Bleib Modern, once a solo project founded by Philipp, now became a band consisting of 5 members.
Everything changed in the last months. There is almost nothing left of the Depeche Mode sound. From electric instruments to guitars, bass guitars and smooth drum beats. The vocals are psychedelic, sad, but beautiful. Philipps lyrics are very well written, it’s all about •no love‘, depression and hate. On their new and also first album, we will enjoy 10 songs that will take you on a trip into an awesome atmosphere. I can say, that this band knows how to use reverb and delay effects!
All Is Fair In Love And War‘ will be released by Wave Records ( Brasil ) between March and April and it will be available on Vinyl, CD and of course, digital.

We can look forward a great future of this new coldwave / postpunk band, and maybe we will be surprised by more and more changes, too. On the CD, there will be 8 bonus tracks, for example the LOWS EP, Philipp released in August 2014.

180g 12’’ Vinyl ( three – coloured ) limited to 250 pieces.


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