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    Risk Risk – Blue Science (Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue Transparent)

    Risk Risk – Blue Science (Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue Transparent)
    Label: Young And Cold Records ‎– YCR/140, Wave Records (4) ‎– W134
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue Transparent
    Country: Worldwide
    Released: 22 Feb 2023
    Style: Synth-pop, Disco

    The German producer Stefan Kraft founded the project Risk Risk in 2009 with the aim of releasing 1980s style Synthpop with vintage/retro limited music equipment.

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    Position Parallèle ‎– Mélodies En Sous-Sols

    Position Parallèle ‎– Mélodies En Sous-Sols
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Europe
    Released: 03 Nov 2020
    Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

    Come with me under the floor… You know it’s deep, too deep.

    Something has been changing for a while.
    It’s in the air, it’s in the flesh,it’s in your eyes.

    I’m thinking about what will happen to us when they find our gameplay.

    Come and listen to some ‘Mélodies en sous sols’
    – you know who I am and what I am.

    If you’re here, you know me more than I know you. Can you listen to my voice and all the electronic noises from the city? Can you understand what I’m thinking about people, flesh, skin, leather, love, memories, crime and the sweetest sound of a spider eating something on the wall.
    Who are you? Who am I?

    Come on and shut up!!! Listen to some of my ‘Mélodies en sous sols’…. Shhhhttttt………. Listen….“

    Future Retro Synthi-Pop!
    Minimal Electronics !

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    Los Iniciados ‎– Todo Ubú

    Los Iniciados ‎– Todo Ubú
    Label: Mental Experience ‎– MENT024
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Vinyl
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2018
    Style: Synth-pop, Minimal

    Dark minimal synth electronics & experimental sounds by LOS INICIADOS, a mysterious project, highly influenced by The Residents, related to legendary Spanish synth–pop band AVIADOR DRO. This is their rare and sought–after second album, originally released in 1983 on the DRO label as the soundtrack to a puppet stage play, based on ALFRED JARRY’S «UBU ROI».

    *16–page LP sized insert featuring the original stage play booklet.
    *Remastered sound.
    *Original artwork

    Tracklist: A1. Obertura – A2. Canción de Los invitados – A3. Danza Inca de La Tía Ubú – A4. Canción 1ª de Los Palotines – A5. Desfile – A6. Canción del Tío Ubú – A7. Canción 2ª de Los Palotines – A8. La Aparición del Sr. Matías – A9. Última Canción de Los Palotines – A10. ¡Al Saco! – B1. Intermezzo – B2. Canción de Ladislao – B3. Presentación del Príncipe Freixinet – B4. Canción del Zar – B5. Canción de Guerra de Los Palotines – B6. Canción del Klam y La Tía Ubú – B7. Triunfo de Ladislao – B8. Canción Final

    Por primera vez reeditado el buscado segundo álbum de LOS INICIADOS, misterioso proyecto experimental surgido en torno a los legendarios AVIADOR DRO. Originalmente publicado en 1983, contenía la música creada para una representación teatral basada en la obra «Ubú Rey» de ALFRED JARRY. Oscuros sonidos minimal synth / electrónicos y experimentales con influencia de THE RESIDENTS.

    *Insert de 16 páginas que contiene reproducción del libreto original de la obra de teatro.
    *Sonido remasterizado
    *Artwork original

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    Anne Clark – The Sitting Room

    Anne Clark – The Sitting Room
    Label: FD Administration – AC0017-V
    Format: Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Reissue
    Country: Europe
    Released: 2021
    Style: Downtempo, Synth-pop

    Anne Charlotte Clark (born 14 May 1960) is an English poet, singer and songwriter. Her first album, The Sitting Room, was released in 1982, and she has released over a dozen albums since then.

    Her poetry work with experimental musicians occupies a region bounded roughly by electronic, dance (techno applies on occasion) and possibly avant-garde genres, with varying hard as well as romantic and orchestral styles.

    Clark is mainly a spoken word artist. Many of her lyrics deal critically with the imperfections of humanity, everyday life, and politics. Especially in her early works she created a gloomy, melancholy atmosphere bordering on weltschmerz. She has been considered one of the pioneers in the spoken-word music genre, as well as being acclaimed for her synth-pop and new wave music, especially across Europe.

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    Death In June – Nada-Ized!

    Death In June – Nada-Ized! (CD, Album)
    Label: New European Recordings ‎– BAD VCCD 66
    Format: CD, Album
    Released: Dec 2022
    Style: Synthwave, Synth-pop, Electro

    Spanning 41 years of Death In June’s existence, from songs like “Heaven Street” to “The Trigger”, “NADA-IZED!” is a selection of tracks that spiritually revisit the group’s mid-1980’s dalliance with militant electro-dance whilst remaining very much aware of the present. Recorded and produced in separate self-isolation, Douglas P. and Miro Snejdr (Herr Synthwave Himself), have produced these New Play Tunes for New Plague Times.

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    Aviador Dro ‎– Nestor El Cyborg

    Aviador Dro – Nestor El Cyborg (CD, EP)
    Label: Lollipop ‎– LOL MX 087
    Format: CD, EP
    Country: Spain
    Released: 1997
    Style: Electro, Synth-pop


    1.Nestor El Cyborg Written-By – S. Carballar 3:20
    2.La Modelo Written-By – Kraftwerk 2:47
    3.22 Senderos Written-By – M. Gil*, S. Carballar 4:08
    4.Base Lunar Alfa Written-By – S. Carballar 2:40

    El Aviador Dro y Sus Obreros Especializados, también identificados como Aviador Dro, es un grupo de música electrónica de Madrid (España) fundado en 1979. Formado inicialmente por Servando Carballar (teclados), Arturo Lanz (voz), Gabriel Riaza (bajo) y Juan Carlos Sastre (guitarras) son los pioneros del pop electrónico en España en la estela de bandas norteamericanas como Devo, The Residents o los alemanes Kraftwerk.

    Su nombre es un homenaje a la ópera L’aviatore Dro (1915) poema trágico en tres actos del compositor y musicólogo italiano Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955)

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    Aviador Dro Y Su Maquinaria Humana ‎– Acción Contra El Pasado – Directo. Madrid. 1980

    Aviador Dro Y Su Maquinaria Humana ‎– Acción Contra El Pasado – Directo. Madrid. 1980
    Label: Dead Wax Records ‎– DW023, Mecanica ‎– MEC052
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
    Country: Poland
    Released: 12 Dec 2019
    Style: Minimal, Synth-pop

    A1. La Interferencia
    A2. La Modelo
    A3. La 5ª Glaciación
    A4. Cadena de Montaje
    A5. Nuclear Sí
    A6. La Chica de Plexiglás
    B1. Corazón de Batidora
    B2. El Retorno de Godzilla
    B3. La Cicatriz en la Fábrica Roja
    B4. Anarquía en el Planeta
    B5. ¡No os Soporto más!
    B6. Cita en el Asteroide Edén

    Aviador Dro are without a doubt the most avant-garde and influential techno-pop band from Spain. They started in 1979 and this year are celebrating their 40th anniversary playing shows, re-releasing some old works, publishing a book and also a new album.

    «Acción Contra El Pasado” was recorded in Madrid in December of 1980 and is one of the oldest live performances of which there is a recording evidence. This concert is legendary not only for its age, but also for including some unreleased songs, a couple of early covers by Kraftwerk and Sex Pistols and vintage versions of classic tracks. «Aviador Dro y su Maquinaria Humana» (exactly as it was announced on the original flyer) was formed at that time by Biovac N, Fox Cicloide, Placa Tumbler, Derflex Tipo IARR, CTA 102, X, Metalina 2 and Cyberjet. A priceless piece of history restored and remastered from the original cassette recorded directly from the mixing desk.

    Drawings created by the Polish artist Michał Arkusiński.

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    Anything Box – Volume One
    Label: Twilight Records ‎– TW 1.117
    Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition 
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 09 Aug 2013
    Style: Synth-pop

    BUY →

    The return of one of the most important 80`s/90`s band in electronic.

    TRACKLIST : Living in Oblivion RM – Kiss of love Unknow remix – World without love RM – The ravine video mix – Answer me – Blue little rose – A moments shifting – Emily – Doubt – Concious Clean – Welcome to the end – 65 millon miles – Atlantis – Heaven – Destinations – Ascension – Pray – Hypocrites 1st.Mix

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    Replica – Languages Of Decay
    Label: Twilight Records
    Format: CD, Album, Digipak
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 2007
    Style: Electro, Synth-pop


    Are you ready for a new journey to know the deep of this isolated souls? Replica is the new promisse of the southmarican scene. Between electro and dark music, Replica´s music bring to the listeners to a oscure pássage full of emotions, feelings and unforgetables songs.

    Languages of Dekay show us the two sides of the band: one more intense and depresive and the other more danceable and powerfull.

    Replica´s music could be called a duality music, for in the compositions we can find ( lyrically and musically speaking ) from dark and oppressive passages of solitude and hate, passing the ironic hystery of the lack of communication, to rabid and tension released under violent accords.

    The idea of Replica is only one: to create a sonic curtain that stays in the ears and minds of the listeners that try to make a step further inside the world of Replica´s songs, understanding the language that this band try to express !

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    Ulver – Flowers of Evil (Vinyl LP | Black)
    Label: House Of Mythology – HOM 023 LP
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Black
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2020
    Style: Electronic

    /// SOLD OUT ///

    In the midst of the forest, the floor is littered with monstrous heads and mythical figures, frozen in torturous combat or threatened by wild beasts. A dragon fights a dog and a wolf. A lion sinks its teeth into the fire-breathing monster’s chest.

    This sacred grove, near Bomarzo in Lazio, Italy, reveals the nightmare vision of Vicino Orsini, a sixteenth century nobleman. It’s a forest of symbols, suggesting a civilisation overrun by the beasts, demons and monsters of the primordial world. Soon after Orsini’s death, trees began to close in on these many peculiar beings, and green moss would eventually seize them. Slowly, nature finished what he had started.

    Flowers of Evil, the new studio album from Ulver, finds the wolf pack exploring the fear and wonder of mankind’s fall from redemption. Visions similar to those of Orsini come to mind, as untamed life abounds:


    The threads of haunted places and images entwine. Have Ulver discovered new pastures under the sun? Or scoured the ruins of their own moonlit past? The truth is, they’re closer to their previous purlieu than perhaps ever before.

    “Doom dance”, someone dubbed their last studio album, the critically acclaimed, Impala Award-winning The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2017). Flowers of Evil comes across as an unfeigned progression along the course set by that album, revealing a band moving deeper into beats and grooves, hooks and choruses, synths and guitars, yet sounding more stripped back, making room for the distinctive detail. Once again Michael Rendall (The Orb) and legendary producer Martin “Youth” Glover have taken crystalline care of the mix.

    As Caesar demonstrated, Ulver haven’t abandoned any of their obsessions, worries or nightmares as they enter the gilded palace of pop. “One last dance / in this burning church”, Kristoffer Rygg announces on the album’s opening track, featuring old friend Christian Fennesz on guitar and electronics. It sees them locked inside their Hall of Mirrors. A slow build brings the music to the album’s pulsing theme:


    With Flowers of Evil Ulver have fled a burning Rome, only to confront further crime and corruption. ‘Russian Doll’, the album’s first single, moves determinedly through the night, with a story of unfolding tragedy and misery. ‘Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers’ brings fiery end-time imagery – “barrels are burning / great art will be destroyed” – with a disco beat and flashy ’80s synths. Dismal cries resound on ‘Hour of the Wolf’; echoing Bergman’s classic film, the song is dedicated to the hour between night and dawn, “when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are most real”. ‘Apocalypse 1993’ reveals Ulver at their catchiest, its bounding-goat groove running hand in hand with a grand chorus depicting the catastrophic events at Waco, Texas, during the winter of that year – the very same winter that saw the birth of Ulver’s first incarnation. From that thorny undergrowth, this is what they have become: an eclectic, many-headed beast, chanting the ecstasies of the spirit and the senses.

    Flowers of Evil unfolds with the shattering second single, ‘Little Boy’. A mysterious beat moves the track towards its thunderous climax, and here Michael J. York’s ominous pipes melt into the softer, moodier ‘Nostalgia’, a ’70s soul shuffle, and the heart-breaking Talk Talk-esque balladry of ‘A Thousand Cuts’. Finally, the wolves are back in the palace of excess, waltzing the night away. Yet around them, the wilderness rises, triumphant; “grass will grow over your cities”, as the Bible says.

    1. One Last Dance
    2. Russian Doll
    3. Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers
    4. Hour of the Wolf
    5. Apocalypse 1993
    6. Little Boy
    7. Nostalgia
    8. A Thousand Cuts