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    Der Blaue Reiter ‎– United, Yet Divided

    Der Blaue Reiter ‎– United, Yet Divided
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records ‎– DV85L
    Format:Vinyl Album, Limited
    Country: Germany
    Released: 07 Jun 2019
    Style: Industrial, Neofolk, Neo-Classical, Military

    «United Yet Divided» is the 6th album of DER BLAUE REITER, a Catalan music project that was founded in January 2005. DER BLAUE REITER is Sathorys Elenorth & Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana / Sophia) , a project which explores the deepest corners and ruins of human existence, where the martial sounds are mixed with orchestrations and classical interludes and devastating environments filled with emotion and sadness.

    Between 1945 and 1990, Europe and the rest of the world lived in a cold war. These times were hard for many, easier for others, but it was a time of people becoming divided. For this album, DER BLAUE REITER will move through the world during these years. In reminiscence of the split of Berlin, the air bridge that saved people from starving, of the Budapest revolution, the story of the Berlin wall, the spring in Prague, the crises in Cuba, the dictators of Romania and Spain. Once Europe were split, then they became united….but still more divided than ever.

    With the release of „United Yet Divided», you will follow the journey of Sathory Elenorth’s magical music and Cecilia Bjärgö’s lyrics , which will lead you into the history, distant but not forgotten. With the support of Maria Montes and Lady Nott (Narsilion / Ordo Funebris), the music elevates into what DER BLAUE REITER is most known for: the music of neoclassical martial Darkfolk. So let us be United, united in the music and in the world we share!

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    Agalloch ‎– The Grey EP (Remastered)

    Agalloch ‎– The Grey EP
    Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede ‎– Eisen151
    Format: CD, EP, Reissue
    Country: Germany
    Released: 29 Nov 2019
    Style: Black Metal, Avantgarde

    Remastered re-issue with original artwork and bonustrack.

    Eisenwald presents The Grey EP: A collection of destroyed & rebuilt songs from “The Mantle”.

    The Grey is the first installment of two companion releases, originally released in 2004. This new edition includes the original artwork and arrives with exclusive bonus track recorded in 2003, that has never been released on any format.
    se lanzó el 29 de noviembre de 2019

    Remastered by Gus Elg at Skyonion in Portland, OR

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    Agalloch ‎– The White EP

    Agalloch ‎– The White EP
    Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede ‎– EISEN150
    Format: CD, EP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Germany
    Released: 29 Nov 2019
    Style: Ambient, Neofolk

    Heavy embossed slipcase made of special WHITE art card stock with great haptics. Classic jewelcase with a booklet printed on uncoated paper, feat. original artwork and all credits.

    Remastered re-issue with original artwork and bonustrack.
    Limited first press with deluxe embossed slipcase made of special art card stock with great haptics.
    Please see the DETAILS tab for a complete info about the package.

    Eisenwald presents The White EP: a collection of dark folk & ambient work written & recorded between 2004 – 2007. Originally released in 2008 by now defunct Vendlus Records, the White is the last installment of two companion releases & the stylistic counterpart to the Grey. Remastered by Gus Elg at Skyonion in Portland, OR and includes the rare track “Where Shade Once Was”.

    For over twenty years the Pacific Northwest group Agalloch had defined what it means to combine influences from a variety of musical genres into one brooding, colossal, and cinematic sound that provides the soundtrack to existential themes concerning man, nature, loss, and death.


    1. The Isle of Summer
    2. Birch Black
    3. Hollow Stone
    4. Pantheist
    5. Birch White
    6. Sowilo Rune
    7. Summerisle – Reprise
    8. Where Shade Once Was

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    The Mighty Sieben – Sex And Wildflowers

    The Mighty Sieben – Sex And Wildflowers
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records – DVLP-10
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl
    Country: Germany
    Released: 27 Oct 2014
    Style: Neofolk 

    Black vinyl, limited edition of 150 copies. Comes in a gatefold sleeve..

    The fourth Sieben album, released in 2003. Reissue.

    Sex & Wildflowers was an artistic turning point for Howden (once more) and saw the introduction of his trademark looped violin work. It also produced songs that still populate his live performances to this day. Love’s Promise and Virgin In The Green are songs that still prove popular with his live audiences.

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    Empyrium ‎– Über Den Sternen (2 × Vinyl)

    Empyrium ‎– Über Den Sternen (2 × Vinyl)
    Label: PRO304 LP
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Etching
    Country: Germany
    Released: 26 Feb 2021
    Style: Symphonic Metal, Neofolk, Black Metal

    With their sixth full-length, «Über den Sternen», an allegorical German rendering of their band name meaning «Above the Stars», EMPYRIUM still draw from the magic and spirits of wild places, nature’s beauty, and human relics of ages long past. «Über den Sternen» echoes this reconciliation of the old with the new on a musical level as well. The Franconian duo is putting more emphasis on the electric guitars and harsh vocals again, which marked their first two albums and stood strong upon the band’s melodic black metal foundations. Yet EMPYRIUM also revisit the dark folk style, which the Germans had progressively embraced on their third and fourth albums.

    What used to appear to be a crossroad in their musical development has now merged into one breath-taking sound. The combined force of mastermind, multi-instrumentalist, clean and extreme vocalist as well as producer Markus «Schwadorf» Stock and classical singer Thomas Helm, who lends his amazing voice also to the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, is painting a radiant sonic picture. It comes with the melancholic grounding of the sophomore album «Songs of Moors & Misty Fields” (1997), adds brushstrokes of the fairy-tale tempera colours of «Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays» (1999), and also makes use of a few hues from the palette that DEAD CAN DANCE have infused with world music, which EMPYRIUM have already employed on «The Turn of the Tides» (2014). The crowning varnish is diligently crafted from rougher elements that reach all the way back to the Germans’ legendary debut » A Wintersunset…» (1996). EMPYRIUM have reconciled their early vintage sound with the acoustic expression of later recordings.»
    Staying true to the Romantic tradition, EMPYRIUM continue to take inspiration for their lyrical flights of fantasy from the local myths, ancient places, and natural wonders of the Rhön Mountains and their Lower Franconian homeland in the West of Germany. A circle is closing, and with EMPYRIUM’s label Prophecy Productions, which were originally founded with the mission to release the band’s debut album, celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2021, it happens in more than one way.

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    Kinit Her ‎– The Poet & The Blue Flower (Vinyl, LP)

    Kinit Her ‎– The Poet & The Blue Flower (Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Avant! ‎– AV!025
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Grey
    Country: Italy
    Released: 15 Jul 2013
    Style: Experimental, Neofolk, Industrial

    Through kaleidoscopic composition, constitution of voice, and timbral experimentation, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer continue to braid their string of works as Kinit Her. Their discography has grown strong over recent years with releases on such esteemed labels as Alt.Vinyl, Small Doses, Pesanta Urfolk, Reue um Reue, and now, AVANT!; this repertoire has become a powerful force that is harmoniously reliable and unpredictable in theme, atmosphere, and trajectory. On The Poet & the Blue Flower, Schafer and Ritter endure in architecting a unique system of auditory mysticism. Falling in an undefinable territory of the post-industrial and neofolk landscapes with both strictly structured song-like fragments and more free-associative passages throughout its 8 tracks, this album features the exalted rhetoric that is Schafer’s stoic orchestral arrangements, Ritter’s tidal electronics and the continually evolving vocal deliveries of both men.

    Lyrically, The Poet & the Blue Flower continues with Kinit Her’s recent bent of drawing on poetry from Germany’s early 20th Century post-romantic literary underground. With this record, they drift slightly from Der Kosmikerkreis to the poems of literary and political philosopher Rudolf Pannwitz serving as their sole inspiration. Pannwitz’ poetry effortlessly escalates Kinit Her’s themes of the entanglement of Heaven, Earth, and those who believe to be dwelling in some intersection thereof. Visual accompaniment to Kinit Her’s music, as it was on the recent The Cavern Stanzas, has been graciously provided by the brush of Gianluca Martucci. Mastering courtesy of James Plotkin.

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    King Dude – Death (Vinyl, 12, White)

    King Dude – Death (Vinyl, 12, White)
    Label: Ván – Van355v
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo, White Vinyl
    Country: Germany & Switzerland
    Released: Sep 16, 2022
    Style: Neofolk, Psychedelic Rock

    Full-colored gatefold jacket with cut-out, inside-out print and UV lacquer
    Flooded black inside
    2-sided DIN A2 poster
    Insert with illustrations and UV lacquer
    Download insert
    Poly-lined inner-sleeve
    White vinyl
    Plastic protection sleeve

    I’ve always planned on ending King Dude with Death.
    started out writing and recording these songs in my bedroom with no intention of anyone other than my roommates hearing them. I certainly didn’t plan on releasing ten albums. Shortly after my first the success of my two EPs I knew that King Dude had the potential to become a problem for me. I worried the meager success I was experiencing could end up luring me into the trap of making King Dude records for the rest of my life.
    So in order to avoid that fate I planned out the rest of every King Dude album from that point on, ultimately deciding that four of the records should work as companions pieces to one another. Those four albums are Love, Fear, Sex and now finally Death. So as you can clearly see I’ve already made up my mind in this matter. Ten years ago. And there’s nothing I can do to change it without lying to myself about what my life is. Death fulfills the pact I made with my former self and sets me free from acts of repetition and stagnation.
    It’s a necessary, beautiful thing.

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    Current 93 – If A City Is Set Upon A Hill

    CURRENT 93 – If a City is set upon a Hill
    Label: House Of Mythology – HOMALEPH 05
    Format: CD Album
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2022
    Style: Experimental, Neofolkcording tool, we discover the pleasure of the regular things in a world each day more processed.

    Current 93 are an English experimental music group, working since the early 1980s in folk-based musical forms. The band was founded in 1982 by David Tibet, who has been Current 93’s only
    constant member, although Steven Stapleton (of Nurse with Wound) has appeared on nearly every Current 93 release. Michael Cashmore has also been a constant contributor since Thunder Perfect Mind. Douglas P. of Death in June has played on well over a dozen Current 93 releases, and Steve Ignorant of Crass (using the name Stephen Intelligent), Boyd Rice, runologist Freya Aswynn, Nick Cave, Björk, Andrew W.K., Anohni, Baby Dee, Will Oldham, Ben Chasny, Rose McDowall, have also lent their talents over the years. Current 93 have released over twenty albums and many singles as well.

    Much of Current 93’s early work was similar to late 1970s and early 1980s industrial music: abrasive tape loops, droning synthesizer noises and Tibet’s distorted, excoriating vocals. The earlier recordings reflect his preoccupation with death, Christ, mysticism, Aleister Crowley (Tibet borrow-ed the term «93 Current» from Crowley – the 93 Current being the current of Thelema or Agape), Tibetan Buddhism, Gnosticism, runes, swastikas, Noddy, The Wicker Man, and a variety of other ridiculous occult notions. The later to present-day period of Current 93’s recordings increasingly reflect Tibet’s interest in Christian mysticism and apocalypse.

    Three years in its creation, birthing and borning, The new album it being released on 3, highly over-priced formats.

    David Tibet says the following about “If a City is set upon a Hill”… actually: What he has to say is THAT MUCH ridiculous, that I omitted to include on here in its completeness. An excerpt?

    wayyōˀmer qayin ˀel heḇel ˀāḥîw wayhî bihyôṯām baśśāḏeh wayyāqām qayin ˀel heḇel ˀāḥîw


    VERY ‚meaningful‘ and interesting, indeed….

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    Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call – Pessoa / Cioran

    Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call ‎– Pessoa / Cioran
    Label: Infinite Fog Productions ‎– IF-06
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue
    Country: Russia
    Released: 2010
    Style: Modern Classical, Ambient, Neofolk

    Since 1998 year Von Thronstahl, led by the founder and leader Josef M. Klumb, remains to one of most appreciable and interesting groups on martial industrial/neofolk scene. The Days Of The Trumpet Call, it’s neoclassic project by Raymond P., the musician of the Von Thronstahl. This split, is devoted the Portuguese poet Fernando Antonio Pessoa (1888-1935) and Romanian philosopher Emil Michel Cioran (1911-1995), their writings are used as lyric for this album. The melancholic neoclassics from The Days Of The Trumpet Call and probably strangest of all records Von Thronstahl where they balance on border between neoclassics and ambient, with a light touch martial and all the same, beautiful and charismatic, Josef’s Ê. voice…CD is released in 6-pannel Digipak, with design by Federico Salvador(All my faith lost…)

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    Et Nihil – Nor Am I

    Et Nihil – Nor Am I
    Label: Lichterklang ‎– LK035
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Germany
    Released: 05 Dec 2016
    Style: Neofolk

    If there is one band in the current Neofolk scene, that stands out among all other bands it’s ET NIHIL for sure. Rising from the ashes from legendary LUFTWAFFE, b9 InViD, RB and Jonathan S consequently follow their artistic vision and present a highly dynamic and powerful variety of the genre. “Nor Am I” is their first official studio release after the limited and sought-after “Onus” CDR, two live-albums and numerous singles and the first one to be released on LICHTERKLANG. “Nor Am I” contains 13 tracks of pure Neofolk mayhem, spanning from the morbidty of the Neofolk genre to intense drumming Martial Industrial is known for up to harsh and distorted vocals characterized by the Industrial scene, defining a new and modernized version of Neofolk.


    1. Nor Am I
    2. +Ulfberht+
    3. Cross Weight
    4. Right Hand Son (v2)
    5. Runes Writ In Rust
    6. On The Brae
    7. The Externalisation Of The
    8. Malign
    9. And Then
    10. If Lies Are Not Defied
    11. Blood Carries Far
    12. Thieves Lose Hands
    13. Grave Desecration (live)