10 Years of Darkness / Neoclassical & Martial Music – KRASCHAU / ANTÍCO / DURCH HEER UND KRAFT

Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH02 MP3
Format: Digital Compilation
Country: Spain
Released: 2016
Style: Dark Ambient, Martial, Industrial, Neo-Folk, Neo-Classic

Kraschau was formed in 2011 January, with the intention to make high quality and lifelike symphonic martial-neoclassical sounds with self composed orchestral parts. Armed with the good and bitter experiences of the last 5 years and with his classical musical background he released a trilogy (Offenbarung, Falanx and Une Foi d’Acier) and a limited, live album and a split with the cult hungarian industrial band, Kriegsfall-U. Unlike many martial projects with popular WWII themes, Kraschau is focused on telling stories about older times from an aristocratic perspective with some influences from Christian mysticism, with bright and sublime anthems and calm, peaceful prayers…

Antíco has started in 2007 as a medieval/neoclassical project influenced by bands like Dead can Dance. From time to time, songs were composed and finally he released an album in 2013 including mainly medieval and classical pieces and as well own neoclassical compositions.

Durch Heer und Kraft, the precedessor of Kraschau was founded in 2008 January first as a one man band, later in the same year as a full band with live guitars, bass, blockflöte, violin and drums and thus moved towards neofolk/martial-folk from the early martial recordings. However most of the remained material was recorded alone, only a few lo-fi demos were made together. The band played live three times in Budapest,  but after two years it was disbanded and Adam decided to focus the creative energies on studio work instead of the tiring rehearsals.

1.Kraschau – Újrarajzoljuk Európa térképét (web edit) 2013
2.Kraschau – Egység és Rend (video edit) 2011
3.Kraschau – ¡Pasaremos! (video edit) 2013
4.Kraschau – Viva Cristo Rey! (early studio fragment) 2014  
5.Kraschau – A kereszt alatt (early studio version) 2014
6.Kraschau – MP OY (early studio version) 2014
7.Kraschau – Egység és Rend remix (early studio version) 2013
8.Antíco – IntroTrotto (2008)
9.Antíco – Ein Schloß im Wald (2008)
10.Antíco – Musette in d major, BWV Anh. 126 (2013)
11.Antíco – Saltarello (2013)
12.Antíco – Pat-a-pan (2013)
13.Antíco – Im Nebel (2013)
14.Antíco – Epilog (2013)
15.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Quis Contra Nos (2008)
16.Durch Heer und Kraft – Der unbekannte Soldat (2009)
17.Durch Heer und Kraft – Mit Gott, Ohne Angst (rehearsal)
18.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Inside The Warmachine (2008)
19.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Elindultam…(2008)
20.Adam Berces – Op. 3. (2007)

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