• This Mortal Coil ‎– Blood (2 × Vinyl)

    This Mortal Coil ‎– Blood (2 × Vinyl)
    Label: 4AD ‎– DAD 3X06
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: UK
    Released: 07 Dec 2018
    Style: Modern Classical, Ethereal, Indie Rock, Ambient

    The new deluxe vinyl versions differ from the original releases with each album having had its artwork reimagined. Remastered audio made from the original analogue studio tapes in 2010.

    This edition is dedicated to Dee Rutkowski and Caroline Crawley.


    1. The Lacemaker
    2. Mr. Somewhere
    3. Andialu
    4. With Tomorrow
    5. Loose Joints
    6. You And Your Sister
    7. Nature’s Way
    8. I Come And Stand At Every Door
    9. Bitter
    10. Baby Ray Baby
    11. Several Times


    1. The Lacemaker II
    2. Late Night
    3. Ruddy And Wretched
    4. Help Me Lift You Up
    5. Carolyn’s Song
    6. D. D. And E.
    7. ‘Til I Gain Control Again
    8. Dreams Are Like Water
    9. I Am The Cosmos
    10. (Nothing But) Blood

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  • Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre

    Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre
    Label: OPN ‎– OPNCD0035
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: France
    Released: 27 Mar 2019
    Style: Dark Ambient, Modern Classical, Neo-Romantic, Experimental

    Day Before Us is an influential melodic dark ambient project currently active under a duet form and whose style borders graceful neoclassical tones, oneiric soothing textures and chilling soundscapes. A number of albums have been published on well-noted indie labels and the project occasionally gives life performances in a wide variety of contexts.

    In these new pieces Philippe Blache and Natalya Romashina are embarking in a musical journey of immediate expressive moods, oftenly mystical ,exalted, animated by a tragic and existential breath, touched by a seraphic sense of poetry and guided by poignant emotional stories. Lead singer Natalya Romashina provides achingly beautiful singing parts with poetical lyrics which favor the aesthetic of suggestion and a tremendous sense of musical fluidity. Those evocative, virtuosic lyrical components communicate with the invocatory, litanous and harmonious qualities of Philippe Blache’s instrumental compositions. « Ode à la nuit d’ombre » is an album of staggering beauty where all pieces come together organically.

    Full tracklist

    (1) From the depth of this infinite night (3:12)
    (2) surrendering to fathomless love secrecy (5:56)
    (3) By Pledge Divine (3:46)
    (4) Der Erlosüng (3:24)
    (5) Dans la vague du rêve (3:33)
    (6) Ton image stellaire (2:35)
    (7) Sur les échos mélodieux d’un dernier adieu (3:23)
    (8) Kovcheg yasnosti (2:54)