• :Of The Wand & The Moon: ‎– Bridges Burned And Hands Of Time

    :Of The Wand & The Moon: ‎– Bridges Burned And Hands Of Time
    Label: Heiðrunar Myrkrunar ‎– HEIM025, Heiðrunar Myrkrunar ‎– HEIM025 CD
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Country: Denmark
    Released: 02 Dec 2019
    Style: Neofolk, Ambient

    Rare tracks collected in a fine silver printed package and comes with an 12 page booklet. 20 years of twilight tears!
    This is a collection of limited and now deleted 7inch releases, tributes to abscent comrades, collaborations and alternative versions from 2 decades.
    Descend into the abyss of lost love and let go.
    But remember…!
    The tears are free!


    1.DEATH RUNE 06:24
    2.Ja Boga Ne Videu 04:58
    3.A Funeral For Solance 06:43
    4.A Cancer Called Love 04:36
    5.Times Out Of Reach 03:40
    6.Shall Love fall from View? 03:29
    7.Caught In Winters Weave 03:12
    8.I Called Your Name 03:52
    9.Hail Hail Hail 03:51
    10.Benediction Malediction 03:20
    11.Hold My Hand 02:18
    12.I Crave For You 02:57
    13.In A Robe Of Fire 04:20
    14.My Devotion Will Never End 03:54
    15.SOL EK SA 04:09
    16.Shine Black Algiz 02:52

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  • CONSUME KALI YUGA from GH Records


    1 – L’Enemic Interior from Coàgul & Cadena by Coàgul,Cadena / bit.ly/2QfkYw5
    2 – The Business Isn’t Going Really Badly from Mynationshit by Mynationshit / bit.ly/35ieb97
    3 – Ven, ARRUTAC from ARRUTAC by Diego Arandojo,Van Delaybit.ly/2MLs1L8
    4 – Particles Of God from Ego Vox by First Human Ferro from Ostarbeiter / bit.ly/2SKBVjI
    5 – Epilogo: Come Pegno Per Un Nuovo Inizio from Counter​-​Tradition Report by T​.​S​.​I​.​D​.​M​.​Z. (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) & GE-STELL / feat. Giovanni Leonardi (Voice) & Lyrics by Xeno / bit.ly/2ML43zj
    6 – Grassa Dato – Repulsion from Grassa Dato & Matatus by Matatus,Grassa Dato / bit.ly/2QgpV7O
    7 – The Act of Contrition from The Broken Urn by In Meditarivmbit.ly/2MLSmst
    8 – Cabeza borradora from An Industrial Tribute to Eraserhead by Mary X bit.ly/39zev79
    9 – Germinal from The Anthropic Principle by Anatomia De Vanitatsbit.ly/36gZZhY
    10 – Aquí la Voz de Europa from Noblese Oblige by The Wyrm & Legión Arcangelbit.ly/37j8hpU

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    * Cover photo: Duane Hanson-supermarket lady