Kazeria [KZ] ‎– Credo Nostrvm

Kazeria [KZ] ‎– Credo Nostrvm
Label: Twilight Records ‎– TW 1.56
Format: CD, Album
Country: Argentina
Released: 2009
Style: Dark Ambient, Military, Industrial, Neofolk

KAZERIA [KZ] means “Hunt” in Spanish. 

This is a solo project started and leaded by argentinean composer [S] since 2008. 

“Credo Nostrvm” (“Our Creed”), has nine tracks inscribed onto a martial, neofolk, neoclassical and dark ambient combination, dealing with some themes that represents [KZ] main topics:
the meaning of glory, decadence, eternity, struggle, occult and sacred symbols of forgotten times.
[S] spouts out a harsh vision about reality, which could be understood as “active nihilism”. This is its way to relate to this current decaying age which, in [S] words, “must be overcome”.
The Hunt has begun… If you are fan of THOROID , WAPPENWUND or TRIARII….you will love KZ.

1 Credo Nostrvm (5:58)
2 Der Fall Der Götter (7:45)
3 De Sacrvm Mysteriis (7:22)
4 Let Blood Rain (6:44)
5 Die Dämmerung Der Schwerter (7:38)
6 Inner War / Holiest War (9:06)
7 Pride Of The Ancient Ones (7:17)
8 Evrasia Rising (6:48)
9 Rotten Battlefield (14:21)

Buy: http://www.gh-records.com/72-kazeria-credo-nostrum.html

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