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    King Dude – Death (Vinyl, 12, White)

    King Dude – Death (Vinyl, 12, White)
    Label: Ván – Van355v
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo, White Vinyl
    Country: Germany & Switzerland
    Released: Sep 16, 2022
    Style: Neofolk, Psychedelic Rock

    Full-colored gatefold jacket with cut-out, inside-out print and UV lacquer
    Flooded black inside
    2-sided DIN A2 poster
    Insert with illustrations and UV lacquer
    Download insert
    Poly-lined inner-sleeve
    White vinyl
    Plastic protection sleeve

    I’ve always planned on ending King Dude with Death.
    started out writing and recording these songs in my bedroom with no intention of anyone other than my roommates hearing them. I certainly didn’t plan on releasing ten albums. Shortly after my first the success of my two EPs I knew that King Dude had the potential to become a problem for me. I worried the meager success I was experiencing could end up luring me into the trap of making King Dude records for the rest of my life.
    So in order to avoid that fate I planned out the rest of every King Dude album from that point on, ultimately deciding that four of the records should work as companions pieces to one another. Those four albums are Love, Fear, Sex and now finally Death. So as you can clearly see I’ve already made up my mind in this matter. Ten years ago. And there’s nothing I can do to change it without lying to myself about what my life is. Death fulfills the pact I made with my former self and sets me free from acts of repetition and stagnation.
    It’s a necessary, beautiful thing.

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    Lume (Eloy Platas) ‎– Faino Ti Mesmo

    Lume (Eloy Platas) ‎– Faino Ti Mesmo
    Label: Ferror Records ‎– FR-016, Batir Records ‎– BR-06, Contubernio Records ‎– CRLP125, Lusco e Fusco ‎– FF02
    Format: Vinyl, LP
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2019
    Style: Experimental, Ambient


    Lume es tradición musical gallega en pleno siglo XXI.
    Desde el absoluto respeto a los originales pero basándose en métodos electroacústicos, electricidad y ruido, Lume es un pequeño repaso a las canciones que pasaron de generación en generación dentro de la cultura del noroeste peninsular en los últimos siglos. De forma hipnótica, influenciada por el drone, el ruidismo y otras músicas de carácter experimental, Lume invita al oyente a conocer las canciones y piezas de toda la vida interpretadas de forma no convencional.

    Compuesto, arreglado e interpretado por Eloy Platas.
    Grabado en los estudios T-37 por Eduardo N’gongo.
    Mezclado en los estudios Linneo 2 por Eloy Platas.
    Mastrizado en los estudios Sonoplan por Ángel Álvarez.


    Lume é tradición musical galega en pleno século XXI.
    Dende o absoluto respeto ós orixinais pero baseándose en métodos electroacústicos, electricidade e ruido, Lume é un pequeno repaso ás cancións que pasaron de xeración en xeración dentro da cultura do noroeste peninsular nos últimos séculos. Cun xeitohipnótico, influenciado polo drone, o ruidismo e outras músicas de carácter experimental, Lume convida o ouvinte a coñecer as cancións e pezas de toda a vida interpretadas dunha forma non convencional.

    Composto, arranxado e interpretado por Eloy Platas.
    Gravado nos estudios T-37 por Eduardo N’gongo.
    Misturado nos estudios Linneo 2 por Eloy Platas.
    Masterizado nos estudios Sonoplan por Ángel Álvarez.


    Lume is Galician musical tradition right in the XXI century.
    With an absolute respect to the originals but based on electroacustic methods, electricity and noise, Lume is a short summary of songs that went from generation to generation in the northwest peninsular culture over the last centuries. In a hiptonic way, influenced by drone, noisism and other experimental music forms, Lume invites the listener to get to know these songs and all time pieces interpreted in a non conventional way.

    Composed, arranged and performed by Eloy Platas.
    Recorded at T-37 studios by Eduardo N’gongo.
    Mixed at Linneo 2 studios by Eloy Platas.
    Mastered at Sonoplan studios by Ángel Álvarez.

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    Death In June – Abandon Tracks!

    Death In June – Abandon Tracks!
    Label: New European Recordings – BAD VCCD49
    Format: CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Country: UK
    Released: Jun 20, 2017
    Style: Industrial, Experimental, Neofolk

    THE CONCRETE FOUNTAIN. (instrumental)

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    Backworld ‎– Sacred & Profane Songs

    Backworld ‎– Sacred & Profane Songs
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records ‎– DV90
    Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered
    Released: 24 Jul 2020
    Style: Neofolk

    for fans of : Current 93 / Of The Wand & The Moon / Sol Invictus
    Neo / Psychedelic Folk
    13 tracks, 6-panel eco-digifile, lim. Edition of 500 copies

    BACKWORLD are known to most people from the World Serpent era, when they were the most famous representatives of Neo / Psychedelic Folk together with Current 93, Death In June and Sol Invictus. In the period from 1996 to 2011 they released 7 albums, and since then nothing new has been heard from them. On «Sacred & Profane Songs» Joseph Budenholzer has now selected 11 songs from this era, polished them all up in the studio and at the same time had them carefully remastered by Bobby Bachinger.
    In addition, there are two new tracks that Joseph recorded especially for this album in late 2019 ( In This New Dark Age & Love and Its Disintegration).

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    Death In June ‎– The Snow Bunker

    Death In June ‎– The Snow Bunker Tapes
    Label: New European Recordings ‎– BAD VCCD56
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: US
    Released: 21 Mar 2013
    Style: Neofolk

    ‘The Snow Bunker Tapes’ are the original guitar/Totenpop versions of the thirteen songs that became the ‘Peaceful Snow’ album.

    ‘The Snow Bunker Tapes’ were recorded between December 2009 and July 2010 at Big Sound Studios, Adelaide, Australia, and are the original recordings that were given to Miro Snejdr to transcribe onto his piano. They eventually became the ‘Peaceful Snow’ album, which was released on 9 November, 2010.

    Although these songs were recorded in a studio setting, no track is as sonically “built” as most Death In June songs are. There are no samples, multi-tracked vocals, effects or even percussion, and studio editing has been kept to a minimum so you can hear talking between some tracks.

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    Death In June ‎– The World That Summer

    Death In June ‎– The World That Summer
    Label: Nerus ‎– BAD VCCD9
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: US
    Released: 2013
    Style: New Wave, Industrial, Neofolk

    «Recorded between 195-86 at Alaska Studios, London.
    All tracks re-mastered by Dave Lokan at Big Sound Studios, April 2006.»
    David Tibet [Christ 777]

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    The Wyrm – The Wyrm

    The Wyrm – The Wyrm
    Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH 105 CD
    Format: CDr, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 24 Oct 2010
    Style: Military, Industrial, Neofolk, Ambient

    Buy Digital Download → The Wyrm | The Wyrm | GH Records (bandcamp.com)

    / / / SOLD OUT / / /

    The Wyrm as a musical project born in 2002 as a result of terrorist coverage (from the artistic standpoint) of Plagiarism is Art, the thematic line songs, to be: forgotten traditional customs, extreme nationalism, witchcraft and paganism.
    The Wyrm navigates between gender Darkfolk and Martial eventually take center stage by offering a host of clear-cut musical folk instruments.

    «A mediados-finales de los noventa estuve tocando en varios grupos de amigos como vocalista o haciendo performances. Sobre el año 2000 (bastante tarde, todo hay que decirlo) conozco todo lo que había hasta el momento de cuatro bandas grandes que me marcarán y me siguen marcando a día de hoy a la hora de componer como son, Blood Axis y su Gospel of inhumanity, Los primeros trabajos de Der Blutharsch (concretamente, un video de un directo en una especie de parking donde había desde punkis con cresta, góticos y paneuropeos) Death in June y sobre todo Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud. Es entonces que decido hacer mi propio grupo y que este aune todas estas ideas y darles un toque de aquí, de España, usando discursos duros, de carácter nacionalista, al igual que hacen estos grupos a los que admiro antes citados pero en castellano, que se entendiera, que las reacciones fuesen distintas (¡y vaya si lo fueron!)

    El nombre de The Wyrm es una representación de un dragón, pero no cualquier dragón. Aunque a primeras pueda parecer un anglicismo, The Wyrm viene del latín vermiis, y estos son los gusanos que corrompen y descomponen la carne putrefacta de los cadáveres, por lo tanto, seria la peor categoría que uno puede encontrar dentro de las distintos y ricos simbolismos del dragón. Buscaba un nombre telúrico, oscuro y amenazante». ENTREVISTA A THE WYRM por Metal Music Clan

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    Tenhi – ValKama

    Tenhi – Valkama (Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold, Clear)
    Label: Prophecy Productions – PRO 351 LP
    Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Clear
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2023
    Style: Folk Rock, Neofolk

    Tenhi – Valkama (Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold, Clear)
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Ref: PRO 351 LP (Solo envíos a España)

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    Total €48,95 EUR

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    When night falls onto the sub-arctic landscapes of the Land of the Thousand Lakes, in the twilight of forest and swamps, the veils between our reality and the otherworld grow thin. It is at those times that stories such as ‘the fairy tale that never was’ leak into the lyrics and music of TENHI. On their sixth album, «Valkama», which translates as ‘harbour’ or ‘shelter’ among other meanings, the Finns originally began telling of a journey that was meant as a fairy tale in a burning, war-torn village and the crossing over dark waters to an island of the dead. The island is called Verisurma (‘the place for those who have suffered blood-death’) in Finnish folklore, where those dwell that died in war or were killed with a blade, and who shed blood on its shore forever. Yet, during the ten years that TENHI were working on the album, our reality started to bleed into the otherworld with its own terrors and wars. Year after year, the musicians felt their story becoming more and more real until the point was reached that the band decided to change course. Although echoes of the original work are still audible in the final music and visible in the artwork, the album now feels more harmonious and comforting, even brighter. TENHI could hardly have picked a more suitable band-name. This old Finnish word means a person that is an ‘elder’ or ‘shaman’. And while the shamans of the ancient nomadic Finns are the guardians against but also the mediators between their communities and the spirit world, TENHI are their musical equivalent as a liminal force between dark folk, folk rock, and even reaching out into the normally electrified world of metal. The latter invites comparison with WARDRUNA and HEILUNG, although in a spiritual meaning and certainly not by way of a stylistic comparison. TENHI were conceived by guitarist and vocalist Tyko Saarikko in 1996. Ilmari Issakainen joined the band a few years later. Together they form the creative core of the group. After self-releasing the demo «Kertomuksia» (1997) and the MCD «Hallavedet» (1998), the Finns immediately hit a nerve with their debut full-length «Kauan» in 1999. TENHI started into the new millennium with another MCD entitled «Airut:ciwi» (2000), which was followed by a string of albums from «Väre» (2002) via «Maaäet» (2006) and «Airut:aamujen» (2006) to «Saivo» (2011). With each new album, the Finns continued to grow a dedicated following that is coming from different musical directions. From the start, TENHI have combined acoustic instrumentation and a traditional vibe with structures based on contemporary rock music. While their previous full-length «Saivo» tilted more towards an ambient-style and panoramic soundtrack feeling, «Valkama» returns to a more song-oriented approach – even though the tracks retain an epic and meandering format. «Valkama» comes with the trademark Finnish longing and melancholia, but despite its audible darkness, TENHI offer a musical outlet from the horrors of the modern world. In the twilight world of the North, «Valkama» is the silver-lining on the horizon promising shelter and peace.

    01. Saattue
    02. Kesävihanta
    03. Valkama
    04. Rintamaan
    05. Rannankukka
    06. Laineinen
    07. Hele
    08. Ulapoi
    09. Elokuun linnut
    10. Sydämes on tiel
    11. Veden elein
    12. Aina sininen aina

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    Donbass 4 The Dead Won’t Forget

    Donbass 4 The Dead Won’t Forget
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Country: Russia
    Released: Mar 20, 2023
    Style: Abstract, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Hardcore, Industrial, EBM

    Brothers and sisters, we present to you our fourth international compilation – Donbass 4 «The Dead will not forget».

    It, like the second and third collections, is dedicated to our holy war with the Western forces of Evil.

    We hope our collections will help unite all patriotic people! Thank you to the participants and God bless you! Victory will be ours!

    Read more here about previously published collections here DONBASS

    Donbass 4 The Dead Won’t Forget
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Ref: EAAP001 (Solo envíos a España)

    €12 EUR
    Envío y manipulación €5,50 EUR (correo certificado con numero de seguimiento)
    Total €17,50 EUR

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    Donbass 4 The Dead Won’t Forget
    Format: CD, Compilation
    Ref: EAAP001 (Buy from anywhere in the world)

    €12 EUR
    Shipping and handling €9,00 EUR (certified mail with tracking number)
    Total €21,00 EUR

    Pay €21,00 EUR


    1.EugeneKha – Analog Sunrise 06:00
    2.GE-STELL & M. PADOAN – Finché Il Sangue Scorrerà 05:21
    3.От Юности Моея – Мертвые не забыли (mc Val cover) 03:47
    4.Nepoj Mikto – Снег и Солнце 02:46
    5.ROSA INFRA – Ветеран забытой войны 05:20
    6.А.Вишневский – Рояль, скучающий по дому в Макеевке 04:50
    7.FIGLIO DEL VEDOVO Feat Kristian Giorgini – Mezzanotte in Donbass 04:26
    8.ЕЩЁ – Это русская земля 03:39
    9.Вадим Панин vs. F`ART – Девиация 03:35
    10.Septimo Romae – Novorossiya, The 4th Rome 04:07
    11.Лёша Омский – Тополя 03:04
    12.TNP & YBSTN – Ключв305комнате 04:59
    13.Константин Сухан – Юг 03:14
    14.Купеческий Клад – Русская Весна 03:34
    15.Назгулы Боевой Промзоны – Дети рабочих посёлков 03:31
    16.Cyclofillydea – Мы в окопах руками подымаем рассвет 07:49
    17.MOON FAR AWAY – The Soldiers Of Heeresgruppe Mitte, vers. II 03:43
    18.Лопшеньга – Бласлови Меня За Боже 04:55