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    Lafarium es una revista dedicada al arte en todas sus manifestaciones. Una publicación que estudia las variantes plásticas, literarias y sonoras del mundo contemporáneo.

    Con motivo de celebrar los 25 años del proyecto cultural «LAFARIUM», con sede en Argentina, se lanzó un CD-R independiente recopilando aportes musicales y sonoros de artistas argentinos, españoles y franceses.
    01. Lafarium (Thierry Graff, 2004)
    02. Web de Lafarium Contenidos (BTB, 2011)
    03. Himno de Lafarium (Igniis y Diego Arandojo, 2011)
    04. Blood ( Hiemis, 2022)
    05. Phallus, extract (Kazeria, 2022)
    06. Lafarium 25º aniversario (BTB, 2022)
    07. Apertura de Lafarium TV (Igniis, 2018)
    08. Stigma Diaboli (Thierry Graff, 2003)
    09. En las tinieblas de la vanidad (Fer Cenzabella, 2022)
    10. Oración silente a Jonos (Ördo y Diego Arandojo, 2022)
    11. Arcoiris apocalíptico (Igniis y Diego Arandojo, 2016)
    12. Una nueva religión ( The Wyrm, 2022)
    13. Encerrados en Shanghái (Darío Martínez, 2022)
    14. Entrevista a Alberto Laiseca (Diego Arandojo, Gladys Cepeda y Diego Ollero, 2004)

    Lafarium Cuartiquis es una revista dedicada al arte en todas sus manifestaciones. Una publicación que estudia las variantes plásticas, literarias y sonoras del mundo contemporáneo.Una habitación sin tiempo ni espacio. Un punto de partida hacia el mañana

    Revista multimedial de circulación secreta → Lafarium

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     In Search Of Death ‎– II

     In Search Of Death ‎– II
    Label: Steinklang Industries ‎– SK149
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Country: Europe
    Released: 11 Feb 2022
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial

    Limited edition of 100 copies, comes 6-panels glossy laminated digipak.

    Recorded in 2001/2002
    Mastered in 2020 by Peter Andersson (Raison D’Etre)

    Even though the material on II dates back 20 years, it in no way feels outdated or outmoded now. The darkly atmospheric, sonically abrasive music is timeless in the way good, classic harsh industrial is.

    Recorded in 2001/2002, and now presented with mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre etc.), In Search Of Death’s «II» is an album of classical, old school industrial music. Pulsating and throbbing dark synths, powerful percussion and electronic distortion are balanced by the occasional passage of bright, harmonious synths – which never entirely manage to wash away the sense of deep unease and lingering dread that permeates the album.

    Staying on the atmospheric side of harsh industrial music, In Search Of Death’s sound combines elements from death industrial, dark ambient and occasional passages of more belligerent, martial atmospheres. This is certainly music fans of old death industrial – Brighter Death Now etc. – will appreciate. Having released material by the likes of Sütcliffe Jugend on the band’s own label, In Search Of Death are deeply entrenched in the world of vicious old-school industrial electronics.

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    Kazeria & Igniss – Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to HP.Lovecraf”

    *Portada de la primera edición

    Kazeria & Igniss – Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to HP.Lovecraf”
    Label: GH Records – GH 104 CD
    Format: CD, Album + Video
    Country: Spain
    Released: 01 Apr 2010
    Style: Dark Ambient, Martial, Neofolk

    Summoning the Elder Ones was conceived by the two of us: Kazeria & IGNISS,
    and also shared with some friends. We wanted to express the visions, feelings,
    pleasures and fears that the magnificent opus of H.P.Lovecraft has provocated
    in our minds and spirits thru the years…

    A work of epic proportions, with mystical ambience that immerses us in the
    unique cosmology of this fundamental writer. Martial, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk
    music, beautiful edition in cardboard sleeve, the CD includes a video by Kazeria

    Track List:

    1. Kazeria – A Three-Lobbed Burning Eye (The Haunter Of The Dark) 08:20
    2. Igniis – Crawford Tillinghast (From Beyond) 05:12
    3. Kazeria – Before The Altar Of Dagon (The Shadow Over Innsmouth) 09:00
    4. Igniis – Cool Air 04:34
    5. The Chronicles Of The Great Race (The Shadow Out Of Time) 08:39
    6. Más Allá Del Río Skai (The Cats Of Ulthar) 06:07
    7. Dark Peaks (Lat. 76º 15’, Long. 113º 10’ E) 09:05
    8. U-29 (The Temple) 08:39
    9. El Ceremonial (Igniis/Opus Nigrum) (The Festival) 03:52

    → Sold Out

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    SILICON RELIC is a new Italian industrial drones / dark-ambient project, which aims to describe and portray in music the remains and parodies of the sacred and the spirit in the age of disenchantment. The group – composed of Moreno Padoan and Cristian Luise, active for years in the industrial / experimental scene with various monickers – wishes to return with this project to the origins of the genre, combining genuine aesthetic and sound research with a solid conceptual and philosophical approach.

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    «La Chose» by «La Chose» review DARKROOM Magazine


    Stavolta ispirato dall’opera dell’esoterista francese del sedicesimo secolo Martinès De Pasqually, massone, studioso di teurgia e fra gli ispiratori del Martinismo, lo spagnolo Juan Carlos Toledo torna con la quinta uscita complessiva della sua creatura Hiemis, un anno dopo il buon «Radix». Per musicare questo vero e proprio viaggio iniziatico alla scoperta dell'»invisibile» sondato dall’ordine di De Pasqually e dei suoi adepti, il musicista di Siviglia accompagna la propria sottile e rifinita dark ambient a strutture sinfoniche dettate dal piano e dagli archi, intrecciando le due soluzioni nei quindici brani che compongono il dischetto (realizzato nelle 200 copie dell’edizione in bustina cartonata). Ne scaturisce un lavoro inevitabilmente più melodico rispetto alle uscite tipicamente dark ambient del progetto, in cui i toni sono sempre moderati ed abbracciano sensazioni ora più dolenti, ora misteriche, sempre col pathos garantito da un intreccio guidato dal buon gusto che contraddistingue l’operato di Hiemis. Una formula più aggraziata e lontana dalla tipica oscurità d’ambiente che tende a reiterarsi nell’arco dell’ora abbondante di durata, ma che piace proprio per quella sua essenzialità che mai la rende ridondante. Senza dubbio il lavoro più «musicale» firmato dall’act ispanico, che trova sempre temi intriganti e capaci di ispirarne le gesta sonore.

    Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi



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    01 – Requiem Aeternam from Lux Aeterna by Oda Relicta
    02 – Bereginya from Adorned path of Stillness by Day Before Us
    03 – End .​.​. from Ad Extirpanda by Stupor Mentis
    04 – Mordance Hall from Unbewusste by Turnavel
    05 – Finis Gloriae Mundi from Oscvritas Illvmina – The 77 Pages Soundtrack by Kazeria
    06 – Tooth and Claw (Sol Invictus) 2010 from Mørk Skog / Five years of Dark Ambient Sounds by Mørk Skog
    07- Opened Eyes from Psicofonías – Las Voces Desconocidas (reissue) by In Slaughter Natives
    08 – To Clarice from An Edible Body by Wind Atlas
    09 – The Chronicles Of The Great Race (The Shadow Out Of Time) from Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to H​.​P​.​Lovecraft” by Kazeria
    10 – Como La Piel from Donde Habite El Olvido by Silent Love Of Death
    11 – Without Purity from Comprende by Cawatana
    12 – Polaris from Circulo de Ur by The Wyrm
    13 – Der Unheimliche Gast from Nachtstücke by HIEMIS

    Original Sounds From GH Records


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    HIEMIS – Nachtstücke

    HIEMIS – Nachtstücke

    Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH05 MP3
    Format: Digital 
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2018
    Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Minimal

    There is a parallel world to which we all live, and it is made up of chance, intuitions, fears, mysteries… Hoffmann explored, in everyday life, that hidden reality that can be guessed in dreams, visions, ghosts, funerary stories, scientific machinations. In short, a world full of strange and mysterious forces, which are able to play with the life and illusions of all of us.

    “Nachtstücke” is a look at that universe where disturbing characters live that become oracles, supposedly trivial images that contain a mystery, as well as threatening inventions that never cease to amaze us. Thus, dreams, magnetism, telekinesis, somnambulism, forebodings, premonition and telepathy make up the matter of this disturbing reality 

    First sound work (“only be published in digital format” ) by Juan Carlos Toledo (Silent Love of Death) dark environments full of nuances and sparkles, subtle orchestration, minimalism sound.

    Buy: 5,5 €  https://gradualhaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/nachtst-cke

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    Day Before Us ‎– Adorned path of Stillness

    Day Before Us ‎– Adorned Path Of Stillness
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 135 CD, Twilight Records ‎– TW 1.153
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 15 Feb 2018
    Genre: Electronic, Classical
    Style: Dark Ambient, Neo-Classical, Neo-Romantic

    Adorned path of Stillness » marks the return of the neoclassical and dark ambient music act Day Before Us on the Argentina based label Twilight Records, in collaboration with GH Records. This is their sixth full length release. This new effort is an enthralling soundtrack for dark, solemn, thoughtful times. It incorporates acoustic and lyrical sections next to electronic textures and diverse processed sounds. 

    The general atmosphere offers precious moments of introspective melancholia punctuated by mysteriously hypnotic instrumentals. This is a multifaceted album but also remarkably cohesive with many dynamics, emotional movements that will ravish fans of haunting and touching cinematic music in a rather classical mood.

    Otros trabajos de Day Before Us / Other references →

    Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre
    The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief by Philippe Blache
    Day Before Us – Misty Shroud Of Regrets
    Day Before Us ‎– Prélude à l’âme d’élégie
    Day Before Us ‎– Nihil Interit
    Antikatechon ‎– I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
    Day Before Us / Nimh – Under Mournful Horizons

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    Horologium ‎– Tellurian Anthems

    Horologium ‎– Tellurian Anthems
    Label: La Esencia ‎– LER004/2010
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 24 Feb 2011
    Style: Military, Industrial, Experimental

    Poland´Horologium need hardly any introduction. Over the years they managed to create their own musical language and win many hearts in the post-industrial milieu. Two years after their critically acclaimed “Earthbound” CD (Old Europa Cafe, 2008) they are back with even more solemn and powerful release. Martial trumpets, orchestral fury and tribal percussion have been skillfully combined with delicate neoclassical fragments, dreamy ambient parts and female recitation.

    Everything intertwined to create once again the band’s one-of-a-kind sonic maelstrom. Sea waves singing along gentle piano tune, radio broadcast fighting against air raid siren, fire meeting water meeting fire meeting… Well, you damn well know what to expect, don’t you?
    These earthbound songs come exclusively as a 12” LP in gatefold edition, limited to 333 copies on black vinyl with an elegant A2 poster.
    The artwork has been designed by Lukasz Pawlak of Requiem Records.

    “These earthbound anthems were crafted in 2008 and 2009 by Horologium.”

    Comes in a gatefold cover with a A2 poster. Limited to 333 copies.

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    Day Before Us

    Day Before Us is an ethereal, neoclassical and dark ambient music project formed (in 2010) by the
    anthropologist and sound producer Philippe Blache, joined in 2015 by the
    Russian based singer, lyricist and poetical writer Natalya Romashina. Physical
    albums are signed and distributed by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records, OPN
    records, GH Records…The project occasionally gives live performances, writes
    scores to international art events and participates to intermedia
    collaborations. In itself the music presents dense, solemn, melancholic and
    profundly emotional soundscapes in touch with the mysterious ineffable beauty
    of the nature, depicting with nuances the vastitude of the inner worlds. Main
    sources of inspiration come from the antique and the romantical poetry,
    symbolical seneries, mystical love, spiritual journey…