Mare di Dirac – Ophite Diagram

Mare di Dirac – Ophite Diagram
Label: Gradual Hate Records – GH 142 TAPE
Format: Cassette Limited Edition
Country: Spain
Released: 02 Dec 2019
Style: Experimental, Ritual

The term Ophite derived from the Greek Ophis = Serpent.

«An initiate must transcend this inherently earth, and move beyond. Armed with formulae s/he next walks freely through the gates, the barrier is behind them. Between the trees of knowledge they cross the circles; the yellow and blue. A little further beyond the void, and through life, to be surrounded by love. Here is the culmination of the journey, a few more steps and they are in; at Home.»

Collaborators on this album:

Mauro Sambo: Gongs, Clarinet (track 1)
Riccardo la Foresta: Drummophone (track 2 & 3)
Daniele De Santis: Prepared Drums (track 5)
Federico Dal Pozzo: Cymbals and granulation (track 7)
?Alos (OvO): Voice and flute (track 8)

Listen :

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