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    TOURDEFORCE – Six in the Key of Death

    TOURDEFORCE – Six in the Key of Death
    (Tribute to DEATH IN JUNE) [limited]
    Label: SPQR: SPQR LXI
    Format: CD, Album, DigiCD
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2022
    Style: Industrial, Dark Wave

    “In a foreign land, in a foreign time, TourdeForce has come…”, please welcome “Six in the Key of Death”.

    After the conclusion of the successful “Anger Trilogy” (“Jedem Das Seine”, 2014; “Very Industrial People”, 2018; “Vargtimmar”, 2021), the italian electro-wave act TourdeForce is ready to rise and hit the dancefloor once again with a mini album dedicated to all lovers and devotees of Death in June.

    Six songs from early Death in June meet New Order and Nine Inch Nails.

    Fields of Rape
    Holy Water
    The Calling
    Nowhere Street
    She Said Destroy
    Come Before Christ and Murder Love

    Don’t miss it, Love the Whip !

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    Ikon – As Time Goes By (The Original Ikon)

    Ikon – As Time Goes By (The Original Ikon)
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records – DV81, Nile Records Australia – DV81
    Format: CD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered, Limited Edition
    Country: Germany
    Released: Jun 22, 2018
    Style: Goth Rock, Darkwave

    • CD1 contains AS TIME GOES BY album from 1992 completly remastered & remixed 2016
    • CD2 contains the full Arthouse gig (12 tracks / Melbourne 1992) , plus 6 unreleased Demo-Tracks from 1992 (as «Hidden Bonustracks)

    In January 1992, IKON entered the studio to record what was supposed tob e the band`s debut single „As Time Goes By“ b/w „Never Ending“. Over three days from 17 january, a total of 8 songs were recorded and the band was reasonably satisfied with the results. Shortly afterwards, an accident lead tot he partial erasure oft he drums for «As Time Goes By“, making it impossible to finish and also wiping the plans for it tob e the main single track. The remaining songs were mixed over the following weeks, but the band was not happy with the results overall, so the project was shelved.

    By mid 1992, IKON decided to attempt to remix the tracks and select another single option, but this time encountered a new problem: the tape was beginning to oxidize, making it impossible to play. The band was faced with the prospect of being forced to use the initial unsatisfactory mixes.

    In 2016 this original IKON session, known as «As Time Goes By“, was given one final facelift by repairing and cleaning up any tape issues, and presenting the songs in a more natural light. It was decided that no more songs would be added to CD1, not to detract from IKON’s studio debut.

    CD2 contains the complete January 1st Arthouse live show, which has never been released in full. This show was recorded within a couple of weeks of the Frontline session, and is a a fitting addition.

    Although many of these tracks have been mixed on numerous occasions over the years, and feature on various CD’S, the session known as ‘As Time Goes By’, the original IKON studio session, was given one final facelift in 2016, repairing and cleaning up any tape issues, and presenting the songs in a more natural light. It was decided that no more songs would be added to CD1, not to detract from IKON’s studio debut. CD2 contains the complete January 1st Arthouse live show, which has never been released in full. This show was recorded within a couple of weeks of the Frontline session, and is a a fitting addition.


    CD1-STUDIO (38 min):
    AS TIME GOES BY (2016) 3:01 / NEVER ENDING (2016) 3:25 / WHY (2016) 3:12 / REALITY IS LOST (2016) 4:08 / ALIVE (2016) 3:14 / FEAR (2016) 3:48 / THE LOST (2016) 3:37 / ALONE (2016) 3:13

    CD2-LIVE (42 min.):
    SUICIDE (Arthouse 1992) 3:59 / NEVER ENDING (Arthouse 1992) 3:22 / AS TIME GOES BY (Arthouse 1992) 3:01 / WHY (Arthouse 1992) 3:21 / THE AWAKENING (Arthouse 1992) 3:20 / ALIVE (Arthouse 1992) 3:07 / DEVOTION (Arthouse 1992) 2:43 / ALONE (Arthouse 1992) 3:27 / REALITY IS LOST (Arthouse 1992) 4:08 / THE LOST (Arthouse 1992) 2:45 / SHE SMILES (Arthouse 1992) 4:12 / FEAR (Arthouse 1992) 4:20 + 6 hidden Bonustracks (24 min of unreleased Demos from 1992)

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    Ikon – The Thirteenth Hour (The Singles 2007-2020)

    Ikon – The Thirteenth Hour (The Singles 2007-2020)
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records – DV92, Eternal Media – DV92
    Format: 3 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Country: Australia
    Released: Apr 2020
    Style: Goth Rock, Darkwave

    1.A line on a dark day (CD single version) 04:10
    2.Amongst the Runes (version) 04:11
    3.Torn apart (CD single version) 04:49
    4.Driftwood (CD single version) 05:11
    5.Broken windows to the soul (version) 04:25
    6.Where do I go from here (new version) 03:44
    7.Azkadelia (7″ version) 09:00
    8.I burn for you (7″ version) 03:28
    9.Stolen (7″ single version) 04:32
    10.Blood of love (7″ version) 04:14
    11.Black Noise (remix) 05:09
    12.Gruss Von Krampus (7″ version) 08:00
    13.Silence is calling (new version) 04:13
    14.Calm before the storm 04:17
    15.Nowhere to turn 04:02
    16.Silent Knight 04:19
    17.Under my Skin 05:24
    18.Disenchanted Lullaby 03:40
    19.City of night 03:16
    20.My dreams they remind me of you (7″ version) 04:02
    21.Predator (mk II) 06:22
    22.Drowning in this river (demo) 05:29
    23.The Hunter (7″ version) 04:19
    24.Mistaken 05:48
    25.Krampus is coming to town 05:32
    26.Don’t cry little baby (demo) 03:44
    27.A line on a dark day (extended version) 04:24
    28.Amongst the runes (extended version) 05:44
    29.Torn Apart (extended version) 05:46
    30.Driftwood (extended version) 07:04
    31.Broken windows to the soul (extended version) 04:40
    32.Where do I go from here (extended version) 06:01
    33.Azkadelia (extended version) 06:01
    34.I burn for you (club mix) 04:08
    35.Stolen (extended version) 07:56
    36.The blood of love (extended version) 06:07
    37.Black Noise (club mix) 06:51
    38.Gruss vom Krampus (full version) 05:31
    39.Silence is calling (extended version) 04:42

    Packaging: 6-panel gatefold card sleeve without booklet.

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    Ikon – Sketches & Blurred Visions (Demos And Sessions 1991-1993)

    Ikon – Sketches & Blurred Visions (Demos And Sessions 1991-1993)
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records – DV87
    Format: CD, Compilation, DVD-Video
    Country: Australia
    Style: Darkwave, Goth Rock

    IKON are one of the oldest members of the Gothic / New Wave scene, Inspired by bands like Joy Division and New Order.

    «Sketches & Blurred Visions» contains demos and videos covering the period from 1991-1993. All material is previously unreleased.

    Band members that time were: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Michael Aliani and Maurice Molella

    Tracklist CD:
    As Time Goes By (Home Demo 1991) / The Dream (Home Demo 1991) / Mortal Soul (Home Demo 1991) / Never Ending (Home Demo 1991) / So Far Away (Home Demo 1991) / She Smiles (Home Demo 1991) / Belief (Rehearsal 1991) / Headspin (Rehearsal 1992) / Remember Me (Demo 1992) / For Eternity (Rough Demo 1992) / Burning Desire (Rehearsal 1992) / Never Too Much (Rough Demo 1992) / Under The Watchful Eye (Rough Demo 1992) / Come With Me (Rehearsal 1992) / Echoes Of Silence (Demo 1993) /Persuasion (Demo 1993)

    Tracklist DVD (All Regions / PAL):
    eality Is Lost () / The Lost () /Solitude () / The Awakening () / Sister Ray () / Never Ending () / As Time Goes By () / As Time Goes By () / Fear () / Reality Is Lost () / The Lost () / The Awakening () / Sister Ray () / Home Movies () /Never Too Much ()


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    Dead Can Dance ‎– Dead Can Dance

    Dead Can Dance ‎– Dead Can Dance
    Label: 4AD ‎– CAD 3622
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
    Country: UK & US
    Released: 08 Jul 2016
    Style: Goth Rock, Ethereal

    On their eponymous debut album, originally released in 1984, Dead Can Dance successfully harnessed a “bewitching barrage of sounds, layering grinding guitars and even a dulcimer-like yang chin over a taut wash of percussion. If the range of the group is staggering, then so too is their disciplined economy, no song lasting more than four minutes or degenerating into formless cacophony. With the ve group members continually interchanging instruments, only the vocals of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry remain as a constant focus”.
    The 2016 LP version is a repress of the original release

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    Death In June ‎– Nada! (Vinyl)

    Death In June – Nada! (Vinyl)
    Label: June Records – JUNE 03
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release, Black
    Released: 2022
    Style: Neofolk, Dark Wave

    Nada! is the third studio album by English neofolk band Death in June. It was released on 12 October 1985
    Includes an insert with Whiphand 6 logo and lyrics.

    This limited edition of 750 includes the gold-colored vinyl LP.

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    The Frozen Autumn – Pale Awakening

    The Frozen Autumn – Pale Awakening (2 × Vinyl, Blue)
    Label: Avantgarde Music / AV447LP
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, Album, Reissue, Blue
    Country: Italy
    Released: 2022
    Style: New Wave, Synth-pop, Darkwave

    BUY → Vinyl Records, CDs, and More from gradual For Sale at Discogs Marketplace

    Pale Awakening is the debut album by The Frozen Autumn, which originally saw the light in 1995 following the demotape Oblivion and various live gigs in Italy and abroad. These led to the CD release of this concept album with crepuscular sounds, at times inspired by the sound of 4AD and Projekt Records, that unfold between reflective and atmospheric moments, imbued with melancholy with more rhythmic openings, yet always characterized by a common feature: the oniric plane, the certainty of the existence of parallel realities, the escape from everyday life to embark on an inner journey, aware that «there is something beyond».

    27 years after the first edition, Avantgarde Music re-releases Pale Awakening in two valuable collectible formats: 12 «colored double vinyl in a gatefold cover with lyrics.

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    The Frozen Autumn – Seen From Under Ice

    The Frozen Autumn – Seen From Under Ice
    Label: Twilight Records – TW 1.69
    Format: 2 x DVD, DVD-Video, PAL
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 2010
    Style: Darkwave

    /// SOLD OUT ///

    The 2 DVDs contain 27 tracks +backstage footage + credits and much more – for a total running time of approximately 3 hours of mostly unreleased and rare video material.

    Tracks 1 to 18 are brand new video shootings of a “live in studio” session filmed 3 months ago in The Memory Room Studio cut with “TFA-personally-made” videoart, where songs spanning from “Pale Awakening” to “Is Anybody There?” have been re-sung and re-interpreted with additional guitars and keyboards also thanks to the new live members Stefano Nieri from Act Noir (guitars) and The Count from Nabla Operator (synths), both appearing in the videos together with Diego & Froxy, of course.
    Tracks 19 to 21 are TFA & Static Movement official videoclips while Tracks 21 to 27 are live video shootings taken from 2 TFA concerts of the 90’s.

    DVD in PAL, Region Code: 0

    ‘Memory Room Studio Performance’ – 31 October 2009 Versions:
    º 01 Onyria
    º 02 Don’t Cry For Me
    º 03 Ashes
    º 04 Into Your Arms
    º 05 Guardian Angel
    º 06 Faceless Names
    º 07 Outside The Line
    º 08 Painted Girls
    º 09 There’s No Time To Recall
    º 10 Polar Plateau
    º 11 Static Cold º 12 Second Sight
    º 13 Again
    º 14 Venetian Blinds
    º 15 The Waveshaper
    º 16 Wait For Nothing
    º 17 Silence Is Talking
    º 18 This Time

    Official Videoclips:
    º 19 Is Everything Real?
    º 20 Nouvelle Vague
    º 21 Another Tear

    Live in Ferrara 1994:
    º 22 Pale Awakening
    º 23 Again
    º 24 Another Tear

    Live in Darmstadt 1998:
    º 25 Wait For Nothing
    º 26 I’m Coming From Nowhere
    º 27 Don’t Cry For Me 

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    Chiron – The Sun Goes Down

    Chiron – The Sun Goes Down
    Label: Dark Vinyl Records ‎– DV97
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Germany
    Released: 14 Jan 2022
    Style: Darkwave

    After 7 years of silence, the Australian Darkwave/ PostPunk act CHIRON returns with a new album. Chiron is the brainchild of ex-IKON vocalist Michael Aliani, supported by Dino Molinaro (IKON) on bass and cello. In addition, Leanne Coe can be heard on saxophone for the first time.
    Influenced by groups like Joy Division and the early New Order, Michael left IKON in 1997 and started his project «Chiron».
    “The Sun goes Down” is certainly Chiron’s darkest and best release yet. Themes like isolation, loneliness and loss are the focus.
    Of course, typical PostPunk and Joy Division elements are included, but especially the dark tracks with saxophone reflect the range and development of CHIRON.
    The album also features a Remix by JM Lederman (The Weathermen, Ghost & Writer…)

    1.Surrender 5:06 / 2.Rage 1:39 / 3. Sadly 3:32 / 4. Darker Days 4:25 / 5. Let Us Beginn 3:12 / 6. Deep Inside 4:52 / 7. Frantic 3:50 / 8. Forsaken 4:56 / 9. Decline 4:46 / 10. That Feeling 2:50 / 11. Torn 3:49 / 12. Darker Days (Jean Marc Ledderman – Remix) 4:18

    BLACK Magazin, Review January 2022:
    Man mag ja von der australischen Dark Wave-Formation IKON halten was man will, aber in den letzten Jahren haben sie es doch etwas arg mit den Wiederauflagen alter Veröffentlichungen bzw. Singles-, Live- & Demo-Compilations übertrieben. Die Diskografie von CHIRON, der Band des ehemaligen IKON-Sängers Michael Carrodus ist dagegen recht übersichtlich und „The Sun Goes Down“ das erste richtige Album nach sehr langer Zeit. Inzwischen ist CHIRON zum Trio geschrumpft und neben IKON-Bassist Dino Molinaro noch Leanne Coe mit ihrem Saxophon an Bord. Gerade dieses für Bands aus dem Dark Wave-Genre ungewöhnliche Instrument (von den THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS mal abgesehen) sorgt im Soundgewand von CHIRON für eine frische Note und erinnert gleichzeitig an die alten CLOCK DVA zu „Advantage“-Zeiten. Natürlich klingt die dunkel-volle Bariton-Stimme von Michael Carrodus (inzwischen Aliani) immer noch nach Ian Curtis und Adi Newton (bzw. nach alten IKON) und der Bass nach Post Punk, aber der Rest ist schon deutlich elektronischer, rhythmischer bis experimenteller gehalten. Nach einigen Durchläufen stellt sich jedoch schnell eine latente Sogwirkung ein, der man sich schwer entziehen kann und das Album zu einem frühen Höhepunkt des noch jungen Jahres 2022 macht! „The Sun Goes Down“ endet übrigens mit einem absolut lässigen Remix von „Darker Days“ durch Jean Marc Ledderman (u.a. THE WEATHERMEN), welcher nicht etwa die Sonne unter gehen, sondern regelrecht aufgehen lässt! Gebt CHIRON unbedingt eine Chance, denn das Album hat weitaus mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient und die vor allem über die regulären IKON-Kreise hinaus gehen sollte. (Marco Fiebag)

  • GH Records

    Day Before Us – As My Spirit Wanders Free (Official Video)

    Day Before Us – «As my Spirit Wanders Free» (Official Video)

    Visual journey to soul…
    video for Day Before Us Music.

    Music and Concept – Philippe Blache.
    Vocals – Agne Srebaliute.
    Label – GH records.





    Film directed by Natalie Ina.

    Starring – Natalie Ina.
    Director of Photography – Lik Soran.
    Editors – Natalie Ina & Lik Soran.
    Special thanks to Margarita Jarvinen.