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    Phurpa ‎– Ya Tog Rid Pa’i Gyer

    Phurpa – Ya Tog Rid Pa’i Gyer
    Label: Zoharum ‎– ZOHAR 145-2
    Format: 2 × CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Poland
    Released: 03 Jul 2017
    Style: Overtone Singing, Drone, Experimental

    This double album is the successor to the previous release entitled “Chöd” from nearly a year ago. The new release shows how Phurpa constantly transforms itself through their own musical exploration as well as personal spiritual development. Apart from intensive concerts, its members are famous for their long meditation trainings/sessions. This constant movement, the exploration of various techniques and discovering new inspirations in eastern culture makes Phurpa musicians more and more eager to use traditional instruments in addition to their distinctive “rgyud-skad” singing, thus enriching the already familiar formula. By emphasizing the sacred and spiritual nature of their activity, they seek to enrich it in such a way that the listener can find the novum, bearing in mind that not only the aesthetic but very spiritual world of the ancient deities of the Bön tradition is particularly important. The title, referring to the magical quest for the universe, should set the direction for the interpretation, or be merely a pretext or an invitation to this mystical journey.

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    Shibalba / Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar – Yang Trol Lé

    hibalba / Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar – Yang Trol Lé
    Label: Nihilward Productions ‎– NAUGHT27
    Format: CD, Limited Edition
    Country: Ukraine
    Released: 05 Apr 2017
    Style: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental

    «Yang Trol Lé» is merging the primordial energies of Shibalba / Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-khar into the physical manifestation of a limited digipack CD edition, featuring new artwork & three songs from each act, with a total play time of 50 minutes.


    1. Shibalba – Mantras of the Lotus-Eyed God
    2. Shibalba ft. Of Earth And Sun – Anantashesha
    3. Shibalba – Hymn To The Climbing Scarab
    4. Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar – Samantabhadra
    5. Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar – Shama
    6. Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar – Sangye Menla

    Having its inspiration in tibetan spirituality & other ancient aesthetics, the union between Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar offers a transcendent ritual experience for supporting the path to the natural liberation of the soul.

    Alone In The Hollow Garden: chanting, throat singing, amplified strings, kantele, metal percussion, kangling, mey ney & pungi flutes, damaru, rol-mo, tibetan bells & gongs.

    Nam-Khar: analogue synthesizers, drones, textures, effects, rhythm programming.

    All rituals channeled, performed & recorded by Alone In he Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar MMXVI. Mixing, mastering, cover drawings & artwork by A.I.T.H.G.

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    Halo Manash ‎– Unetar

    Halo Manash ‎– Unetar
    Label: Aural Hypnox ‎– AHUE08
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Country: Finland
    Released: 08 Oct 2019
    Style: Abstract, Dark Ambient, Ambient

    All audio material on this album originates from the “Tulitania” private ritual held in the deepest forest of Northern Ostrobothnia in December 2006.

    “Unetar”, an entity awakening after a decade-long hibernation was evoked by Anti Ittna H. in the somniferous Katajan Kaiku studio during January and March 2016. The album’s opening track «Unetar» also features a spectral appearance of JKV captured on tape right after the ritual in 2006.

    The first two liminal hymns were weaved together on the night of Total Solar Eclipse, 9th of March 2016. This CD edition also includes the original “Tulitania” version, that previously appeared on the «Desert Space» compilation album released by Tosom 2007.

    The album is enclosed in an oversized, screen printed covers including three insert cards. Limited to 400 copies.

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/home/2375-halo-manash-unetar.html

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    Aural Hypnox ‎– Underworld Transmissions
    Label: Aural Hypnox ‎– AHUE09
    Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Country: Finland
    Released: 08 Oct 2019
    Style: Abstract, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone

    Underworld Transmissions was Aural Hypnox label series, filmed and captured on tape in the private séances held in our subterranean lodge located in Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia.

    The concept was to invite artists from the Helixes collective, in different combinations, to join a séance and to establish through sound and movement an elemental communication. In greater sense, apart from personal goals, these séances aimed to bring forth the seasonal currents of the lodge; the undertone of the Aural Hypnox label and the artists involved.

    Each séance was guided by a unique automatic-portal-portrait reflecting the planetary and stellar distances seen at that particular time in the lodge altar mirror-receiver.

    All audio was captured live on tape by using binaural recording technique. Films were captured during séances and also in the preceding and subsequent sessions that took place in Other Rooms and in the surrounding wilderness.

    The candles have been extinguished; transmissions completed.

    Underworld Transmissions CD edition is housed in an oversized, screen printed cardboard covers and includes a 16-page xeroxed booklet. Limited to 150 copies.

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    Ain Soph ‎– Finis Gloriæ Mundi

    Ain Soph ‎– Finis Gloriæ Mundi
    Label: Old Europa Cafe ‎– OECD 256
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2018
    Style: Industrial, Ambient, Chanson, Experimental

    Long time in the making.
    16 years after OKTOBER and 26 after the seminal AURORA here comes the 3rd part of AIN SOPH trilogy on the «Modern World».
    Six surprising and very mature tracks.
    Sounds range from Velvet Undergound’isch Psychedelya to Dark-industrial, from European Cabaret to Beating-Danceable rythms, from Crooner songs to Esoteric-Ritual…
    But most of all the entire album has this unique «magic and spiritual» feeling that only AIN SOPH can create.
    Special guests:
    Vocals on «Ombre nel Silenzio» by Dara de Morte
    Vocals on «God is at Home» by Annabel Moynihan

    Digipak including folding booklet with all texts and notes and 4 inserts with full colour paintings of the 4 Archangels.

    1. Vanità
    2. Ombre nel Silenzio
    3. Figli di Nessuno
    4. God is at Home
    5. Screams from the Abyss
    6. L’Angelo Sterminatore – Il Settimo Sigillo

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/noise/2009-ain-soph-finis-gloriae-mundi.html

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    Franck Vigroux ‎– Totem

    Franck Vigroux ‎– Totem
    Label: Aesthetical ‎– none
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Germany
    Released: 24 May 2019
    Style: Ambient, Noise, Techno, Experimental

    New full length album by one of France’s most singular contemporary composer. Reflecting on ancient culture’s use and reverence for emblematic monuments which most often represent myths and stories, the album’s narrative has been infused with such symbolic and depicts an envisioned mythology, unfolding through it’s 10 aural pieces. Franck Vigroux‘s music is unique and comprised of tectonic tension, pulsating rhythms and abrasive analog textures like few can produce. Applying his own calculated personal signature in his sonic explorations his distinctiveness comes not only by his unique approach to sound but also by his incorporation of new media practices and performing arts into his A/V work.
    Mastering by Denis Blackham.
    Cover Photography by Emile Barret, model Armand Yerly / 2010

    Double Vinyl Edition of 500 copies in matt laminated Gatefold Sleeve.
    10 Tracks. Running Time 55:10. UPC: 0694536562578 BUY

    CD Edition of 500 copies in matt laminated 4 panel Digipak.
    10 Tracks. Running Time 55:10. UPC: 0694536562585 BUY

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    Caroline K ‎– Now Wait For Last Year

    Caroline K ‎– Now Wait For Last Year

    Label: Old Captain ‎– OCCD35
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Ukraine
    Released: Dec 2017
    Style: Experimental, Ambient

    Masterpiece of experimental electronic music commemorating 30 years since its first release in 1987! “She was unique. Had a bad time in her childhood, her later years were never comfortable. But somehow she got an intensity, feeling of direction. Anything she didn’t know, she just learnt it. Awful history in the countryside, then in London, carrying the banner against injustices. I was in the studio many times with her, the single mindedness. Brilliant technician. Long time before sampling took hold, Caroline had 4-track loops, proper innovation. A bit insecure, had to be in a band (natural for the period) to begin, but when she got on her own, I honestly think her material is up with the best classical musicians, with rock’n’roll – just listen.”- by Danny Ayers, Nocturnal Emission, husband of Caroline K. Limited to 300 copies in a 4-panel matte-laminated black & white Digipak.

    Arranged By, Composed By, Performer [Played By], Producer, Recorded By – Caroline K
    Executive-Producer [Executive Production For Original Release], Remastered By [Vinyl Tracks Remastered For CD] – Nigel Ayers
    Design [Uncredited] – Mauro Berchi

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/dark-ambient/1938-caroline-k-now-wait-for-last-year.html

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    Occulte ‎– Rock N’ Roll

    Occulte ‎– Rock N’ Roll

    Label: OPN ‎– OPNCD0028
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: France
    Released: 16 Mar 2015
    Style: Ambient, Speech, Experimental

    Invoked in midsummer 2012, OCCULTE is a new French musical and esoteric experience, conducted by HAL (aka DJ Alexida) & RH (aka Rose Hreidmarr), based on improvisation, automatic writing, deep atmospheres, and modified states of consciousness. OCCULTE is inspired by stars, moons, skies, and by what hides in the woods and megalopolises’ suburbs.

    And power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/noise/1918-occulte-rock-n-roll.html

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    From Corners Unknown

    From Corners Unknown

    Metal and Dark Ambient Webzine: Interviews, reviews, artist conversations, and podcasts


    In episode eight we discuss the engulfing and monolithic drones on Nachtstücke from dark ambient artist HIEMIS, the melodic tides of From Harbour’s crushing hardcore debut Fatigue, and the atmospheric yet utterly chaotic split between microcosmys and La Torture Des Ténèbres titled THE GODS THEMSELVES.

    We dedicate this episode to Caleb Scofield, vocalist and bassist of Cave In, Zozobra, and Old Gloom, who tragically passed away a couple of weeks ago. May he rest in forever lasting peace.

    Thank you so much for listening and your continued support. Let us know what you think about each of these releases below and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes


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    Contemplatron, Shentz ‎– His Master’s Voice

    Label: Wrotycz Records ‎– WRT 025
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Poland
    Released: 2016
    Style: Ambient

    ‘APOCRYPHICAL SOUNDTRACK FOR THE BOOK OF ST. LEM’ – This dark ambient album is based on ‘His Master’s Voice’ (or ‘Glos Pana’ in Polish), a science fiction novel written by Stanislaw Lem, first published in 1968. It is a densely philosophical story about an effort by scientists to decode, translate and understand an extraterrestrial transmission. The novel critically approaches humanity’s intelligence and intentions in deciphering and truly comprehending a message from outer space.

    His Master’s Voice (original Polish title: Glos Pana) is a science fiction novel written by Stanislaw Lem, first published in 1968. It is a densely phliosophical first contact story about an effort by scientists to decode, translate and understand an extraterrestrial transmission. The novel critically approaches humanity’s intelligence and intentions in deciphering and truly comprehending a message from outer space.

    Human beings should accept some humility. Sometimes we face phenomena the essence of which we are unable to understand. Even if we are equipped with the most modern scientific apparatus and knowledge we are incapable of resolving whether they are accidental or intentional. Newton once said that with respect to nature we are just children playing with shells on the seashore.

    In memory of Stanislaw Lem 1921-2006

    Buy: 13 € http://gh-records.com/1551-contemplatron-shentz-his-master-s-voice.html

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