TSIDMZ – René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale

TSIDMZ – René Guénon Et La Tradition Primordiale
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Format: CD, Album, Digipack
Country: Italy
Released: 2015
Style: Industrial, Neofolk, Modern Classical

The third album in the Tsidmz trilogy after “Pax Deorum Hominumque” and “Ungern Von Sternberg Khan”.

TSIDMZ (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) – René Guénon et la Tradition Primordiale

This is a tribute to René Guénon and to the law based on the principle of the unity.
A great mix of ethnic industrial, boombastic martial, folk and medieval music.

Featuring a wide range of special guests like: Sonnenkind , Stefania Domiziana L’Effet C’Est Moi , Gregorio Bardini, Barbarossa Umtrunk , TheWyrm Band Folk , Porta Vittoria , Lorenzo Gasparella and Hoplites.

For this album the lyrics have been taken and reworked from various Guénon’s writings and are available through the TSIDMZ’S web channels in 5 different cards, designed by Raimondo Gaviano ( Svart1 )

All the songs have been mixed at Tetsuo studio except “Brahma”: voice recorded and mixed by Cecco Cropcircle at Creative Fields studios.

Final mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’Être).



  1. Ewigkeit im Saltarello
  2. Brahma
  3. Ost und West
  4. La Crise du Monde Moderne
  5. Simbolos de la Ciencia Sagrada
  6. La Vérité Totale
    … ET ACTIO
  7. La Rosa e il Cuore
  8. Le Démiurge
  9. Estasi Divina
  10. Iniziazione

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