Soundtrack for a tribute to Ungern Khan, to his fight against the world born from the French Revolution and to his attempt to establish a Traditional order in the whole of Eurasia.

A great mix of electronic, boombastic martial, neofolk, post-industrial and post-atomic music.

10 tracks plus a special video-track.
Featuring a wide range of special guests like:
Strydwolf, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Front Sonore, Suverana, Valerio Orlandini, Foresta di Ferro, Porta Vittoria, Le Cose Bianche, Corazzata Valdemone, voices from A. Dugin, C. Mutti and one text by the poet Boris Nad.
Final mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’ Être).
Plus a special 3D video-track by Ro So Matix.

1. The Fourth Political Theory 7:47
Featuring – Barbarossa Umtrunk

2. Beasts, Men And Gods 2:35
Featuring – Strydwolf

3. Palestina (Al Maut Li Israel War Mix) 5:00

4. I Cancelli Di Agarttha 4:08
Featuring – Suveräna

5. Ungern Khan, Le Cavalier Du Vril 5:30
Featuring – 

6. Spiritual Struggle 7:43
Remix – Porta Vittoria Vocals – Lisa P. Duse

7. Itaca 4:14
Lyrics By – Boris Nad

8. Il Mantra Del Re Del Mondo (Om Mani Padme Hum) 4:11

9. Against The Post – Modern World 4:19
Synth – L.C.B.

10. “Nihil Sine Deo” Inside The Hollow Earth 6:13
Featuring – Valerio Orlandini

Video: 11. I Cancelli Di Agarttha (Video Track – 3D Animation By “Ro So Matix”)

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