• The New Blockaders – Live At Sonic City

    The New Blockaders – Live At Sonic City
    Label: Cold Spring ‎– CSR261CD
    Format: CD, Album, DVD, DVD-Video
    Country: UK
    Released: 11 Mar 2019
    Style: Noise, Industrial, Experimental

    Live At Sonic City includes an audio / visual document of TNB’s last ever live performance which took place at the Thurston Moore-curated Sonic City festival in Kortrijk, Belgium in 2017. Fans of Noise music will need no introduction to the work of TNB. Ron Lessard, of legendary US Noise label RRRecords, once stated, «I’d give the nod to TNB as being the first truly devoted Noise artists». TNB served as a major influence on legendary Noise pioneers such as Merzbow and their influence on the current crop of popular crossover Noise artists such as Wolf Eyes is immeasurable. TNB’s performance at Sonic City can best be described as a noise symphony: metal-bashing and grinding, hammering, eviscerating microphone feedback, torrents of glorious mangle and harsh electronics all skilfully blended with a collage of manifold sounds and dynamics. Far from being a typical Noise show, TNB’s performance (if it can be described as such) contained elements of absurdist theatre and performance art, although I’m sure TNB would be loathe to be described as such. A magnificent display of The Art Of Noise, TNB as defiant as ever in their total rejection of everything.

    «For optimal enjoyment we recommend that this DVD be viewed with no sound».

    CD and DVD in 6-panel digipak.


    «…a chaotic ballroom blitz with noise galore, tables overturned and what sounds like people screaming from the rafters and at a distance… it’s far less of one of those in-situ improv sessions and more like an all out performance art assault on the senses» (Toneshift)

    Personnel: Rupenus / Niemand
    Recorded by: Michiel De Maeseneer
    Post-production / mix: Philippe Niemand
    Mastered by: Phil Julian
    Filmed / Edited by Jens Vranck (a.k.a. Spookstad)
    Photos: Shadows Lights, Alex Vanhee, Baby R.I.
    Layout: Abby Helasdottir

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/home/2289-the-new-blockaders-live-at-sonic-city.html

  • Moloch 11811- Stalingrado

    Label: Gradual Hate Records / Series: El Lobo y la Espada – L.E.03
    Format: CDr, Album, Limited Edition, Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, C60
    Country: Spain
    Released: 09 Sep 2012
    Style: Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise


    The screams of the fallen of Stalingrad become industrial sounds thet remind
    the ruined landscapes of a city besieged for 6 months. The rythm of the war
    is the chronological guide that leads the listener through dark and bloody places.
    The blood of Stalingrad.


    Side A: The Mary Celeste crew’s disappearance is often cited as the greatest
    maritime mystery of all time , Moloch 11,811 proposed (in the side a) a travel
    in Ghost Ship, mixing all kinds of sounds, getting an authentic soundtrack of
    dark ambient, drone Industrial, Noise .. impressive!!

    Side B: What feel when are engulfed by the sea in a storm? Moloch 11811 proposes
    to take the storm center, a 30-minute Industrial Noise, only to initiates

    Sold Out

    Stalingrado by Moloch 11811