TSIDMZ & GE – STELL – Counter – Tradition Report

TSIDMZ & GE – STELL – Counter – Tradition Report
GH Records – H.T.M.11 TAPE (Hate The Modern World Series)
Format: Cassette Limited Edition
11 Tracks/60 Minutes
Style: Martial, Industrial, Experimental

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T.S.I.D.M.Z. & GE-STELL are both part of EAA (Eurasian Artists Association)

«Counter-Tradition Report» introduces the listener to the protean and disturbing world of modern pseudo/post religiosity: the Neospiritualism.
The album in composed by eleven chapters, each one dedicated to a different current or expression of the phenomenon, according to R. Guénon’s and J. Evola’s taxonomy and interpretation.
A wide range of sonorities are used to describe the eclectic and syncretistic nature of Neospiritualism; every track combines different acustic elements according to the song’s subject peculiarities: from martial industrial to dark ambient, from vintage analogue synth sounds to 8bit digital glitch music, from traditional music samples treatments to weird and unconventional avant-garde electronics.
The entire album is filled by an oniric and surreal athmosphere typical of the sublunar/psychic dimensions; ambiguous presences are constantly evocated by the huge amount of vocal samples used to document one of the most controversial page of the occidental cultural hystory.

T.S.I.D.M.Z. & GE-STELL Counter-Tradition Report – «Phenomenology Of The Modern Pseudo-Spirituality»

  1. Ouverture: Les Hommes Au Milieu Des Ruines [5.06]
    T.S.I.D.M.Z. feat. Trèfle Noir (Voice) & Gregorio Bardini (Bagpipe)
  2. Spiritualism: Dead’s Frequencies [5.33]
    GE-STELL feat. Antonio Landa (Synth)
  3. Speculative Freemasonry: Masters Of Wisdom (Superiores Incogniti) [8.49] T.S.I.D.M.Z. feat. Barbarossa Umtrunk (Synth & Samples) & Ekaterina Sofia Mutti (Voice)
  4. Teosophism: Blavatsky’s Bells [4.46]
  5. Occultism: Togliete Dio E Il Mondo Si Riempirà Di Idoli [4.31]
    T.S.I.D.M.Z. feat. Ekaterina Sofia Mutti (Voice)
  6. Psychoanalysis: Phallus Of The Sun [5.16]
  7. New Age: Falsi Profeti [4.15]
  8. Satanism: Rise Of The Consciousness [4.46]
    GE-STELL feat. Giovanni Leonardi (Synth & Guitar)
  9. Pseudo-Oriental Cults: Danze Post-Orientali [5.50]
  10. Ufological Cults: The Third Temple [5.27]
  11. Epilogo: Come Pegno Per Un Nuovo Inizio [4.28]
    T.S.I.D.M.Z. & GE-STELL feat. Giovanni Leonardi (Voice)
    Lyrics by Xenos

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