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The sacred texts indicate that during Jesus’ crucifixion his blood was collected in a cup by Joseph of Arimathea. After being released from prison, he took the chalice to a mysterious place, a mythical island where it was built the first castle and was created the order of The protectors of the Holy Grail.

Is this just a myth or a metaphysics truth? The search of the Graal existed and exists in the present time; from Asia to America, and there are many who say they have it in churches or museums. A grail. Thousand grails.

THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails – delves into the myths around the sacred chalice: since its creation from a detached emerald gem of Lucifer, to the extravagant court of King Arthur, passing by the enigmatic Argentinean Patagonia, where there would be buried next to the body of the Knight Parsifal.

Old enigmas. Contemporary enigmas. All are looking for the Holy Grail, the magic object that can immortalize the body and soul of the one who has it

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