• La Noche de los Candiles 2022

    La Noche de los Candiles 2022 será el día 30 de Abril, Sábado.
    Almócita (Almería) Alpujarra Almeriense.
    Bandas :
    Crystalmoors (Dark Folk, Celtiberian)
    El Último Sol(Ambient Dark Folk)
    Doom of Valyria (Folk, Rock)
    Trobar de Morte (Neo-Folk, Darkwave)
    Túa (Celtic, Folk)
    Organiza: Almócita Ayuntamiento / Guadalinfo Almócita y
    GH Records / + info: gradualhate.info/?cat=912
    1 – CRYSTALMOORS / Bisontes de Piedra
    2 – El Último Sol – El Canto del Autillo
    3 – Doom of Valyria – Sons of the North
    doomofvalyria.bandcamp.com/music )
    4 – Trobar de Morte – The Pagan Way
    5 – Túa (Live)
    www.surefolk.es/artistas-surefolk/tua/ )
  • Hekate – Goddess

    Hekate – Goddess

    Label: Auerbach Tonträger ‎– AB 011
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Germany
    Released: 11 Oct 2004
    Style: Neofolk

    European myths and legends meet experimental (Neo-) Folk

    On their third album “Goddess” (2004), Hekate take a look at various European myths and folktales and deal with e.g. the legends of Morgana le Fay, Montségur, Barbarossa, or the ancient bull cult of Crete. Music-wise, they create a successful mixture of classic Folk, medieval melodies, and modern elements, all linked by the drum-parts ranging from magic-ritualistic to classical-orchestral and trance-electronic. The rhythms and the vocals of Susanne Grosche and Axel Menz are the main features of this mature album recorded with an array of diverse instruments (gongs, kettledrums, drums, percussive devices, hurdy-gurdy, guitars, and glockenspiel).

    Buy: http://www.gh-records.com/1735-hekate-goddess.html