Circuncelion – Song Of Ophelia

Circuncelion – Song Of Ophelia, song included in Carved In Waters, romantic and esoteric.

Recorded in December 2009 At Lighthouse Studios By Igor & Romina 

Produced by Igor.
Stagnant waters
Your eyelids lay
wardens of the endless rest

where the wounded swan
plays to be swan
and the toads swell up their chests

and the moon as
lone as always
make’s out her ghastly shades

of her ancient
pale face broken
for a million black decades

before the watchful
of night beasts which accompanies
the liquid dance of all these dreams
you have stood still
for many years

timeless slumber
whence you wait in secrecy
for the soul whose set alight
your (cold) paralysed swim(s)

(your) wan skin melts away
(your) lank black hair afloat
nothingness is silence
which quietened all your groans

where your heart was strangled
where black angel won
(the scythe’s shade)

from Carved In Waters

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