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    Position Parallèle ‎– Mélodies En Sous-Sols

    Position Parallèle ‎– Mélodies En Sous-Sols
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Europe
    Released: 03 Nov 2020
    Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

    Come with me under the floor… You know it’s deep, too deep.

    Something has been changing for a while.
    It’s in the air, it’s in the flesh,it’s in your eyes.

    I’m thinking about what will happen to us when they find our gameplay.

    Come and listen to some ‘Mélodies en sous sols’
    – you know who I am and what I am.

    If you’re here, you know me more than I know you. Can you listen to my voice and all the electronic noises from the city? Can you understand what I’m thinking about people, flesh, skin, leather, love, memories, crime and the sweetest sound of a spider eating something on the wall.
    Who are you? Who am I?

    Come on and shut up!!! Listen to some of my ‘Mélodies en sous sols’…. Shhhhttttt………. Listen….“

    Future Retro Synthi-Pop!
    Minimal Electronics !

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    Los Iniciados ‎– Todo Ubú

    Los Iniciados ‎– Todo Ubú
    Label: Mental Experience ‎– MENT024
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Vinyl
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2018
    Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

    Dark minimal synth electronics & experimental sounds by LOS INICIADOS, a mysterious project, highly influenced by The Residents, related to legendary Spanish synth–pop band AVIADOR DRO. This is their rare and sought–after second album, originally released in 1983 on the DRO label as the soundtrack to a puppet stage play, based on ALFRED JARRY’S «UBU ROI».

    *16–page LP sized insert featuring the original stage play booklet.
    *Remastered sound.
    *Original artwork

    Tracklist: A1. Obertura – A2. Canción de Los invitados – A3. Danza Inca de La Tía Ubú – A4. Canción 1ª de Los Palotines – A5. Desfile – A6. Canción del Tío Ubú – A7. Canción 2ª de Los Palotines – A8. La Aparición del Sr. Matías – A9. Última Canción de Los Palotines – A10. ¡Al Saco! – B1. Intermezzo – B2. Canción de Ladislao – B3. Presentación del Príncipe Freixinet – B4. Canción del Zar – B5. Canción de Guerra de Los Palotines – B6. Canción del Klam y La Tía Ubú – B7. Triunfo de Ladislao – B8. Canción Final

    Por primera vez reeditado el buscado segundo álbum de LOS INICIADOS, misterioso proyecto experimental surgido en torno a los legendarios AVIADOR DRO. Originalmente publicado en 1983, contenía la música creada para una representación teatral basada en la obra «Ubú Rey» de ALFRED JARRY. Oscuros sonidos minimal synth / electrónicos y experimentales con influencia de THE RESIDENTS.

    *Insert de 16 páginas que contiene reproducción del libreto original de la obra de teatro.
    *Sonido remasterizado
    *Artwork original

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    Templum N.R. ‎– T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII

    Templum N.R. ‎– T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII
    Label: Aural Hypnox ‎– AHUE06
    Series: Underworld Editions
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Country: Finland
    Released: 25 May 2018
    Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Electro, Minimal

    The musical improvisations of T.o.V. derive from Umbra-visitation sessions held in the Temple of Mercurial Orgies and Room Luna Lake between 2014 and 2015. The concept of the album has been evolving within the minds of the Templum N.R. members for the past twenty years, so perhaps it is not proper to talk of this as their latest release. Linear time and Templum N.R. do not walk hand in hand and their rituals cannot be measured in hours but in years.

    Compared to their previous release ‘Spectrum CCCXC: Transitio’, this album is based on a more analog-organic approach than an analog-digital-synthetic. The four echoing Hymns of Otherness are here to awake the ghosts dwelling within; join the Stagnant Dance and meet the Carcass of Formations – the shrieks are heard from beyond.

    This CD version includes a ‘Grave Gravitation: Transitio XCV’ ep which came earlier exclusively as a part of ‘T.o.V. Improvisations XCII-XCIII’ special edition. Two tracks of pure oscillating power – minimalistic, wrathful modular drones, where multitude of hidden harmonics meets a choral of transforming frequencies.

    The album is enclosed in a customised and screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including six two-sided insert cards. Limited to 300 copies.

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/home/2380-templum-nr-tov-improvisations-xcii-xciii.html

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    Sally Dige ‎– Holding On (Vinyl, LP)

    Sally Dige ‎– Holding On (Vinyl, LP)

    Label: Avant! ‎– AV!050
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Country: Italy
    Released: 13 Sep 2017
    Style: Synth-pop, Synthwave, Minimal, New Wave

    Sally Dige is a multidisciplinary artist known for her darkly poetic yet highly danceable electro-pop songs, DIY stylistic videos, design and visual art. Sally‘s deep and commanding voice, coupled with her analogue-visual-processes and overlapping artistic mediums has formed an identity that oscillates between the edges of aggression and fragility, old and new. Holding On was created during the time of intense inner turmoil. Despite being stretched to her emotional limits, Sally did not let the weight of her circumstances break her, instead channeling all of her pain and fears into the production of a series of incredibly powerful songs. Stunningly, Sally used only her voice and a single synth to create this album. Even with so little gear, the songs are anything but minimal. Each song has a minimum of 100 tracks and, for some songs, 100 tracks for just the drum section alone. Every audible sound has 20 other sounds swimming beneath it. These are songs written for dance floors but are sung about loneliness, death and the meaninglessness of existence. Sally‘s work tows the line between a blissful innocence and a heavy darkness. Think Gina X flavored post punk-disco rubbing against Twitch-era Ministry‘s lost Sade collab or Enya on LSD after a break up.

    Track Listing :
    01. Holding On
    02. Emptiness
    03. Be Gone
    04. Sail to Me
    05. I Can‘t Be
    06. This Life
    07. No Need to Pretend
    08. Holding On (Forces Extended Mix)

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/new-wave/1997-sally-dige-holding-on-vinyl-lp.html

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    Occulte ‎– Rock N’ Roll

    Occulte ‎– Rock N’ Roll

    Label: OPN ‎– OPNCD0028
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: France
    Released: 16 Mar 2015
    Style: Ambient, Speech, Experimental

    Invoked in midsummer 2012, OCCULTE is a new French musical and esoteric experience, conducted by HAL (aka DJ Alexida) & RH (aka Rose Hreidmarr), based on improvisation, automatic writing, deep atmospheres, and modified states of consciousness. OCCULTE is inspired by stars, moons, skies, and by what hides in the woods and megalopolises’ suburbs.

    And power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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    Nihiltronix ‎– Homesongs

    Nihiltronix ‎– Homesongs

    Label: La Nouvelle Alliance ‎– L.N.A.013, OPN ‎– OPNCD0033
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: France
    Released: 13 Oct 2017
    Style: Industrial, Minimal, Sound Collage


    – Prise de control
    – No excuse
    – Collectiv facel vega
    – Pas esclave
    – Hérédité
    – Amitié future
    – Seul/ex
    – Etat actuel
    – Apeuré
    – Ti amo/nazdrowia
    – Retex
    – Mirror versus
    – Obedient girl
    – Message universel

    Limited edition to 300 copies / ©L.N.A 2017 in collaboration with OPN

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/minimal/1915-nihiltronix-homesongs.html

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    Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello – Acute Inbetweens

    Label: Crónica
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Portugal
    Released: 15 Mar 2011
    Style: Abstract, Drone, Experimental, Minimal

    Since their initial meeting in Australia during 2006, Stephen Vitiello (USA) and Lawrence English (AU) have enjoyed a long distance collaboration orbiting around the joint passion for field recordings and modular synthesis.

    Exploring the points of convergence and divergence between electricity and environment, the duet’s “Acute Inbetweens” is a collection of works derived from hazy environmental memory, imagined landscape and field recorded actualities. It’s a blurring mist of encountered spaces, recreated by means voltage controlled. Like the spatial inspiration that guides the record, “Acute Inbetweens” pace is tempered and during certain pieces borders on a sense of timelessness.

    Pieces such as “La Voix est absente” unfold with a pacing of the lauded opening Lotus flowers at Sinobazu-no-ike pond, individual elements revealing themselves in subtle arcs of sound, swelling into a rich harmonic whole. By contrast “Exposure in Relief” is a more robust and pulsing work in which micro melodies spiral into one another. “Acute Inbetweens”, sharp moments diffused in time.

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    Beta Evers ‎– Walking The Labyrinth

    Label: Falco Invernale Records (F.I.R.) ‎– FIR011
    Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album, Numbered, Stereo, Black vinyl
    Country: France
    Released: Sep 2017
    Style: Darkwave, Minimal, New Wave

    * A Side:
    A1 – I Want To Get Out Of Here
    A2 – Nichts Als Worte
    A3 – Drifting Apart
    * B Side:
    B1 – Canto I
    B2 – Ode To Mysteria
    B3 – Ausweg

    All tracks composed, produced and recorded by BETA EVERS in 2016/2017.
    All synths and drum machines programmed by BETA EVERS.
    Additional e-drums on “Drifting Apart” by THOMAS ROBERT.
    All lyrics by BETA EVERS, except “Canto I” (written by DANTE ALIGHIERI).
    Album design by AARON VIII – VIII.COM.AU
    Mastered by RAGNAR.

    300 hand numbered copies.
    No repress.
    Black vinyl.
    Black and white matte varnish artwork.

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/vinyl/1763-beta-evers-walking-the-labyrinth.html

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    WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit

    Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH 122 VNR
    Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Orange Vinyl
    Country: Spain
    Released: 30 Sep 2017
    Style: Berlin-School, Space Music, Synth Synthesizer, Krautrock

    The two projects Electro Music (WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit) most interesting today, all together on a space travel…

    We are the Hunters were born from the fusion of Sentrionaut and Synthembryo (Alonso Urbanos, Scumearth) . They are influenced by German electronics, experimental sounds, space synth, minimal synth, ambient, industrial… For this goal they began their way armed with a selection of analogue and digital synths, adding analogue DIY machinery, semi-modular systems and a clear influence of the science fiction that has been with us for decades, either in cinema, literature, soundtracks and, above all, electronic synth music created from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

    Mynationshit emerges as a musical project in 2007. It consists of one component to develop his musical interests through the use of synthesizers and drum machines. Mynationshit produces an electronic sound that manages to recreate the dark environments with highly emotive melodies.

    Limited edition 200 copies


    Mynationshit – MU ARAE – C
    Video by Alejandro Martín & Daniel Viciana

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    WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit by We are the Hunters,Mynationshit

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    Beta Evers, Spatial Relation ‎– Split

    Label: Peripheral Minimal ‎– PM20
    Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition
    Country: UK
    Released: 28 Jul 2017
    Style: Electro, Minimal, Darkwave

    Brigitte Enzler aka Beta Evers, grew up with the New Wave and experimental electronics scenes in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In her teenage years she founded a girl-band and started her first record label at the age of 16, to independently release and distribute the music of her project. During the early 90’s Brigitte started to arrange gatherings / parties, (electronic music) for local underground clubs in her home city of Augsburg, Germany.
    In the year 2000 she founded the electro collective Kommando 6, and in 2001 she decided to run a label again, under the same name, Kommando 6. Finally, in the same year, she started to compose and produce her own tracks independently. Besides her solo-project, Brigitte collaborates in a side-project with Dystronic called, Black Spider Clan, which began life in 2002. Furthermore she is involved in, Flying Bodies and Radikale Analog Fraktion. In 2006 she closed the Kommando 6 label after it had released 20 records. More recently she started 2 new labels called Bodyvolt and Venus Noir.

    Married New York based couple, Lissette and Jacob Schoenly founded Spatial Relation several years ago, and have sporadically released classic technoid synthwave / minimal wave, akin to fellow US act, ‘Adult’ who are also a major influence. Their first full length LP has been critically acclaimed, and the three tracks herein continue their twisted electro sounds.

    The 12” is limited to 300 copies.

    Buy: http://www.gh-records.com/1666-beta-evers-spatial-relation-split.html

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