was formed in 1999, but the two founding members (Sörös Gergö – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussions, Kiss Balázs – acoustic and classical guitars) have played music together for more than ten years in various forms.

In 2004 Sörös Gergő has founded his own band, Larrnakh, since then Kiss Balázs has been the only official member of Cawatana, now he is responsible for all the music and (partially) the lyrics, while Sörös Gergő became a “constant guest musician”, who sings on recordings (and contributes also in the lyrics), and he is the live drummer and vocalist.

At the beginning on concerts and recordings they were helped by some guest musicians on keyboards, bass, percussions, but recently there has been a stable line up for concerts, containing Kiss Kornél on acoustic guitar and Kiss Ottó on bass.

Formerly the music of Cawatana balanced between tranquil, acoustic guitar-based neofolk and harsher snare drummings and other percussions, with keyboards playing an important role in both styles. Nowadays the harsher industrial parts seems to disappear from their music.



Cawatana – Comprende

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