of silence could suggest that the album «The Invisible Hand of Market» released in 2014 was the last sign of life of this Russian project. However, the musicians of the Cyclotimia duo, who consistently create soundtracks for a society of global capital dominance in their works, still have something to say, as it turns out… The album “Regnum” consists of six tracks and lasts for about half an hour. The compositions have a distinctive vibe of “the blessed 80ies” typical for the synthwave genre that has been in fashion in recent years, yet they distinctively go beyond the borders of this predominantly stereotyped style towards rhythmic post-industrial… «Regnum» comes out in turbulent times. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the cover shows a man walking on a deserted night street into the unknown? And although the musical atmosphere doesn’t inspire anything optimistic in the end, the opening track with the characteristic name “Battlefield” is apparently intended to set the listener in a combat mood in relation to the future.

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    Vetrophonia ‎– Vizualizacija
    Label: Ultrasomnambula U ‎– USU 01
    Format: DVD, DVD-Video, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Country: Russia
    Released: Apr 2017 /Style: Experimental, Industrial, Noise

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    1 – Тридцать Три И Одна Треть – Шумовизуальная Поэза (2014-2016) 33:40
    2 – Столетие Манифеста «Искусство Шумов» Луиджи Руссоло (Концерт В ГЭЗ-21. 11.03.2013) 31:22
    3 – Обращение Дев Непорочных Голубицами Небесными (Концерт На Пушкинской-10. 03.08.1996) 49:00

    The video disc «Vizualizacija» by St. Petersburg-based project Vetrophonia (Alexander Lebedev-Frontov & Nick Soudnick) consists of several parts. First of all, this is the completely new multimedia album created in 2013-2016 with the help of Yuri Kovalskiy (Worms, Monument Straha), entitled «33 1/3». The album is comprised of the carefully crafted half-hour long collage of various industrial and retro-futuristic sketches, analogue video-noises and meticulously constructed soundtrack perfectly matching the visual part. Despite the quite abstract nature of this work, it keeps the viewer in suspense during all its length and dense saturation of images is compensated by the peculiar sense of humour. The disc also contains the digital version of the live material «Turning Virgings Into Doves» originally released in 1996 on VHS, and the recording of a gig in Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg, played on 11.03.2013 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of publication of the famous «L’arte dei Rumori» manifesto by Luigi Russolo.