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    Jarboe – Sacrificial Cake

    Jarboe – Sacrificial Cake
    Label: The Circle Music – TCM019LP
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Lavender, Gatefold, Tip On Sleeve
    Country: Greece
    Released: 2022
    Style: Abstract, Goth Rock, Avantgarde

    1995. Four years since the solo album ‘Thirteen Masks’, Jarboe who is at the same time working in Swans, created the album ‘Sacrificial Cake’ which was recorded in New York’s East Village at the studio of multi instrumentalist Lary Seven. Swans founder, Michael Gira simultaneously releases his album, ‘Drainland’.

    In the 16 songs on ‘Sacrificial Cake’, even more sides of Jarboe’s creativity are revealed. A mysterious and magical atmosphere surrounds the entire album of fantasy tales in spooky sounds such as “The Body Lover” and “Troll” and at times with dark tribal rhythms as in “Ode To V”.

    The mystagogy begins with the “Lavender Girl” of smoke and desire followed by the undulating “Ode to V”. The journey through Jarboe’s dreams and nightmares has begun.

    “Troll Lullaby” (a terrifying childhood vision), “My Buried Child” (a live recording accompanied by Michael Gira on acoustic guitar), “Surgical Saviour” (perversity in an industrial style ), “Deflowered” (a deliberately ironic rock song spoofing the music industry).

    “Troll” the ending track extends an invitation to experience it in low light or with headphones while next to a camp fire in the woods.

    ‘Sacrificial Cake’ is alive. We are proud to release this legendary album for first time on vinyl -on it’s own- and with new mastering, new lay out, luxurious packaging and of course in the color of lavender dedicated to the “Lavender Girl”.

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    Lotus Thief – Oresteia

    Lotus Thief – Oresteia (Vinyl Gatefold LP | Red)
    Label: Prophecy Productions ‎– PRO273LP
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Red
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2020
    Genre: Rock
    Style: Avantgarde, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Post Rock

    San Francisco avant-gardists Lotus Thief create visionary music that incorporates elements of doom and black metal as well as post rock. Transcendent in sound and substance, the band has released two acclaimed albums («Rervm» in 2014, and their Prophecy debut «Gramarye» in 2016), that draw insight from ancient texts for present-day life. History is preserved and ignited, a sonic re-imagining for a world where the human race learns from its past.

    With their third record «Oresteia,» Lotus Thief pushes their sound further than ever, focussing on both male and female singing, feral screams, melodic versus ferocious guitarwork and soaring violins. The result balances the atmospheric with the devastating.

    In retelling the namesake epic trilogy from ancient Greece by tragedian Aeschylus, mastermind Bezaelith once again addresses distinctly modern topics, as the blood-drenched story of the mythical House of Atreus prompts several questions, ranging from the ethics of killing to gender roles.

    «Oresteia» is an intentional narrative and boasts Lotus Thief’s most sophisticated production so far. A five-headed hydra of distinct personalities and stylistic backgrounds contributes to the record’s depth and diversity like the masked actors in an ancient stage play. It is no wonder that with its strong dynamics and ambient intersections, the tracks mirror an experience not unlike attending a performance in an amphitheater.

    Add to this maybe the heaviest moments ever in Lotus Thief’s oeuvre, their new full-length embodies the ingenuity and intensity of contemporary extreme music.


    • Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, red) incl. padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve (200 copies available)


    1. Agamemnon
    2. Banishment
    3. Libation Bearers
    4. Woe
    5. The Furies
    6. Reverence
    7. Sister in Silence
    8. The Kindly Ones

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    Pylar – La Gran Obra


    Pylar – La Gran Obra
    Label: Sunneurosis Records
    Format: CD, Album Limited to 250 copies
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2016
    Style: Experimental, Avantgarde, Doom Metal

    After the successful second album, PYLAR collective returns with a new release: La Gran Obra. This CD is limited to 250 copies (a number that touches upon the threshold of madness) and is inspired by Alchemy.
    In the same way as the alchemical process, La Gran Obra is divided into three parts: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo. Throughout this piece, the enigmatic heresiarchs manage to manipulate the lost language of colour and the complex esoteric symbolism of ancient science, dropping clues to the follower and allowing them to walk down the path of the ineffable.
    The second side, Speculum (ArboNargAl), is a perfect mirror image of the first. In a sense, an infinite loop has been created between the two sides with the purpose of bending time and entering a level of existence where our subconscious memories live.

    PYLAR has once more presented us with a veil which we can choose to lift in search of the key to uncover the last of their holy mission.

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    Penny Rimbaud’s L’Académie Des Vanités ‎– Yes Sir, The Truth Of Revolution

    Label: Cold Spring ‎– CSR223CD
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 27 Jun 2016
    Style: Punk, Experimental, Avantgarde, Art Rock


    CRASS’ album, ‘Yes, Sir, I Will’, was possibly the most angry and hard hitting attack on the political/military/industrial complex ever consigned to vinyl. Written by Penny Rimbaud in 1982 at the height of the Falklands conflict, it seethes with righteous indignation over what he saw as a pointless but vicious exercise in vote catching by a government whose popularity was severely on the wane. So powerful was this critique that it led to threats of prosecution by that very same government, threats which were typically used by CRASS to further their attacks on it and its tyrannical leader, Margaret Thatcher.

    Over thirty years later, in 2014, Rimbaud was asked to participate in the Rebellion Festival, a yearly punk gathering held in Blackpool, UK. Realising that the opening date of the festival closely coincided with that of the euphemistically named ‘Great War’, Rimbaud and the festival organisers agreed that as an appropriate response they should open the event with a performance of ‘Yes, Sir, I Will’.

    In preparing for this performance, Rimbaud began to question the relevance of some of the content of ‘Yes, Sir’. It seemed to him that much of it was pertinent only to the time in which it was written, a time when a genuine social uprising had appeared to be a very real possibility (one that was violently and conclusively squashed during the miners’ strike of 1984). But times change and there was, he now felt, an element of aggression within the work which veiled its essential message of love and peace; it was a passion that could all too easily be mistaken for blind anger. With this in mind, and inspired by John Lennon’s ‘All You Need is Love’, he set about rewriting ‘Yes, Sir’ from what he describes as a more Taoist viewpoint. Through replacing screams of anguish with laments of love, he was largely able to satisfy his wish to change ‘Yes, Sir’ into an expression of compassion, that being the hugely demanding realm of love in its unconditional form.

    For the Rebellion performance of the now retitled ‘Yes, Sir, the Truth of Revolution’, Rimbaud was joined by CRASS’ lead vocalist Eve Libertine plus a group of leading musicians from the London jazz scene with whom they’d worked extensively in the past. Named ‘L’Académie des Vanités’, the band consisted of Eve Libertine/vocals, Penny Rimbaud/vocals, Louise Elliott/sax, Kate Shortt/cello, Jennifer Maidman/guitar, Phil Robson/guitar, Thad Kelly/bass and Gene Calderazzo/drums. The live recording of that show, presented here, captures all the tense excitement created by presenting a primarily punk audience with complex poetics of love, accompanied by equally demanding freeform, improvised jazz. However, as had generally been the case with CRASS’ output, wild, willing and worrisome, it would be wise to expect the unexpected. Equally, through its progressive and colourful imagery, the vibrant packaging designed by Gee Vaucher shows a refusal to harp back to the illusory golden past of punk dreams and conceits.

    ‘We are poets, armed with the cobblestones of love, unconditional, uncompromising, beyond need of proof.’ However, if proof is needed, it will most surely be found in the content of this radical, imaginative release

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    Looking for Europe – The Neofolk Compendium

    Various Artists – Looking for Europe – The Neofolk Compendium

    Label: Index Verlag
    Format: 4 × CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Country: Germany
    Released: 03 Aug 2007
    Style: Pop Rock, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Neofolk, Minimal, Electro, Experimental 

    / / / SOLD OUT / / /

    Compilation released in tandem with the same-titled book

    In tandem with the book “Looking For Europe”, we released this 4-CD compilation featuring artists such as Scott Walker, Nico, Death In June, The Strawbs, Sol Invictus, Laibach, Test Department, Fire + Ice, Blood Axis, Genesis P. Orridge, Changes, Ordo Equitum Solis, Empyrium, Hagalaz’ Runedance, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, The Royal Family And The Poor feat. Peter Hook (New Order, Joy Division), Der Blutharsch, Allerseelen, Tenhi, Boyd Rice, Kirlian Camera, Paul Giovanni/Magnet, Orplid, Ataraxia, Ernte, SiebenPop Rock, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Neofolk, Minimal, Electro, Experimental , and many more. 

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    Qa’a – Chi’en
    Label: Màgia Roja – MR-002
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: 21 Nov 2009
    Style: Noise, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Dub, Avantgarde, Psychedelic Rock

    Chi’en is an 80 minute long psychedelic trip that feels like a single unity moving forward. In this second album by Qa’a almost all the musical threads of the band are deepened; It’s more hypnotic and repetitive, noisier and more dissonant, somewhat more abstract and at the same time more folk although there are less ambient/drone/free jazz parts than in Vesprada. It’s a record of extremes, from nude moments to walls of dissonance and harrowing noise with a psychedelic production that has tons of layers, sounds and instruments thrown in for good measure. Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust, a professed fan, aided the band to mix and master the album.

    Produced by: Víctor Hurtado
    Producer/sound engineer: Zlaya Hadzhich
    Sound engineer: Pedri González
    Mixing: Andreas Schmid
    Editing: Víctor Hurtado
    Executive producer: Hans Joachim Irmler
    Mixed and mastered at: Faust Studio
    Recorded between 2008-2009

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    Label: NOVAK
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2015
    Style: Experimental, Avantgarde

    Contubernio, 2006-2015

    Contubernio nació en el garaje de un chalet adosado, allá por 2005-2006, como un colectivo experimental formado por gente con gustos musicales y conocimientos de lo más variado (desde indie hasta gótico, pasando por industrial, electrónica experimental o folk). Han pasado casi 10 años, hemos mutado de netlabel a organizadores de sesiones de djs y de conciertos, y hemos sacado cassettes, cds, libros de poesía… Este disco es una selección hecha por Nøvak de temas de todas nuestras épocas, de proyectos que aún existen y de otros que nos dejaron…

    01 Reserva Espiritual de Occidente – Profecía
    02 The Wyrm – No Tengo Mamá
    03 Pawboss – Tsol
    04 Plagiarism Is Art – Marene
    05 Plagio – Azul Cantábrico
    06 PT-Uno – Dzis
    07 Explosivos Riotinto – Fron Kons Teen
    08 Propaganda Tres – Brigid
    09 Muerte Solar – Carnaval
    10 Reserva Espiritual de Occidente – Die Verwandlung
    11 The Wyrm – From The Deep Sea
    12 Pawboss – Out Of Limits
    13 Plagiarism Is Art – The Tracker
    14 Plagio – En Barrena
    15 PT-Uno – Fail
    16 Explosivos Riotinto – Carreteras De Castilla Mk. 1
    17 Propaganda Tres – Los Locos Están Ahí Fuera
    18 Muerte Solar – Solar Day

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    El Ruido Ibérico (Contubernio 2006​-​2015) by Gh Records on Mixcloud

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    Jochen Arbeit & Huan

    Jochen Arbeit & Huan

    Jochen Arbeit was member of influential instrumental band Die Haut and part of the Berlin Geniale Dilettanten scene- with roots in punk and Dada-. Without a fixed singer Die Haut drew from a list of collaboration singers from Nick Cave to Alan Vega, Kim Gordon or Arto Lindsay. Being old friends from the 80’s- Blixa Bargeld was another of the regular collaborators of Die Haut- Jochen Arbeit joined Einsturzende Neubauten in 97, participating in their musical rebirth which culminated in the recording of records exclusively with the support of their fans.

    He has also worked on collaborations in other areas of art; he has composed music for theatre and dance, he has created sound installations and has collaborated with painters in visual performances. Currently he combines his presence in Einsturzende Neubauten with solo shows and other projects such as AADK, Automat, Supercosy Klangwerkstatt and several collaborations.

    Huan is the alter ego of Víctor Hurtado a multi-instrumentalist and producer and distinguished member of Barcelona’s experimental scene in which he is active with many projects. He’s also the creative mind behind psychedelic-noise band Qa’a, with whom he’s toured Europe extensively and that counts Hans Joachim Irmler, Steve Stapleton and Julian Cope among their supporters.

    With his primitivistic industrial project Huan he’s toured several countries with highlighted shows such as at the Contemporaneous Art Centre of Barcelona, Sónar Chicago, Terminal in Oaklandor at the Ethnological Museum of Barcelona. With Huan he’s also worked on several collaborations such as touring the US as an ensemble with Les Aus and as a sporadic collaborator of Nurse With Wound with whom he played live as a guest member at Primavera Sound Festival in 2013. He’s also worked in the field of sound art having garnered the Franco G. Maffina special mention for “most original piece” in the 2011 edition of the Luigi Russolo Sound Art Competition.”
    released November 16, 2013

    Jochen Arbeit: guitar
    Huan: guitar and drum machine
    Engineer: Pablo Miranda López
    Editing/mixing: Víctor Hurtado Torres
    Mastering: Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
    Vynil mastering: Yann de Kéroullas at Reverse Primecut
    Artwork: Clara Iris Ramos
    Label: Màgia Roja 

    Jochen Arbeit & Huan
    Jochen Arbeit & Huan
    Label: Màgia Roja – MR-005
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition, blue vinyl
    Country: Spain
    Released: 16 Nov 2013
    Style: No Wave, Abstract, Ambient, Avantgarde, Experimental, Free Improvisation, Noise, Space Rock

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    Pylar – Poderoso Se Alza En My

    Label: Knockturne Records – KTR007
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2013
    Style: Experimental, Avantgarde, Doom Metal

    PYLAR is made up of several hyerophants, shamans, and druids. It is thought that there are members of the mighty Orthodox and the magnificent Blooming Látigo among them.
    They mix song, dance and invocations in their perfomances, as if these were ceremonies whith the objective of awakening tellurian forces which have been lying dormant since the Ancient Times.

    In their own words:
    “We worship the Godess of the beginning of time, we are purity and corruption, permanent and eternal becoming, and existence which is Kronos and Aevum one at the same time… We are the vehicle of the transformation of the great metal… Those who have been absent for a long time show themselves through us… We are the Aludel… We are the inner working of the Earth… We are the womb where electrum is icubated.”

    The live performances of the band, which carry out magickal-propiciatory rituals, provoked extreme reactions in the audience. The use of archetypical symbols from the neolithic and the esoteric alchemy, together with incessant repetition of sacred mantras, to reach the hidden notes in the music of the spheres, guaranteed and experience which takes place in a sacred time and place. That where Ouroboros reigns.

    Pylar are the last of their line. They were invoked to complete the Work… To raise the cosmic Pylar which rises, powerfull, in all of us. PYLAR are here to open your third eye so that you may contemplate the Abyss of supernatural.

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