• Los Sonidos del Rito

    Desde 2006 y a lo largo de los últimos quince años, el Incubismo surge y resurge de la mezcla de elementos estéticos, filosóficos y culturales que flotan y vuelan sobre un humus contradictorio y extraño. Su misión es desfigurar y transfigurar símbolos, ideas y objetos de la anodina cotidianeidad.

    El Incubismo es una meta y un proceso. Objeto fractal. Grimorio fallido.

    El Incubismo fue, es y será.

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    «Los Sonidos del Rito» es un compendio y un inquietante legado de quince años de Incubismo, interpretado por escultores sonoros como Fluor (Fuente Luminica Universal Oscuridad Recíproca), Darío Martínez, Djinn7 y Avral. Sus obras habitan promiscuamente con los textos incubistas de Diego Arandojo.

    Paisajes postindustriales, música concreta, electrónica experimental, ruidismo y atisbos de post-rock y shoegaze. Cada pista significa una comunión con la suciedad y la trascendencia. Cada sonido y cada palabra reflejan la monstruosidad que un incubo seductor y horrendo impregna en el incauto testigo / oyente / lector de la obra incubista.

    Una cruel invitación a descender, gozar y sufrir.

    Arte como Rito.
    Magia y Estética.

    Pistas 1 y 2 son parte de “Ciclo de Thule” (2006) incluido en “Trilogía Incubica” (DVD/CD, 2011) editado por GH Records.

    Pistas 3 y 4 son parte de “El Panóptico del Incubo” (2006) incluido en “Trilogía Incubica” (DVD/CD, 2011) editado por GH Records.

    Pistas 5 y 6 son parte de “Opus 23” (2007) incluido en “Trilogía Incubica” (DVD/CD, 2011) editado por GH Records.

    Pista 7 es inédita y fue compuesta en 2009.

    Pista 8 fue incluida en la “Las Playa de los Muertos” (2019), edición digital de Incubico Sonoro: incubicosonoro.bandcamp.com/album/la-playa-de-los-muertos

    Pista 9 fue incluida en “Trilogía I: El Goce del Silencio” (2019), edición digital por Incubico Sonoro (2019): incubicosonoro.bandcamp.com/album/avral-el-goce-del-silencio-trilog-a-i

    Pista 10 es inédita y fue compuesta en 2008 y remasterizada en 2021.

    Since 2006 and over the last fifteen years, Incubismo arises and resurfaces from the mixture of aesthetic, philosophical and cultural elements that float and fly on a contradictory and strange humus. Its mission is to disfigure and transfigure symbols, ideas and objects of nondescript everyday life.

    Incubismo is a goal and a process. Fractal object. Failed grimoire.

    Incubismo was, is and will be.

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    «Los Sonidos del Rito» (The Sounds of the Rite) is a compendium and a disturbing legacy of fifteen years of Incubismo, performed by sound sculptors such as Fluor (Fuente Luminica Universal Oscuridad Recíproca), Darío Martínez, Djinn7 and Avral. Their works inhabit promiscuously with the incubist texts of Diego Arandojo.

    Post-industrial landscapes, concrete music, experimental electronic, noise and glimpses of post-rock and shoegaze. Every track means a communion with dirt and transcendence. Every sound and every word reflect the monstrosity that a seductive and horrendous incubus impregnate in the unsuspecting witness / listener / reader of the incubist work.

    A cruel invitation to descend, enjoy and suffer.

    Art like Rite.
    Magick and Aesthetics.

    Tracks 1 and 2 are part of “Ciclo de Thule” (2006) included in “Trilogía Incubica” (DVD / CD, 2011) issued by GH Records.

    Tracks 3 and 4 are part of «El Panóptico del Incubo» (2006) included in «Trilogía Incubica» (DVD / CD, 2011) issued by GH Records.

    Tracks 5 and 6 are part of “Opus 23” (2007) included in “Trilogía Incubica” (DVD / CD, 2011) issued by GH Records.

    Track 7 is previously unreleased and composed in 2009.

    Track 8 was included in “Las Playa de los Muertos” (2019), digital edition by Incubico Sonoro: incubicosonoro.bandcamp.com/album/la-playa-de-los-muertos

    Track 9 was included in “Trilogy I: El Goce del Silencio” (2019), digital edition by Incubico Sonoro (2019): incubicosonoro.bandcamp.com/album/avral-el-goce-del-silencio-trilog-a-i

    Track 10 is previously unreleased. Composed in 2008 and remastered in 2021.

    Todos los textos son de Diego Arandojo.
    Material compilado y masterizado por Fluor y Darío Martínez.

    All texts by Diego Arandojo.
    Compilated and masterized by Fluor and Darío Martínez.

  • Kazeria – Live in Madrid

    The eternal city. Full of symbols and their perennial meanings.
    Through the ages, Madrid became a primordial knot of cultures and civilizations. And a witness of their rise and fall, their clashes and their broken swords. Stone upon a stone. Blood by blood. Tragedy and faith. Those who follow Kazeria know that Spain and its historical and spiritual legacy are inspiring to my work.

    This recording collects the first Kazeria concert in Madrid as well as in Europe, held on last January, 24th. It was taken with the rusticity of a live ambience recording and edited into a single track to reflect the spirit of the performance and interaction with a kind and comitted audience. No «hi-fi» edition nor overdub technics. Just a climatic and ritual aura for a great evening. The album also includes «Gladium Spiritus», a track specially composed for the occasion, and some pics.

    I want to express my gratitude to the great friends in Espacio Palma 38 / Rara Avis (Jorge, Claudia, Rafa and crew) for putting their effort and profesionalism in arranging all things up. Same goes to GH Records for promoting the gig and also to everyone involved with it. Honour and thanks to all these kindred spirits.

    Jan. 2020.