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    Oda Relicta – УПА

    Oda Relicta – УПА

    Label: Old Captain
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Ukraine
    Released: 2012
    Style: Military, Field Recording, Political, Religious


    Oda Relicta’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” is a union of politics, religion, and music.
    The controversial agenda of the recording is exposed through 13 connoisseur compositions ranging from military marches to solemn chants to field recordings featured by a rank of artistic collaborations with:
    While Angels Watch, Furvus, :Golgatha:, Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maikov, Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe, Our God Weeps.

    A complex tapestry of church hymns and procession marches, Cossack patriotic chants and Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen songs is the spirit of a true Ukrainian nationalist. There is no abuse of hackneyed documentaries or copycatting of profane neo-folk genre; instead, there is harmony, passion, and wisdom conserved in laconic sonorities. Triumphing over double standard European political correctness this milestone is released exclusively upon the 70th anniversary of the UIA, celebrated on the 14th of October, 2012.

    Tracklist :
    1 Willow & Arrow-Wood Lyrics By, Voice – While Angels Watch 3:00
    2 Pantheon Of Glory 2:28
    3 Into The Woods Whence Mouth-Organ Heard 1:13
    4 Triumph Of Ukrainian Insurgent Army 2:41
    5 Unvanquished Knights Featuring – Furvus 3:01
    6 From Dreams Into Ranks Featuring – :Golgatha: 2:55
    7 Parakleisis Composed By – Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maïkov 3:19
    8 Born In The Great Hour 3:10
    9 Under-Aged Veteran (Gone) Lyrics By, Voice – Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe 3:44
    10 Stray Souls Composed By – Our God Weeps 5:57
    11 Martirologue 2:33
    12 Black Forest 3:43
    13 Mnohaya Lita 1:41

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    Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call – Pessoa / Cioran

    Von Thronstahl / The Days Of The Trumpet Call ‎– Pessoa / Cioran
    Label: Infinite Fog Productions ‎– IF-06
    Format: CD, Album, Reissue
    Country: Russia
    Released: 2010
    Style: Modern Classical, Ambient, Neofolk

    Since 1998 year Von Thronstahl, led by the founder and leader Josef M. Klumb, remains to one of most appreciable and interesting groups on martial industrial/neofolk scene. The Days Of The Trumpet Call, it’s neoclassic project by Raymond P., the musician of the Von Thronstahl. This split, is devoted the Portuguese poet Fernando Antonio Pessoa (1888-1935) and Romanian philosopher Emil Michel Cioran (1911-1995), their writings are used as lyric for this album. The melancholic neoclassics from The Days Of The Trumpet Call and probably strangest of all records Von Thronstahl where they balance on border between neoclassics and ambient, with a light touch martial and all the same, beautiful and charismatic, Josef’s Ê. voice…CD is released in 6-pannel Digipak, with design by Federico Salvador(All my faith lost…)

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    Day Before Us – As My Spirit Wanders Free (Official Video)

    Day Before Us – «As my Spirit Wanders Free» (Official Video)

    Visual journey to soul…
    video for Day Before Us Music.

    Music and Concept – Philippe Blache.
    Vocals – Agne Srebaliute.
    Label – GH records.





    Film directed by Natalie Ina.

    Starring – Natalie Ina.
    Director of Photography – Lik Soran.
    Editors – Natalie Ina & Lik Soran.
    Special thanks to Margarita Jarvinen.





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    La Chose by HIEMIS

    Hiemis – La Chose
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 148 CD
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 20 Apr 2021
    Style: Drone, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Neo-Classical

    /// ENG ///

    Sound magic, crystalline sparkles, and the omnipresence of the sacred … (Lux Atena) the new work by HIEMIS proposes an initiation, a transcendental journey through brilliant soundscapes. Coming soon spring 2021

    Never had there been a collective experience of «the invisible» comparable to that of Martines de Pasqually and her disciples when they joined forces to research «La Chose» together.

    Pasqually was one of the most enigmatic characters of the eighteenth century, manifesting himself at the beginning of him as a Freemason, soon creating his own initiatory organization, the Order of the Elus Cohens.

    This Order was heir to mystical sects of antiquity and the Neo-Alexandrian period, with special influence on its ritual by occult masters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Master and disciples professed a mystique of Reintegration to the condition of Man-God and was the forerunner of other currents within the initiatory world such as the Rectified Scottish Regime and various branches of the Martinist Orders.

    Although until now those who investigated the invisible expected what they were going to see in it, calling angels or demons according to the forms of Christian iconography. Pasqually, however, stated that it was not known in advance what being would appear at the time of the evocation. This is how La Chose would emerge.

    In the first sessions the new disciples admitted to participate in the works of the teacher saw how La Chose performed mysterious actions. They left there excited and terrified or drunk with pride and ambition. These appearances were produced by strange beings and of a different essence from that of terrestrial beings. These beings gave speeches and transmitted deep knowledge during rituals. Each disciple was summoned to reproduce, in his own way, the same phenomenon.

    La Chose’s presence in the Operations Chamber could impress the disciple’s senses in different ways: he felt “goose bumps all over his body”, or he heard faint sounds; but, in general, «the manifestation was operated by vision», by the perception of sparkles and sparks. In order to perceive them, the Operator extinguished the candles and kept the flame of the only candelabrum that remained lit until the end of the ceremony.

    The solemn Operations were to be carried out at exactly the same time by all the ordained and authorized Cohens. The Chambers of Operations where they officiated could be situated at a great distance from each other, for example, in Lyon, Paris and Bordeaux, but a perfect timing was absolutely necessary for him to act.

    The Chosen Knights of Martines de Pasqually performed such sacred rites in the service of the highest Theurgy. Most of the prescriptions of the operative rituals were used from the most remote antiquity, astrology having an important role.

    For the Elus Cohens, true faith is based on pre-natural facts and since they, due to the decline of the historical cycle, are no longer produced publicly, it is necessary to generate them in the Chamber of Operations through complex and strict ritual. Therefore, the Theurgic Operation is less an act of faith, of adoration, of devotion, than a high practice of Sacred Science.

    /// ESP ///

    Magia sonora, destellos cristalinos, y la omnipresencia de lo sacro… (Lux Atenea) el nuevo trabajo de HIEMIS propone una iniciación, un viaje trascendental a través de paisajes sonoros brillantes. Próximamente, en primavera, 2021

    Nunca se había dado una experiencia colectiva de “lo invisible” comparable a la de Martines de Pasqually y sus discípulos cuando unieron sus esfuerzo para investigar en común “La Chose”.

    Pasqually fué uno de los personajes mas enigmáticos del siglo XVIII, manifestándose ya en sus inicios como francmasón, creando pronto su propia organización iniciática, la Orden de los Élus Cohens.

    Dicha Orden era heredera de sectas místicas de la antigüedad y de la época neoalejandrina con especial influencia en su ritual por parte de maestros ocultistas de la Edad Media y del Renacimiento. Maestro y discípulos profesaban una mística de Reintegración a la condición de Hombre-Dios y fue precursora de otras corrientes dentro del mundo iniciático como el Régimen Escocés Rectificado y diversas ramas de las Órdenes Martinistas.

    Si bien hasta ahora los que indagaban lo invisible se esperaban lo que iban a ver en él, llamando a los ángeles o a lo demonios según las formas de la iconografía cristiana. Pasqually , sin embargo afirmaba que no se sabía de antemano qué ser aparecería en el momento de la evocación. Así surgiría La Chose.

    En las primeras sesiones los nuevos discípulos admitidos a participar en los trabajos del maestro veían como La Chose ejecutaba acciones misteriosas. Salían de allí entusiasmados y aterrados o ebrios de orgullo y ambición. Estas apariciones eran producidas por seres extraños y de una esencia diferente de la de los seres terrestres. Estos seres daban discursos y transmitían un conocimiento profundo durante los rituales. Cada discípulo era convocado a reproducir, a su manera, el mismo fenómeno.

    La presencia de La Chose en la Cámara de Operaciones podía impresionar de diferentes formas los sentidos del discípulo: sentía “la carne de gallina por todo el cuerpo”, o escuchaba débiles sonidos; pero, en general, “la manifestación se operaba por la visión”, por la percepción de resplandores y chispas. Para poder percibirlas, el Operador extinguía los cirios y velaba la llama del único candelabro que permanecía encendido hasta el final de la ceremonia.

    Las solemnes Operaciones debían ser efectuadas exactamente a la misma hora por todos los Cohens ordenados y autorizados. Las Cámaras de Operaciones donde ellos oficiaban podían estar situadas a una gran distancia unas de otras, por ejemplo, en Lyon, París y Bordeaux, pero un sincronismo perfecto era absolutamente necesario para que pudiera actuar.

    Los Caballeros Elegidos de Martines de Pasqually ejecutaban tales ritos sagrados al servicio de la más alta Teurgia. La mayor parte de las prescripciones de los rituales operativos eran usados desde la más remota antigüedad, teniendo la astrología un rol importante.

    Para los Élus Cohens, la verdadera fe se funda en hechos prenaturales y dado que ellos, por la decadencia del ciclo histórico, no se producen más públicamente, es necesario generarlos en la Cámara de Operaciones por medio del complejo y estricto ritual. Por lo tanto, la Operación Teúrgica es menos un acto de fe, de adoración, de devoción, que una alta práctica de la Ciencia Sagrada. 

    Book 65 pages Paperback. Laminated Cover
    Limited edition, numbered only 30 copies, CD + Esoteric Book translated into two languages, Spanish and English

    /// SOLD OUT ///

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    Stupor Mentis ‎– Ad Extirpanda


    Stupor Mentis ‎– Ad Extirpanda
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 136 CD, Twilight Records ‎– TW 1.155
    Format: CD, Album, Digipack 
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 10 May 2018
    Style: Neo-Classical, Neo-Romantic, Dark Ambient

    Stupor Mentis is a Dark-Ambient / Neo-classical duet formed in 2015. The general atmosphere of their music, foggy and oppressive sometimes turn into lyrical musing, escorting you to the edge of the “Stupor Mentis”.

    This latin term refers to this special mental “no-being” state characterised by a complete suspension of intelectual activities ; then, transported out of yourself                                                      

    “ Ad extirpanda” is the first real album of Stupor Mentis, following two dematerialised auto productions : “In memoriam” (2016) and “ Apostat” (2017).

    All the tracks from “Apostat” and some from “In memoriam” re-masterised, re-arranged with new versions.

    The vocals alternate between french, english, spanish and latin ; quoting poems of Charles Baudelaire, Emile Cioran and Rafael Alberti. The whole on atmospheric and symphonic instrumentation. 

    *Nicolas Lordi: All instruments,arrangements and composition

    *Audrey Bucci: Vocals and composition

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    Ataraxia ‎– Arazzi

    Ataraxia ‎– Arazzi

    Label: Twilight Records – TW 1.154
    Format: CD, Album, Digipack, Reissue
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 2018
    Style: Neoclassical, Medieval

    Reissue of a 1993 demo tape with bonus track ‘L’Ultimo Arazzo’, replacing the previous track ‘Bleumarine’. Digipak.

    ARAZZI is the third and last ATARAXIA’s demotape recorded and self-produced in 1992 and released in 1993 by Energeia. The band has chosen not to change the original sound keeping the early 90ies rough and instinctive spirit. They have included to this re-issue a bonus track, “L’ultimo Arazzo”, that had to be part of the original 1993 release but, being not satisfied with the original version, they re-recorded it right now with the participation of Riccardo Spaggiari on drums. “Sometimes, slowly walking through the rooms of an old palace, on a wide wall we notice a tapestry. Lazy eyes, as absent, pass by; curious eyes, as captured by enchantment, bewitched, penetrate into it, irresistibly attracted by the restless presence of hedges, fountains and animals that come into life opening the dances in which we take part, as anomalous comedians or sylvan interpreters of a bizarre picture”.

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    Day Before Us ‎– Adorned path of Stillness

    Day Before Us ‎– Adorned Path Of Stillness
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 135 CD, Twilight Records ‎– TW 1.153
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Argentina
    Released: 15 Feb 2018
    Genre: Electronic, Classical
    Style: Dark Ambient, Neo-Classical, Neo-Romantic

    Adorned path of Stillness » marks the return of the neoclassical and dark ambient music act Day Before Us on the Argentina based label Twilight Records, in collaboration with GH Records. This is their sixth full length release. This new effort is an enthralling soundtrack for dark, solemn, thoughtful times. It incorporates acoustic and lyrical sections next to electronic textures and diverse processed sounds. 

    The general atmosphere offers precious moments of introspective melancholia punctuated by mysteriously hypnotic instrumentals. This is a multifaceted album but also remarkably cohesive with many dynamics, emotional movements that will ravish fans of haunting and touching cinematic music in a rather classical mood.

    Otros trabajos de Day Before Us / Other references →

    Day Before Us ‎– Ode A La Nuit D’Ombre
    The Ever Sounding Sea Of Grief by Philippe Blache
    Day Before Us – Misty Shroud Of Regrets
    Day Before Us ‎– Prélude à l’âme d’élégie
    Day Before Us ‎– Nihil Interit
    Antikatechon ‎– I Feel Nothing But Repulsion
    Day Before Us / Nimh – Under Mournful Horizons

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    Day Before Us

    Day Before Us is an ethereal, neoclassical and dark ambient music project formed (in 2010) by the
    anthropologist and sound producer Philippe Blache, joined in 2015 by the
    Russian based singer, lyricist and poetical writer Natalya Romashina. Physical
    albums are signed and distributed by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records, OPN
    records, GH Records…The project occasionally gives live performances, writes
    scores to international art events and participates to intermedia
    collaborations. In itself the music presents dense, solemn, melancholic and
    profundly emotional soundscapes in touch with the mysterious ineffable beauty
    of the nature, depicting with nuances the vastitude of the inner worlds. Main
    sources of inspiration come from the antique and the romantical poetry,
    symbolical seneries, mystical love, spiritual journey…

  • GH Records

    10 Years of Darkness / Neoclassical & Martial Music – KRASCHAU / ANTÍCO / DURCH HEER UND KRAFT

    Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH02 MP3
    Format: Digital Compilation
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2016
    Style: Dark Ambient, Martial, Industrial, Neo-Folk, Neo-Classic

    Kraschau was formed in 2011 January, with the intention to make high quality and lifelike symphonic martial-neoclassical sounds with self composed orchestral parts. Armed with the good and bitter experiences of the last 5 years and with his classical musical background he released a trilogy (Offenbarung, Falanx and Une Foi d’Acier) and a limited, live album and a split with the cult hungarian industrial band, Kriegsfall-U. Unlike many martial projects with popular WWII themes, Kraschau is focused on telling stories about older times from an aristocratic perspective with some influences from Christian mysticism, with bright and sublime anthems and calm, peaceful prayers…

    Antíco has started in 2007 as a medieval/neoclassical project influenced by bands like Dead can Dance. From time to time, songs were composed and finally he released an album in 2013 including mainly medieval and classical pieces and as well own neoclassical compositions.

    Durch Heer und Kraft, the precedessor of Kraschau was founded in 2008 January first as a one man band, later in the same year as a full band with live guitars, bass, blockflöte, violin and drums and thus moved towards neofolk/martial-folk from the early martial recordings. However most of the remained material was recorded alone, only a few lo-fi demos were made together. The band played live three times in Budapest,  but after two years it was disbanded and Adam decided to focus the creative energies on studio work instead of the tiring rehearsals.

    1.Kraschau – Újrarajzoljuk Európa térképét (web edit) 2013
    2.Kraschau – Egység és Rend (video edit) 2011
    3.Kraschau – ¡Pasaremos! (video edit) 2013
    4.Kraschau – Viva Cristo Rey! (early studio fragment) 2014  
    5.Kraschau – A kereszt alatt (early studio version) 2014
    6.Kraschau – MP OY (early studio version) 2014
    7.Kraschau – Egység és Rend remix (early studio version) 2013
    8.Antíco – IntroTrotto (2008)
    9.Antíco – Ein Schloß im Wald (2008)
    10.Antíco – Musette in d major, BWV Anh. 126 (2013)
    11.Antíco – Saltarello (2013)
    12.Antíco – Pat-a-pan (2013)
    13.Antíco – Im Nebel (2013)
    14.Antíco – Epilog (2013)
    15.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Quis Contra Nos (2008)
    16.Durch Heer und Kraft – Der unbekannte Soldat (2009)
    17.Durch Heer und Kraft – Mit Gott, Ohne Angst (rehearsal)
    18.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Inside The Warmachine (2008)
    19.Durch Heer Und Kraft – Elindultam…(2008)
    20.Adam Berces – Op. 3. (2007)

    Buy:  5,5 €  https://gradualhaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/10-years-of-darkness-neoclassical-martial-music

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