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    Atrax Morgue – Paranoia (2 × Vinyl, LP)

    Atrax Morgue – Paranoia (2 × Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OELP 031
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2021
    Style: Industrial, Power Electronics

    Style: Industrial, Power Electronics
    This was the first full-length album released by OEC by the Italian prophet of Murderous & Pain Electronics in 2000 as a CD.
    For the 20th anniversary of that album we are proud to go for the re-release into vinyl format of such a masterpiece.
    A slow death with great sorrow…
    Psychopathic ready to kill voice, self-abusing electronic sounds mixed to dangerous feed-backs & noises.
    An isolationist and disgusting soundtrack for disturbed maniacs suffering of multiple personality disorder.
    Here you are finally introduced to the little sister of Mr. Atrax Morgue :
    Miss Atrax Morgue & all his maniac pleasures, plastic sex & bestial babies…
    Maniac cover with a touch of 60’s psychedelia.

    To the original recordings we added as bonus on 4th LP side 4 additional tracks from 2 long time sold out singles out on SELF ABUSE and BLOODLUST!
    Comes on good, old black vinyl – Limited to 300 copies.

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    Venta Protesix + Jugendwerkhof – Sterilitätszelotismus

    Venta Protesix + Jugendwerkhof – Sterilitätszelotismus
    Label: New Approach Records ‎– NAR31
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Portugal
    Released: 15 Jul 2022
    Style: Noise

    Just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, Italian Noise project Venta Protesix and German Harsh Noise duo Jugendwerkhof joined forces and recorded «Sterilitätszelotismus» a collaboration focused the obsessive cleaning behavior.

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    Deprivation ‎– Keep My Grave Open

    Deprivation ‎– Keep My Grave Open
    Label: New Approach Records ‎– NAR24
    Format: CD, Album
    Released: Nov 2022
    Style: Industrial, Power Electronics

    Deprivation is an Italian Death Industrial/P.E. project active since 2012.
    With a few releases under its belt, the project had been refining its sound during
    these years and can now present a cohesive identity inside the genre.
    «Keep my grave open» pays homage to the old
    names of Italian Industrial and presents us an immersive work of slow passed
    Death Industrial, sometimes dissonant yet almost atmospheric.
    A perfect soundtrack for the bleak times ahead and a morbid tribute to the dead.

  • GH Records,  ¿Cultura?


    Tapa blanda / 100 paginas /En Español
    + CD / GH Records OAMM Nº1

    /// SOLD OUT ///

    Inmersos en plena época pestífera dónde se vislumbran en el horizonte cambios que posiblemente cambien el rumbo tanto político como social y económico de Occidente, la ingeniería social funciona a pleno rendimiento y las técnicas de control y manipulación de las masas cada vez afinan más sus formas, dónde las redes sociales prácticamente definen al nuevo hombre, Odio al Mundo Moderno pretende huir del Gran hermano y dar difusión a proyectos completamente alternativos, dar voz a opiniones disidentes y analizar desde diferentes puntos de vista el mundo ¿posmoderno?.

    Índice de contenidos:

    Vuelve el Paganismo a Europa (Gilbert Sincyr)
    Una vida más simple (Luis Navas Delgado *The Wyrm)
    Distopía, Tradición, y Mannerbünde (Gonzalo Rodríguez)
    Escuadrón de la Muerte
    El Pico de Aznaitín, Morada del Dios Netón (Daniel Salmador * Keltika Hispanna)
    En el Extremo Occidente (Carles Jiménez * Cabeza de Lobo)
    Reseñas literarias (Juan Carlos Toledo *HIEMIS)
    La Era del Vacio (Gilles Lipovetsky)
    Eurasia (Solimano Mutti)
    Justicia vs Igualdad (Miguel Sardinero)
    Terror Cognitive Dissonance
    Hastío y Fin (Josep Carles Laínez)

    Track List CD:

    1 – Post Contemporary Corporation – Madre De Diós (Martinete)
    2 – Terror Cognitive Dissonance – Immoral
    3 – Escuadron de la Muerte – Ocular Implantation of Memories
    4 – Mork Skog – Tooth and Claw (Sol Invictus)
    5 – The Wyrm – Vencer despues de morir (2021)
    6- HIEMIS-Abraxas (inedita)
    7- Moloch 11811 – Golpea dos veces con tu Martillo
    8 – GE-STELL – False Flag Practice
    9 – TSIDMZ Melodies from the Inner Earth to the Firmament feat Angel Georgiev
    10 – Kraschau – Los Últimos Días de la Democracia (By Une Foi d’Acier)

    …No busquemos respuestas entonces en la Modernidad, ni es sus cachivaches tecnológicos, discursos ideológicos, sistemas filosóficos, o idolatrías materiales. Busquemos las respuestas en la Tradición Sapiencial. Verdadero antagonista de la Modernidad y antídoto y tratamiento seguro para su sanación y superación.

    Y aquí, y para estos mal hadados tiempos del Kali Yuga, la vía que la Tradición anunció para cuándo llegará la Edad Oscura. La vía de la Mano Izquierda. Esa que convierte esta “media noche del Mundo” y “muerte de Dios”, en oportunidad para un renovado despertar. En prueba especialmente valiosa y fértil para quien esté dispuesto a “Cabalgar el Tigre” y hacer que la “bestia del fin del Mundo”, responda a sus espuelas…


  • GH Records

    Death Cult Rising Festival / Playlist MMXXI

    Playlist curated by Death Cult Rising festival exclusively for GH Records.

    1) BRIGHTER DEATH NOW – Promises Of Death (6:20) // Included in «With Promises of Death» (Familjegraven ‎– GRAV-01)
    2) MORAL ORDER – Face of Defeat (4:42) // Included in «Wrath of God» (Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 129 )
    3) HAUS ARAFNA – Sieh Mich An [Wenn Du Stirbst] (3:25) // Included in «Asche» (Galakthorrö ‎– Galakthorrö 048)
    4) HUMAN LARVAE – Severin Sirens (9:40) // Included in «Behind Blinding Light» (Malignant Records ‎– TUMORCD100)
    5) ATRAX MORGUE – Rotten Humanity (4:36) // Included in «Atrax Morgue / Contagious Orgasm ‎– Forced Entry / N.C.W.» (Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD 243)
    6) GNAWED – Pestilence Beholden (5:12) // Included in «Pestilence Beholden» (Malignant Records ‎– TUMORCD97)
    7) DEATHSTENCH – Bastards Of The Black Flame (9:55) // Included in «Massed In Black Shadow» (Black Plagve ‎– INFECT 11)
    8) TREPANERINGSRITUALEN – Black Eggg (3:55) // Included in «Perfection & Permanence (Cold Spring – CSR198CD)
    9) DEATHPANEL – Under Judgement (5:31) // Included in «Age of Insignificance» (Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 124)
    10) SLOGUN – Slobland (4:05) // Included in «Tearing up your plans» (Old Captain – OCCD16)
    11) GENOCIDE ORGAN – It’s Over (5:27) // Included in «Under – Kontrakt» Tesco 085
    + + +
    (All titles are currently available on GH Recods catalog)
    GH Records / MMXXI
    Death Cult Rising → www.facebook.com/DeathCultRising/

  • SatØri
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    Satori ‎– Dispossession

    Satøri ‎– Dispøssessiøn
    Label: COD noizes ‎– SHUM18
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Russia
    Released: 25 Dec 2018
    Style: Power Electronics, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise

    British industrial veterans Satori was formed in Margate, Kent by Dave Kirby and Robert Maycock in 1984. Origially called Psychopath. Satori have released material on cult labels which represented post-industrial music culture in its absolute form: Zeal SS, Broken Flag, Cold Spring Records, Tesco Organization / Functional Organization, Malignant Records and many more. They collaborated and splitted the stage with Sutcliffe Jügend, Nadja, Abbatoir and Merzbow. Comprising a mixture of dark ambient, harsh noise and power electronics with a harder and heavier percussive beat than before Satori now present a collection of new songs “Dispossession”.

    Album, consisting of twelve tracks with a total length more than an hour, has been released as a luxury matte laminated digipak housed in a matte laminated cardboard slipcase decorated with glossy stencil UV-varnish printing.

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    Vittore Baroni, Maurizio Bianchi, Piermario Ciani, Daniele Ciullini ‎– Musical Surgery

    Vittore Baroni, Maurizio Bianchi, Piermario Ciani, Daniele Ciullini ‎– Musical Surgery

    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD 259, Luce Sia ‎– 057
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Italy
    Released: 23 May 2018
    Style: Industrial, Abstract, Power Electronics, Sound Collage

    From the archives of the Florentine studio Sound Recycling Terminal comes this singular finding, an experiment in “sound surgery” originally assembled in February 1982 by Daniele Ciullini (aka Oxidized Man) with audio materials sent by Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) and the founders of the TRAX multimedia project, the journalist and mail artist Vittore Baroni (musically active as Lieutenant Murnau) and the graphic artist-photographer Piermario Ciani (Mind Invaders, Great Complotto, etc.) who died in 2006. A limited edition of 300 copies in a cardboard folder with vintage original graphics by the four authors.


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    Koufar ‎– Phoenicianism

    Koufar ‎– Phoenicianism

    Label: Old Captain ‎– OCCD36
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Ukraine
    Released: 07 Mar 2018
    Style: Power Electronics, Noise, Political

    Phoenicianism was recorded in Oakland, CA in 2017. Originally released on Nil By Mouth in 2017 in an edition of 90 copies.
    Remastered by Andy Lippoldt. Digipack design by Aldo Volpe. Koufar Logo by Si Clark.

    Lebanon was and always will be the mistress of hysteria. Lebanon was and always will be schizophrenic. Zena El Khalil.
    All praises due to God, Olegh, Aldo, Andy, Sam and Sa3d Akl (Allah yirhamnuh ya habibi).

    Released in a full-colour matte-laminated 6-panel Digipak in edition of 300 copies.

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    COLOSSLOTH‎ – Heathen Needles

    COLOSSLOTH‎ – Heathen Needles

    Label: Cold Spring ‎– CSR235CD
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 08 Nov 2017
    Style: Industrial, Power Electronics, Experimental

    On his second album, Colossloth continues his esoteric sonic crusade of volatile yet absorbing audio textures. Cold electronica, with swathes of rhythmic power noise and industrial harshness, tempered with penetrating song structures.

    Eleven tracks of austere, reflective and exploratory electronics for journeys made into the hidden realms underpinning daily life, spanning the bridge between gnosis and praxis. The dissonance of opposites falling into elemental synthesis with a sound and approach influenced from the past, present and future, letting us remain anachronistic yet temporal voyeurs in the abyss evoked forth.

  • GH Records

    Le Cose Bianche ‎– Tutti Quanti Sognano Porno (Compiuti I Dieci Anni)

    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD 251, Luce Sia ‎– 047
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Italy
    Released: 14 Jan 2018
    Style: Power Electronics, Noise

    CD Digipak. Limited Edition 300 copies.
    The celebration of 10 years LE COSE BIANCHE (2007-2017), this album collects all the help, support, talent of all musician and non-musician friends who have influenced and marked this LCB decade. Including in the recording of this album are: Eraldo Bernocchi and Paolo Bandera (Sigillum S and Sshe Retina Stimulants), Egle Sommacal (Massimo Volume), Andrea Chiaravalli (Iugula-Thor), Francesco Perizzolo (Satanismo Calibro 9), Maurizio Bianchi (MB), OtRoM (Morkobot), Passed.

    L.C.B. ringrazia tutti coloro i quali, in questi anni, hanno imparato a non dover rispondere “Prego”.
    L.C.B. ringrazia la Old Europa Cafeper aver attivamente contribuitoa questi anni ed abbraccia Nebo e Sacha.
    Dedicato a Ferox Lupus Germanicus Aaron II ed alla memoria di mio padre.

    “Io ti davo dodici pillole per metterti a dormire,
    ed altre dodici per farti dimenticare le precedenti.
    Che cosa provavo? Nessuno lo sa.”

    Buy: 13 € http://gh-records.com/power-electronics/1828-le-cose-bianche-tutti-quanti-sognano-porno-compiuti-i-dieci-anni.html

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