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Circuncelion recovers the essence of the legendary label 4AD, Dark Wave Minimal absolutely wonderful, with a voice reminiscent of Brendan Perry or Peter Murphy. Essential!Begotten Forgotten is an introspective journey from the deep core of the soul to a crude vision of modern world, the humankind who inhabits it and its irremissible course towards the madness. Full of feelings and signs, the artist makes of this work an interlocution, a magic key with which enters the listeners hearts and floods them with a stream of unknown sensations of a great emotional weight. Just over 46 mins of something more than music, something more than words, a time period beyond time, beyond reality
Limited edition color vinyl
Recorded , Mixed and Produced by Igor Mesmer at Lighthouse Studios Between September & December 2014.
Mastered by Elias Saura.
All Instruments and Programming by Igor Mesmer Except the Dream Gamelan Piano on “As Mist That Forsakes The Morass” by Romina Pérez.
Cover artwork “Awakening” by Anja StieglerLimited edition color vinyl 200 copies


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