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    Oda Relicta – УПА

    Oda Relicta – УПА

    Label: Old Captain
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Ukraine
    Released: 2012
    Style: Military, Field Recording, Political, Religious


    Oda Relicta’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” is a union of politics, religion, and music.
    The controversial agenda of the recording is exposed through 13 connoisseur compositions ranging from military marches to solemn chants to field recordings featured by a rank of artistic collaborations with:
    While Angels Watch, Furvus, :Golgatha:, Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maikov, Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe, Our God Weeps.

    A complex tapestry of church hymns and procession marches, Cossack patriotic chants and Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen songs is the spirit of a true Ukrainian nationalist. There is no abuse of hackneyed documentaries or copycatting of profane neo-folk genre; instead, there is harmony, passion, and wisdom conserved in laconic sonorities. Triumphing over double standard European political correctness this milestone is released exclusively upon the 70th anniversary of the UIA, celebrated on the 14th of October, 2012.

    Tracklist :
    1 Willow & Arrow-Wood Lyrics By, Voice – While Angels Watch 3:00
    2 Pantheon Of Glory 2:28
    3 Into The Woods Whence Mouth-Organ Heard 1:13
    4 Triumph Of Ukrainian Insurgent Army 2:41
    5 Unvanquished Knights Featuring – Furvus 3:01
    6 From Dreams Into Ranks Featuring – :Golgatha: 2:55
    7 Parakleisis Composed By – Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maïkov 3:19
    8 Born In The Great Hour 3:10
    9 Under-Aged Veteran (Gone) Lyrics By, Voice – Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe 3:44
    10 Stray Souls Composed By – Our God Weeps 5:57
    11 Martirologue 2:33
    12 Black Forest 3:43
    13 Mnohaya Lita 1:41

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    Coàgul, Cadena – Coàgul & Cadena

    Coàgul, Caden – Coàgul & Cadena
    Label: Dead Moon Records ‎– DMR01, Discos Enfermos, Broca, Gradual Hate Records ‎GH 129 VN
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: 10 Nov 2016
    Style: Experimental, Industrial, Noise, No Wave

    Sisters and brothers: throughout our miserable lives they haven’t ceased to try to sell us all kinds of ideals by the means of all possible dialectical subterfuges. Vanquishing our will again and again. Injecting us without mercy hundreds of all sorts of viruses of obstinating idealism: those of decadence and those of excellence, those of excess and those of containment, those of partying and those of work, those of pleasure and those of sacrifice, those of life and those of death. We have kept on believing and digesting them one after the other, accepting them one by one heart on hand, only to rapidly reject each one of them and swallow the next one. But always in absolute spiritual submission to one or another higher instance that tells us what do we have to believe. That’s why once defrauded and betrayed by all the viper tongues that caressed our pineal glands, once fed up and stuffed with all the viruses of the ideal, we have come to the realization that what they were trying to sell us wasn’t anything else than ourselves. That’s why the time has come when we no longer believe nothing, when we are finally cleansed, when we finally are totally impervious to all meta-narrative seduction, when we at last find ourselves face to face with nothingness: we no longer have anything, nor we want to have anything; we no longer know nothing, nor we want to know nothing; we no longer are nothing, nor we want to be nothing. That’s why we have transformed ourselves into pure luminous electricity, that’s why we have transformed ourselves into the most absolute ideal, that’s why we are more pure and free than ever, that’s why we have the universe at our disposal: let’s celebrate it by taking its fruits with total disafection.

    In Summer 2015, these two industrial music acts from Barcelona decided to join their forces to produce a series of songs specifically conceived to be played for first and last time during the third edition of Cønjuntø Vacíø festival. Formed in 2015, CADENA is a three-piece combo refreshing the hardcore punk and industrial rock traditions, and distilling them into a saturated and contemporary sound that is close to the most plastic-like noise rock. COÀGUL is the single-member project of an unclassifiable character who, from 2009 onwards has been taking back the rythm’n’noise sound of Esplendor Geometrico-like acts, translating it into a certain lyrical drive that brings him closer to the lands of folk music rather than those of the noise music into which it’s so easy to pigeonhole him. For this occasion, the two acts shaked their hands in their common soils: the obsession for urban space, contemporary dystopia and an active nihilism that connects the suburbs with cosmos. From the work done were born seven songs that were firstly played live at the festival —becoming a corrosive experience which, by the means of noise, light and relational performance art, exhausted the senses of the audience and deprogrammed it’s behaviour— to be later recorded at the studio in the days after. With lyrics in Catalan, more than an album this is a document that cartographies a contextual micro-particle key to understand the hidden details of Barcelona’s underground. The release of these songs in LP format has been fruit of the cooperative work between four labels: Dead Moon Records, Discos Enfermos, Broca Records and GH Records.

    Dead Moon Records + Discos Enfermos + Broca + GH Records

    Hermanas y Hermanos: a lo largo de nuestras miserables vidas no nos han parado de intentar vender todo tipo de ideales mediante todos los subterfugios dialécticos posibles. Doblando nuestra voluntad una y otra vez. Inoculándonos sin piedad centenares de virus de idealismo recalcitrante de la más diversa índole: los de la decadencia y los del excelencia, los del exceso y los de la contención, los de la fiesta y los del trabajo, los del placer y los del esfuerzo, los de la vida y los de la muerte. Nos los hemos ido creyente y digiriendo el uno detrás el otro, aceptándolos uno a uno con el corazón en la mano, para después renegar enseguida y tragarnos rápidamente el siguiente. Pero siempre en absoluta sumisión espiritual a una instancia o la otra superior que nos dice el que tenemos que creer.

    Por eso, un golpe estafados y traicionados por todas las lenguas de serpiente que nos han mimado la glándula pineal, un golpe empachados y embutidos con todos los virus del ideal, nos hemos dado cuenta de qué el que nos estaban intentando vender no era sino a nosotros mismos. Por eso, ha llegado la hora en que ya no nos creemos nada, en que ya estamos definitivamente depurados, en que ya somos totalmente impermeables a toda seducción meta-narrativa, en que por fin nos encontramos frente a frente con la nada: ya no tenemos nada, ni queremos tener nada; ya no sabemos nada, ni queremos saber nada; ya no somos nada, ni queremos ser nada. Por eso nos hemos convertido en pura electricidad luminosa, por eso nos hemos convertido nosotros mismos en el ideal más absoluto, por eso somos más puros y entregas que nunca, por eso tenemos el universo a nuestra disposición: celebrémoslo tomando sus frutos con total desafección.

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    The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief by Philippe Blache

    « The ever sounding sea of grief » is a cathartic and spiritually uplifting musical journey. Partly abandonning the lyrical component which was central in previous releases of his musical project «Day Before Us» Philippe Blache introduces here a slight new stylistic turn. This album makes incursions within the world of avant gardism, noise ambient and modern classical minimalism with a subtle cinematic edge. It can be appreciated as a purging ritual mainly built around harrowing reverb piano key, blackened skies of droney textures, then majestic organ patterns within a foreboding sonic spectrum. Those lengthy tracks feature additional arrangements as spoken words. As for the last «Day Before Us» album to date the striking visual imagery is provided by forward-thinking artistic collaborator and multi-talented Natalie Ina. «The ever sounding sea of grief» is a thrilling and colossal poetical/musical drama of overwhelming expressive intensity.

    Lyrics from Anna Kingsford (1848-1888)

    Reeds in the river! reeds in the river!
    O deep in my heart like the reeds in the river,
    My thoughts grow in darkness, far down out of sight,
    And over my life passes shadow and light,
    Like sunshine and cloud on the breast of the stream,
    But I sit by the banks of my river and dream,
    For day after day, they grow silent and strong, ––
    The reeds of my Syrinx, the reeds of my song!

    Slowly athwart the grey empurpling heavens
    The bearded evening clouds swept slowly by
    With ghostly arms outstretched, and shadowy robes
    Curling around them; one by one they passed
    In sad procession, solemnly and still;
    A crowd of phantoms following to the tomb
    The fair departed Day.

    All the sweet odours of silence, that rise
    Up from the world to the musical skies,
    And the voice of the waters that swell and sink
    Speaks through the distance, and dimly I think
    Of that fathomless ocean of Time and Fate
    Bearing us onward and on without cess
    Into the dark mysterious Never,
    Spirit to spirit, the small and the great
    Into the Sea of Forgetfulness,
    The sea that rolls and rolls for ever! 

    Concept, music and arrangements : Philippe Blache (Day Before Us)
    Narrative: Olga Gabris
    Photos artwork: Natalie Ina
    Mastering: Giuseppe Verticchio

    2022 © Philippe Blache, GH Records

    Contact : daybeforeus@yahoo.com


    The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief (Board Printed)
    Compact Disc (CD)

    Foam Board Printed in gloss on both sides, one centimeter thick. Super Special Edition. Size 30 x 30 cm.

    /// SOLD OUT ///

    Otros trabajos de Day Before Us / Other references →

    Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre
    → Day Before Us ‎– Adorned path of Stillness
    Day Before Us – Misty Shroud Of Regrets
    Day Before Us ‎– Prélude à l’âme d’élégie
    Day Before Us ‎– Nihil Interit
    Antikatechon ‎– I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
    Day Before Us / Nimh – Under Mournful Horizons

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    SILICON RELIC is a new Italian industrial drones / dark-ambient project, which aims to describe and portray in music the remains and parodies of the sacred and the spirit in the age of disenchantment. The group – composed of Moreno Padoan and Cristian Luise, active for years in the industrial / experimental scene with various monickers – wishes to return with this project to the origins of the genre, combining genuine aesthetic and sound research with a solid conceptual and philosophical approach.

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    Entrevista a trajedesaliva – Ultratumba (2021)

    Después de 15 años el dúo vigense Mon Ninguén y unavena humedecen de nuevo el traje para presentar su suculento trabajo llamado: Ultratumba. Sin duda un elepé muy esperado para los seguidores de trajedesaliva y de músicas de vanguardia, más allá de las melodías facilonas, letras huecas y repetitivas dentro del panorama musical estatal. La saliva de Ultratumba es pegajosamente siniestra, se adhiere a tus poros y quedas rápidamente poseído por su complejidad familiar.

    “Al pequeño y a mí nos gusta pensar que de vez en cuando los cadáveres sanan en la tumba” unavena

    El pasado y pandémico día 12 del mes de octubre nos desplazamos a la ciudad de Vigo, un día donde Brassens no dudaría en cantar La Mauvaise Réputation. Quedamos en su pequeño y entrañable habitáculo de creaciones poético-sonoras, y mantuvimos una entrevista extensa repasando toda su trayectoria musical, incidiendo en aspectos puntuales de cada trabajo: El Cuerpo y la Ciudad (1999), Mima (2000), Mima Blanca (2003) y Ciertos Animales de Costumbres Discretas (2006) compartido con Chaos Condensed, hasta llegar a este nuevo Ultratumba (2021). Cerca de tres horas de entrevista dejan exhaustos a cualquiera, pero con la amabilidad y las infinitas ganas de transmitir de Mon y unavena pasaron demasiado rápidas.

    “Con una capita de estrella en los brazos, un sol nuevo. A veces sienten esas ganas frescas de vivir” unavena

    Aquí os dejamos la última parte de la entrevista, donde podremos hacernos una idea de este fantástico Ultratumba (publicado por áMarxe, Ferror Records y GH Records), que sin duda será uno de los trabajos que dejarán huella en este nuevo 2021 y en nuestro ser más profundo

    Fuente Dark Valencia / Entrevista por Epi Neuraska

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    Trajedesaliva – Ultratumba
    Label: áMARXE – áMARXE0221, Ferror Records – FR-034, Gradual Hate Records – GH 147 CD
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Spain
    Released: Feb 5, 2021
    Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Spoken Word, Experimental, Ambient

    Buy Digital Download → Ultratumba | Trajedesaliva | GH Records (bandcamp.com)

    / / / SOLD OUT / / /

    La más depurada manifestación, por medio de la palabra (y de la música), de los sentimientos, emociones y reflexiones que puede expresar el ser humano en torno a la belleza, el amor, la vida o la muerte

    «Ultratumba» (áMarxe, Ferror Records, GH Records, 2021), our fifth work, is a family dialogue, full of sadness, acceptance and hope, that digs into the origin of melancholy. Recorded using only analogue synthesizers and voice – no sequencers or programming. It’s a piece of pure handcrafted electronica drawing on dark landscapes with the different layers of sound constantly fighting among themselves to stay centrestage. It evokes the sounds of drone and industrial music, but from a very personal perspective, displaying a musicality that transcends both genres.

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    La Fiesta Triste – La Belleza del Óxido

    La Fiesta Triste – La Belleza del Óxido
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2021
    Style: Darkwave, Electro, Techno, Synthwave, Post- Punk

    Tras algunos trabajos auto-producidos, como “Ciudades invisibles” (2000), “Minimalista” (2005), o “Desaparecer” (2019), publicados en CD y plataformas digitales, apuesta en este nuevo disco por el formato vinilo y la producción “Do it yourself” en esta edición, con la colaboración del sello GH Records
    La Fiesta Triste es el proyecto en solitario de Javier Andreu (a.k.a.Fête Triste), músico, productor, diseñador y fotógrafo valenciano. Cursó estudios de música y piano en el Conservatorio. Autodidacta posteriormente al bajo, guitarra eléctrica, batería, sintetizadores y producción musical. Este proyecto surge de las cenizas de otras bandas en las que ha participado (Basura de Eva, VIE y Pronoise).

    Este nuevo disco cierra un ciclo de varios años produciendo y componiendo, y comprende una selección de 8 canciones escogidas de entre un gran número grabadas en estos últimos años. La música, el concepto y el diseño de las portadas, han sido creadasen su totalidad por Fête, excepto “Todos contra todos”una versión libre inspirada en un tema original de Sergio Alfonso (compañero, productor y baterista). El Tema “To Helen” es un homenaje a la literatura romántica de Edgar Allan Poe, y la letra está extraída del poema del autor que lleva el mismo título.

    La mezcla y masterización corren a cargo del productorJosé M.ª Aboga (Redhome Studioshttps://redhomestudios.com/), y el video promocional del tema “Crepuscular” ha sido realizado por la video-artista Lesya Yershova http://www.yershovamind.com/ . Colaboran Avencio Delgado con su sello GH Records https://gh-records.com/ , Jesús CTG (APMV Asociación Promotora Multicultural Valencia / Emergencia Sonora https://emergenciasonora.es/) y Dani Sombra (Dark Valencia http://darkvalencia.com/), colectivos con solera en este tipo de música en la ciudad.

    La Fiesta Triste – La Belleza del Óxido

    “La belleza del óxido”(2021) sugiere una reflexión sobre el paso del tiempo, una metáfora de nuestra efímera existencia. Una visión poética de la corrosión de la piel, del alma, sobre la edad y la muerte, mostrando la belleza que hay en este proceso decadente, tal y como sucede con la oxidación de los metales en su exposición al tiempo y a los elementos.

    El hilo conductor sónico y estético del disco es la referencia al óxido: ruidos, chirridos y metales, que acompañan a las melodías creando un paisajes coloristas que se mezclan con elementos de varios estilos musicales de los que se influencia, como EBM, post-punk, noise, psytrance, post-rock…siempre con un estilo propio muy reconocible, bases electrónicas bailables minimalistas y repetitivas, adornadas con melodías melancólicas de guitarra, bajo y sintetizadores.

    /// ENG ///

    LA FIESTA TRISTE is the solo project of Javier Andreu (a.k.a. Fête Triste), a musician, producer, designer and photographer from Valencia (Spain).
    He studied music and piano at the Official Music School. Later in life he taught himself to bass, electric guitar, drums, synthesizers and music production. This project arises from the ashes of other bands in which he has participated (Basura de Eva, VIE and Pronoise).
    After some self-produced works, such as «Ciudades Invisibles» (2000), «Minimalista» (2005), or «Desaparecer» (2019), published on CD and digital platforms. In this new album Fête bets on the vinyl format and the «Do it yourself» production, with the collaboration of the label GH Records.

    This new album closes a cycle of several years of producing and composing, and comprises a selection of 8 songs chosen from a large number recorded in recent years. The music, the concept, the design of the covers, have been entirely created by Fête, except for “Todos contra todos” a free version inspired by an original song by Sergio Alfonso (producer and drummer). The theme «To Helen» is a tribute to the romantic literature of Edgar Allan Poe, and the lyrics are taken from the author’s poem with the same title.

    Mixing and mastering are carried out by the producer José M.ª Aboga and the promotional video for the song “Crepuscular” has been made by the video artist Lesya Yershova. Avencio Delgado collaborates with his label GH Records, Jesús CTG (APMV Asociación Promotora Multicultural Valencia / Emergencia Sonora https://emergenciasonora.es/) and Dani Sombra (Dark Valencia), collectives with tradition in this type of music in the city.

    “La belleza del óxido /The beauty of rust” (2021) is a reflection of how time goes by, a metaphor for our fleeting existence. A poetic vision of the corrosion of the skin, of the soul, of age and of death, showing the beauty that exists in this decadent process, just as happens with the oxidation of metals in their exposure to time and the elements.
    The sonic and aesthetic thread of the album is the reference to rust: noise, squeaks and metals, which accompany the melodies creating colorful passages that are mixed with elements of various musical styles from which it is influenced, such as EBM, post-punk, noise, psytrance, post-rock … always with his own very recognizable style, which consists of minimalist and repetitive dance electronic bases with melancholic melodies of guitar, bass and synthesizers.

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    / / / ESP / / /

    Formamos trajedesaliva, nuestro proyecto musical y poético, en Vigo, en 1998.

    La nuestra es una música de claroscuros que bebe del ambient, de la experimentación, la electrónica, el gótico. En general, los símbolos que aparecen en nuestras letras tienen que ver con la representación de la complejidad de la experiencia femenina, con elementos tradicionales de cuentos, canciones y motivos típicamente siniestros.

    En nuestras historias hay mal fortunios (pobreza, locura, enfermedad, muerte, pérdida del objeto amado y de vínculos familiares), presagios, incertidumbres, lesiones, heridas, amputaciones, pesadillas, deseo y temor por la realización de fantasías ocultas y caos bajo objetos o personas cotidianos.

    “Ultratumba”, nuestro quinto trabajo en proceso de grabación, es un disco árido, bello y tenso; está escrito como un cuentecillo negro, con una mezcla de episodios más densos y otros más ligeros, folklóricos, que explican el origen del sentimiento melancólico. Hay aldea gallega, familia, vecinos, imágenes religiosas y elementos naturales, siempre velados por una tela de terror. Hay también en este disco una bajada al pozo de la memoria y una sensación de ciclo.

    trajedesaliva somos Mon Ninguén (música) y unavena (poesía, voz).

    / / / ENG / / /

    In trajedesaliva we make music of light and shade, drawn from a dark, experimental, electronic and gothic landscape.
    Our lyrics generally address the complexity of the female experience, and the chaos underlying everyday people and situations.

    Fuente Galicia Tunes

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    El Ultimo Sol

    El Último Sol ‎– Entre Mundos
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 146 CD, Soliferro ‎– none
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 30 Jan 2021
    Style: Neofolk, Nordic

    / / / ESP / / /

    El Ultimo Sol es un encuentro entre mundos.

    Un cruce de caminos entre realidades, vibraciones y sonidos, donde lo antiguo, el pasado y el presente, se unen formando un espacio sin tiempo.
    El tiempo se diluye creando un círculo sagrado.
    Para nosotros es un vínculo íntimo y personal, una relación con lo salvaje, con lo mistérico de este mundo aparentemente corriente, y de otros mundos ocultos a la vista, y que convergen en un mismo punto, en un mismo instante.
    Un oasis en medio de una vida que empuja a correr, a no tener tiempo para sentir.
    Un lugar donde todo se detiene para reconectar con lo esencial, con lo primitivo e instintivo, volviendo al origen.

    En este proyecto están involucrados Gemma A. y Daniel P.Daniel P. es miembro fundador de Arnica, Wihinei Rita, Ghazghkull y colaborador tanto en estudio como en directo con bandas como Death In June, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Traum´er Leben, entre otros.

    / / / ENG / / /

    EL ULTIMO SOL is a encounter between worlds.
    A cross roads between realities, vibrations and sounds, where the old, the past and the present come together to form a time less space.

    Time is diluted creating a sacred circle.
    For usitisan intimate and personal link, a relation ship with the wild, with the mysterious of this apparently ordinary world, and of other worlds hidden from view, and that converge at the same point, at the same moment.
    An oasis in the middle of a life that pushes you to run, to not have time to feel.
    A place where everything stops to reconnect with the essential, with the primitive and instinctive, returning to the origin.

    In this project Gemma A. and Daniel P. are involved.Daniel P. is founding member of Arnica, Wihinei Rita, Ghazghkull, and collaborator both in studio and live with bands such as Death In June, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Traum´er Leben, among others.