Ikon – The Thirteenth Hour (The Singles 2007-2020)

Ikon – The Thirteenth Hour (The Singles 2007-2020)
Label: Dark Vinyl Records – DV92, Eternal Media – DV92
Format: 3 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Australia
Released: Apr 2020
Style: Goth Rock, Darkwave

1.A line on a dark day (CD single version) 04:10
2.Amongst the Runes (version) 04:11
3.Torn apart (CD single version) 04:49
4.Driftwood (CD single version) 05:11
5.Broken windows to the soul (version) 04:25
6.Where do I go from here (new version) 03:44
7.Azkadelia (7″ version) 09:00
8.I burn for you (7″ version) 03:28
9.Stolen (7″ single version) 04:32
10.Blood of love (7″ version) 04:14
11.Black Noise (remix) 05:09
12.Gruss Von Krampus (7″ version) 08:00
13.Silence is calling (new version) 04:13
14.Calm before the storm 04:17
15.Nowhere to turn 04:02
16.Silent Knight 04:19
17.Under my Skin 05:24
18.Disenchanted Lullaby 03:40
19.City of night 03:16
20.My dreams they remind me of you (7″ version) 04:02
21.Predator (mk II) 06:22
22.Drowning in this river (demo) 05:29
23.The Hunter (7″ version) 04:19
24.Mistaken 05:48
25.Krampus is coming to town 05:32
26.Don’t cry little baby (demo) 03:44
27.A line on a dark day (extended version) 04:24
28.Amongst the runes (extended version) 05:44
29.Torn Apart (extended version) 05:46
30.Driftwood (extended version) 07:04
31.Broken windows to the soul (extended version) 04:40
32.Where do I go from here (extended version) 06:01
33.Azkadelia (extended version) 06:01
34.I burn for you (club mix) 04:08
35.Stolen (extended version) 07:56
36.The blood of love (extended version) 06:07
37.Black Noise (club mix) 06:51
38.Gruss vom Krampus (full version) 05:31
39.Silence is calling (extended version) 04:42

Packaging: 6-panel gatefold card sleeve without booklet.