Laser Dracul ‎– Hagridden (Vinyl, Clear/Red Blood)
Label: Majestic Mountain Records ‎– MMR-011
Country: Sweden
Released: 25 Sep 2020
Style: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock

«After a successful and highly acclaimed self-titled debut album at Vân Records (2016), the Swedish doomsters ‘Laser Dracul’ is back with their sophomore album Hagridden!
6 new songs that are slower, heavier and even more groovy this time or as fellow countryman Yngwie J Malmsteen would say; ‘More is more!’. «

1. Ashes & Dust
2. High tide striding
3. Into the night we go
4. Now you see it
5. Ill in Spirit
6. Mother Midnight

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