1 – L’Enemic Interior from Coàgul & Cadena by Coàgul,Cadena / bit.ly/2QfkYw5
    2 – The Business Isn’t Going Really Badly from Mynationshit by Mynationshit / bit.ly/35ieb97
    3 – Ven, ARRUTAC from ARRUTAC by Diego Arandojo,Van Delaybit.ly/2MLs1L8
    4 – Particles Of God from Ego Vox by First Human Ferro from Ostarbeiter / bit.ly/2SKBVjI
    5 – Epilogo: Come Pegno Per Un Nuovo Inizio from Counter​-​Tradition Report by T​.​S​.​I​.​D​.​M​.​Z. (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) & GE-STELL / feat. Giovanni Leonardi (Voice) & Lyrics by Xeno / bit.ly/2ML43zj
    6 – Grassa Dato – Repulsion from Grassa Dato & Matatus by Matatus,Grassa Dato / bit.ly/2QgpV7O
    7 – The Act of Contrition from The Broken Urn by In Meditarivmbit.ly/2MLSmst
    8 – Cabeza borradora from An Industrial Tribute to Eraserhead by Mary X bit.ly/39zev79
    9 – Germinal from The Anthropic Principle by Anatomia De Vanitatsbit.ly/36gZZhY
    10 – Aquí la Voz de Europa from Noblese Oblige by The Wyrm & Legión Arcangelbit.ly/37j8hpU

    Original Sounds From GH Recordswww.gh-records.com /
    * Cover photo: Duane Hanson-supermarket lady

  • Anatomia De Vanitats

    ANATOMIA DE VANITATS Is a Dark Ambient project by Mercé Spica (from ELDAR INDUSTRIAL)
    Created in 2012 the concept of this project is based on Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient and experimental sounds.
    A dissection of vice teacher: The vanity of humanity in your positive manifestation makes it grow and progress immeasurable vanity is despotic and destructive, is the seed of all evil.

    Mercé Spica begins in 1998 collaborating on project of Experimental /Electronic music as VETTIUS VALENS or years later in BELAUR. In 2009, already defined as a fixed component in ELDAR which lends his voice, lyrics and playing live In early 2013 and his Dark Ambient solo project ANATOMIA DE VANITATS signed with Cryo Chamber/Tesco where released his first album “The Anthropic Principle” and in GH Records in “physical” format



    Anatomia De Vanitats – The Anthropic Principle

    The Anthropic Principle by Anatomia De Vanitats