Puissance – Grace Of God

Label: Equilibrium Music – EQM017
Format: CD, Album, Enhanced
Country: Portugal
Released: 31 Jan 2007
Style:Modern Classical, Industrial, Ambient

The cogwheels on the Puissance warmachine are back to work, as defiant and innovative as ever. “Grace of God” re-invents the current notion of Martial-Pop, with their own superior combination of sumptuous Neo-Classical and Industrial music.

Three years after “State Collapse”, the cogwheels on the Puissance-warmachine have been fine-tuned and put to work again, in a crushing motion that seems to be as defiant and innovative as ever. Forerunners in blending post-Industrial soundscapes with seemingly Wagnerian inspired classical scores, the Swedish duo’s controversial portrayal of human life often tends to raise a mix of conflicting feelings towards them.

In keeping with such tradition, this return by Puissance serves as a lucid statement on current world affairs. In Soderlund’s own words, “"Grace of God”is partially meant as a commentary on contemporary events both social and political. Our goal is to inform yet retain a poetic undertone to frame our analysis of world politics and objectives. This album focus heavily on the foreign policy of western civilizations particularly inspired by neoconservatives and other proponents of economically based genocides in third world countries. Rather than subscribing to any political agenda, Puissance stands out as artists against the political and financial motives that have led up to numerous unresolvable conflicts that are on the verge of plunging us into the third world war.“

Musically, "Grace of God” could well be referred to as a re-definition of the currently over-abused Martial-Pop term, yet Puissance’s own superior combination of sumptuous Neo-Classical and Industrial elements raises any potential Pop anthem to an entirely distinct level. More melodic and vocal-oriented than before, this latest opus also comes to expose a more rhythmic approach that had been hinted at in previous releases, but which has now morphed into a powerful and relentless driving force in Söderlund and Möller’s compositions. Compellingly militant as well as beautifully apocalyptic, “Grace of God” finds Puissance in top form, presenting a fine compendium of all bits and pieces that the band have been flirting with throughout their career and incorporating them in a unique style which will again set new standards, as they have been known to do in previous outputs. 

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