Et Nihil – Nor Am I

Et Nihil – Nor Am I
Label: Lichterklang ‎– LK035
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 05 Dec 2016
Style: Neofolk

If there is one band in the current Neofolk scene, that stands out among all other bands it’s ET NIHIL for sure. Rising from the ashes from legendary LUFTWAFFE, b9 InViD, RB and Jonathan S consequently follow their artistic vision and present a highly dynamic and powerful variety of the genre. “Nor Am I” is their first official studio release after the limited and sought-after “Onus” CDR, two live-albums and numerous singles and the first one to be released on LICHTERKLANG. “Nor Am I” contains 13 tracks of pure Neofolk mayhem, spanning from the morbidty of the Neofolk genre to intense drumming Martial Industrial is known for up to harsh and distorted vocals characterized by the Industrial scene, defining a new and modernized version of Neofolk.


1. Nor Am I
2. +Ulfberht+
3. Cross Weight
4. Right Hand Son (v2)
5. Runes Writ In Rust
6. On The Brae
7. The Externalisation Of The
8. Malign
9. And Then
10. If Lies Are Not Defied
11. Blood Carries Far
12. Thieves Lose Hands
13. Grave Desecration (live)