• T.S.I.D.M.Z. (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) & GE-STELL soon at GH Records

    T.S.I.D.M.Z. (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit), born and conceived between 2002 and 2007 (the year when it was first produced), is an Italian project of Electronic music with Futuristic, Hyperborean and Martial attitude that takes inspiration from various genres within the field of Industrial, Popular and Traditional Music. In both music and themes, the purpose is to be as eclectic as possible while remaining faithful to the aim of the project. For this reason the project has always been involved in collaborations with other musicians, including split-cds, guest musicians, shared projects and collaborations on tracks and songs. T.S.I.D.M.Z. has signed and released with musical labels including Old Europa Café, Ufa Muzak and SkullLine.



    GE-STELL is a minimal electronics/post-industrial unit from Venice (Italy), active since 2015. Using mainly analogue equipment, occasionally integrated with low-fi digital gears, the project focuses its interest on the exploration/documentation/exhibition of the post-modern coercive system, wich is conceived as strongly supported by the the structural synergy of technology, clinical psychology and applied social sciences. Ge-Stell music is meant to be the perfect soundtrack for a documentary about the nowadays new dimensions of slavery and psychosis.



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    T.S.I.D.M.Z. & GE-STELL are both part of EAA (Eurasian Artists Association)


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  • Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)

    Label: Cold Spring ‎– CSR242CD
    Format: 2 × CD, Album, Compilation
    Country: UK
    Released: 25 Sep 2017
    Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Noise

    The simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale. It appears as a peacock with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion, sometimes however, also with a human face. Iranian legends consider the bird so old that it had seen the destruction of the world three times over. The simurgh learned so much by living so long that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the ages. We hope this mythological benevolent creature could be a hope and a a guide in our dark times.

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  • hushuhu ~ Ogni Videniy ~ Lunar Abyss ‎– Untitled

    Label:  Zhelezobeton ‎– ZHB-LXVII
    Format: CDr, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Country: Russia
    Released: 15 Mar 2017
    Style: Drone, Experimental, Noise

    Uhushuhu, Ogni Videniy and Lunar Abyss – these three projects from St. Petersburg are long active in the boundless creative field of noise ambient and drone psychedelia. This split release contains one studio track from each project and one long collaborative piece recorded live at the sleep concert “Dryoma-9” in September 2015.

    The boat of dreams carries us through complex soundscapes inhabited by a plethora of images. Natural organic sounds interwine with abstract synthesis drawing phantasmagoric paintings in our imagination. Electric noises and waves of unrestrained acoustic energy, the mysterious whisper of spirits and hoarse rumbling of a shaman, shards of memories and eventful illusions… This is definitely the music of bright colourful dreams!

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    Uhushuhu ~ Ogni Videniy ~ Lunar Abyss by Zhelezobeton

  • [multer] ‎– Schauzeichen

    Label: Auf Abwegen ‎– travel_document #5
    Format: Vinyl, 10", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Country: Germany
    Released: 11 Dec 2003
    Style: Experimental, Minimal, Ambient

    The „schauzeichen ep“ is the most condensed kind of a summary of the sound of [multer] in its whole variety from 1997 to 2003. From abstract soundscapes with added field-recordings to hypnotically looping song-derivates or even shorter running proto-tech. ………and everything fits. The three-piece out of Dortmund, Germany produces timeless music, that may appeal to fans of Labradford, with its swirling, timestretched guitar-chords. But, also connoisseurs of home electronica and avantgarde music may like to give a listen as the group pays tribute to its own roots as ABGS – an industrial field recording ensemble – by adding a tissue of noises and found sounds to their

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