•  Front Line Assembly – Total Terror 2 (2 x Vinyl)

    Front Line Assembly – Total Terror 2 (2 x Vinyl)
    Label: Mecanica – MEC071
    Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Country: Poland
    Released: Jul 8, 2022
    Style: EBM
    Deluxe re-release including all tracks from the first edition plus some bonus taken from old compilations. Limited pressing of 500 copies with double vinyl record, deluxe gatefold sleeve and new vintage artwork.

    Standard edition on black vinyl. Limited to 350 copies.

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    A1. Total Terror
    A1. Assassination
    A2. Intensive Care Unit
    A3. Immobilized
    A4. They’re Going to Kill Us
    B1. Stimulant Combat
    B2. Hatred by Society
    B3. Intruder
    B4. The Boning
    C1. Face Puller
    C2. A.E.C. Krunch
    C3. Cro-Magnon
    D1. Guilty
    D2. Attack Decay
    D3. Mental Conception
    D4. Elusive
    D5. Resurrection

    “Total Terror 2” is another collection of early Front Line Assembly demos remixed and remastered for a CD released for the first time in 1994. The original recordings of these songs were done in 1986/87. The equipment used was primitive, but then so is mankind.

  • yelworC – Flash, Wards And Incubation (Limited Red Edition, 12″ Vinyl)

    yelworC – Flash, Wards And Incubation (Limited Red Edition, 12″ Vinyl)
    Label: Poison-Door – PDR02
    Format: LP, Vinyl, Red
    Country: Germany
    Released: 2023
    Style: EBM, Electro, Industrial

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    yelworC were a highly influential Dark Electro group from Munich/Germany, formed by Dominik van Reich (later amGOD) and Peter Devin in the night of New Year’s Eve 1987/88. After three highly regarded demotapes, the band released their pathbreaking debut album «Brainstorming» in December 1992 on infamous Celtic Circle Productions. The album was marketed by C.C.P. as a «futuristic and neo-apocalyptic Electro-Dark synthesis». yelworC’s sound was often compared to Placebo Effect on “Galleries of Pain”. The album was followed by the legendary EP “Blood in Face» (C.C.P., 1993), which contained the club hit «Soulhunter» and more. The band disbanded shortly after and Dominik van Reich went on to found the project amGOD. 2 more yelworC albums and an EP were released in 2004 and 2007 (on In Strict Confidence’s Minuswelt label), but featured Peter Devin only. The following 4 vinyl re-releases are officially authorized versions and no bootlegs!

    Strictly limited to 200 copies, on RED Vinyl Released for the first time EVER on Vinyl: The second Cassette by yelworC, self-released in 1989 on TAPE only. The Vinyl features all 12 original tracks (46 minutes), divided on two sides (Alpha- / Omaga-side) as on the original, super rare tape.

    TRACKS:A1 C.O.M.A. A2 X-Ray Gene A3 Gore-Tex A4 Purgatory A5 cRASH S.o. A6 hYSTERIA B1 Ostac I.s.D.n. B2 nO votE oN B3 Artifacts B4 Bad tastE B5 OP:trAnsAct B6 Seduction