Various ‎– Complexx 001
    Label: Industrial Complexx ‎– ICV001
    Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 24 Nov 2020
    Style: Techno, Industrial, EBM

    Industrial Complexx opens its vinyl releases with a first EP that brings together a historical part of the industrial scene with contemporary music projects. Both Esplendor Geométrico and Max Durante represent two different musical currents, with different situations in space-time but, with a similarity in terms of great contributions to future movements.

    Little remains to be told about Esplendor Geométrico, pioneers of the most transgressive industrial music who have been active for 40 years and who have influenced countless bands and artists with their harsh and hypnotic sound. Necrosis En La Poya was their first single, released in 1981, the track we publish is recorded live at a concert in Tokyo in 2010.

    Max Durante is also another essential artist in the European electronic music scene, his most primitive work was to provide Italy with its first raves and to import the underground culture and sound to his country. His style is mainly characterized by the harshness and combination of techno with industrial sounds.

    To complete this great list of artists there are 3 projects that are currently on the rise, all of which have their own very particular sound. The British L/F/D/M is one of the great references in terms of elaborate sound taken to the limit, a specialist in combining extreme textures that fit perfectly with the dance floor. Group is a project that works from anonymity and also has a very personal and very identifying Lo-Fi sound. SOJ is the maximum responsible of Soil Records, a label that faithfully reflects its so penetrating sound and always linked to a mix of EBM, techno and industrial.

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  • Lex-Or ‎– Futuro Pasado

    Lex-Or ‎– Futuro Pasado
    Label: Fill-Lex Records ‎– FLCS-05
    Format: Cassette, Album, Special Edition, Limited 25 copies
    Country: Spain
    Released: 10 Oct 2020
    Style: Techno, EBM, Experimental

    Lex–Or vuelve a Fill-Lex Records con su primer álbum en solitario, canciones que marcan un fin de una etapa. El disco está compuesto de dos partes:

    Futuro, temas compuestos entre 2019-2020 una mirada crítica hacia un fin que nos envía cada día a lidiar con nuestros propios miedos y nuestras inseguridades. No es música de baile es música desde las entrañas.

    Pasado, canciones compuestas en un periodo anterior, desde un directo en su estudio en 2014 con la canción paisajes cerebrales, a algunos temas que pasan del 2015-18, estando más próximos a la pista de baile y a sus patrones más rítmicos, volviéndose un techno oscuro y decadente.


    Lex-Or returns to Fill-Lex Records with their first solo album, songs that mark the end of a stage. The album is composed of two parts:

    Futuro, songs composed between 2019-2020 a critical look towards an end that sends us every day to deal with our own fears and insecurities. It is not dance music, it’s music from the bowels.

    Pasado, songs composed in a previous period, from a live in his studio in 2014 with the song “Paisajes Cerebrales”, to some songs that go from 2015-18, being closer to the dance floor and its rhythmic patterns, becoming a dark and decadent techno.

    Futuro – tracks 2019-2020
    Pasado tracks 2014 – 2018
    Mastering en Sountess Studio

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