• Kraschau – Fide Lege Rege (cassette and CD edition)

    Kraschau live, essential document for fans of the genre

    Recorded live at Metal Cave, Warsaw, 2014/06/07

    Kraschau was built upon the ruins of Adam Berces’ prevous martial-neofolk project, Durch Heer und Kraft. The aim of this new project is to create high quality, live sounding neoclassical/symphonic music with the strictness of martial rhythms and with the power of industrial sounds. Adam was trained as a classical musician on trumpet and trombone, that’s why brass instruments has a big role in Kraschau’s music. It also incorporates various speeches, which are not too common in the martial-neofolk genres collected from documentary films and historical archives.

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  • Kazeria & Igniss – Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to HP.Lovecraf”

    *Portada de la primera edición

    Kazeria & Igniss – Summoning The Elder Ones “ a Neofolk / Neoclassic tribute to HP.Lovecraf”
    Label: GH Records – GH 104 CD
    Format: CD, Album + Video
    Country: Spain
    Released: 01 Apr 2010
    Style: Dark Ambient, Martial, Neofolk

    Summoning the Elder Ones was conceived by the two of us: Kazeria & IGNISS,
    and also shared with some friends. We wanted to express the visions, feelings,
    pleasures and fears that the magnificent opus of H.P.Lovecraft has provocated
    in our minds and spirits thru the years…

    A work of epic proportions, with mystical ambience that immerses us in the
    unique cosmology of this fundamental writer. Martial, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk
    music, beautiful edition in cardboard sleeve, the CD includes a video by Kazeria

    Track List:

    1. Kazeria – A Three-Lobbed Burning Eye (The Haunter Of The Dark) 08:20
    2. Igniis – Crawford Tillinghast (From Beyond) 05:12
    3. Kazeria – Before The Altar Of Dagon (The Shadow Over Innsmouth) 09:00
    4. Igniis – Cool Air 04:34
    5. The Chronicles Of The Great Race (The Shadow Out Of Time) 08:39
    6. Más Allá Del Río Skai (The Cats Of Ulthar) 06:07
    7. Dark Peaks (Lat. 76º 15’, Long. 113º 10’ E) 09:05
    8. U-29 (The Temple) 08:39
    9. El Ceremonial (Igniis/Opus Nigrum) (The Festival) 03:52

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