Ultrakonservativ Schlagerparade by Kraschau

After long years of silence, KRASCHAU is here again with a special collection, released for the 10th anniversary of the debut album ’Offenbarung’ to give another, maybe a final attack against the post-modern world, which is heading towards a collapse in these troublesome times. To arm KRASCHAU’s music for a new battle, each of the carefully selected tracks has been remastered from the original, raw material by the project’s creator Adam Berces to refresh their sound and to get the most out of the project’s trademark sound. The harsh noise fundaments, distorted spoken word vocals overlaid with bombastic neoclassical melodies and a huge number of obscure historical and other samples reflecting to the project’s fascination for the Old Europe of the ancient merits and true pride and various christian, mystical and conservative movements of the 20th century which kept it’s flame alive.

El Lobo y la Espada Series / L.E.13
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Újrarajzoljuk Európa térképét (Hungarian version)
Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter (German version)
Unser Glaubensbekenntnis
Egység és Rend
Drang nach Osten
A kereszt alatt (Помилуй мя грешнаго)
In tenebras exteriores (edit)
The last days of democracy (from Falanx parts 3 & 4)
¡Viva Cristo Rey! (edit)