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    El Ultimo Sol

    El Último Sol ‎– Entre Mundos
    Label: Gradual Hate Records ‎– GH 146 CD, Soliferro ‎– none
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 30 Jan 2021
    Style: Neofolk, Nordic

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    El Ultimo Sol es un encuentro entre mundos.

    Un cruce de caminos entre realidades, vibraciones y sonidos, donde lo antiguo, el pasado y el presente, se unen formando un espacio sin tiempo.
    El tiempo se diluye creando un círculo sagrado.
    Para nosotros es un vínculo íntimo y personal, una relación con lo salvaje, con lo mistérico de este mundo aparentemente corriente, y de otros mundos ocultos a la vista, y que convergen en un mismo punto, en un mismo instante.
    Un oasis en medio de una vida que empuja a correr, a no tener tiempo para sentir.
    Un lugar donde todo se detiene para reconectar con lo esencial, con lo primitivo e instintivo, volviendo al origen.

    En este proyecto están involucrados Gemma A. y Daniel P.Daniel P. es miembro fundador de Arnica, Wihinei Rita, Ghazghkull y colaborador tanto en estudio como en directo con bandas como Death In June, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Traum´er Leben, entre otros.

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    EL ULTIMO SOL is a encounter between worlds.
    A cross roads between realities, vibrations and sounds, where the old, the past and the present come together to form a time less space.

    Time is diluted creating a sacred circle.
    For usitisan intimate and personal link, a relation ship with the wild, with the mysterious of this apparently ordinary world, and of other worlds hidden from view, and that converge at the same point, at the same moment.
    An oasis in the middle of a life that pushes you to run, to not have time to feel.
    A place where everything stops to reconnect with the essential, with the primitive and instinctive, returning to the origin.

    In this project Gemma A. and Daniel P. are involved.Daniel P. is founding member of Arnica, Wihinei Rita, Ghazghkull, and collaborator both in studio and live with bands such as Death In June, Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Traum´er Leben, among others.

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    Àrnica – Ni Beyarnari / Guresar Guaoku
    Label: GH Records + Soliferro Grabaciones Íberas + Putridarium
    Format: Vinyl, 7″, Single, 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2020
    Style: Industrial, Ur-Folk

    Track List

    Àrnica +Trepaneringsritualen – Guresar Guaoku
    Àrnica + Apocalypse Projekt (Cruor Martyrium & Scumearth) – Ni Beyarnari

    Two Ur-Industrial-Folk offerings recorded back in 2016 during ‘Cabeza de Lobo’ sessions and finally unleashed as a Massive Black 7” Vinyl including postcard with lyrics and limited to 200 copies.

    -Iberian Ur-Folk- Àrnica is an Iberian based Ur-Folk project. Its music deals with old keltiberian roots, tradition, ancient Gods, values and nature warrior anthems.

    Using instruments like electroacustic guitar, flutes, goliaths, wooden drums, cimbals, cowbells, horns, totem sticks, some of them self-made, all the music develops side by side with their chants.

    Since 2008, Àrnica has been growing strong on stages of several european countries. Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland and Lituania has count with this brave band for concerts and festivals.

    Its on stage where Àrnica develops the power of its music. Powerful, contundent and intense concerts planned as Rituals where all audience senses are involved. Also develops acoustic concerts, exploring more intimate and close feelings and energies. Àrnica has played by Cromlechs, Sacred Trees, rivers…

    The band has been collaborating with other wellknown band of the scene as Sturmpercht, Camerata Mediolanense, Andrew King, Traum’er Leben, Svarrogh… and share stage with Death In June, Blood Axis, Orplid/Barditus, Of the Wand and the Moon, etc…

    Trepaneringsritualen. Industrial ritual project founded by Swedish artist Thomas Martin Ekelund (born 1977), based in Göteborg. Active since 2008. Also called T x R x P and Teeraal Räum Pheynix.

    Crvor Martyrivm is the new one-man musical project from the French-Spanish sound artist Alberto Hernández Serradilla, a.k.a. XIII, main mastermind behind the Spanish cult Dark Esoteric Ritual Ambient Industrial act NOTHVS FILIVS MORTIS.

    After a long 10 year hiatus from the alternative Post Industrial music scene, XIII returns with this new side project, still deeply rooted in the Post Industrial musical tradition. However, whereas Nothvs Filivs Mortis concentrates on developing sonic & aural Dark Ambient & Ritual Industrial soundscapes with a strong Middle Age / Occult / Hermetic & Esoteric background, CRVOR MARTYRIVM still delves into apocalyptic & bleak sonic imagery, but with a much more traditional & formal musical approach, adopting an Avantgarde Orchestral Symphonic Martial Industrial musical form, albeit retaining some Dark Ambient elements.

    Reminiscences of LAIBACH, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE, THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD & IN THE NURSERY, to name just a few, can be heard in this new musical endeavour, allowing XIII to draw musical allegories of the world & society we live in nowadays, filled with personal yet intimate feelings & thoughts about the End of Days we are currently witnessing…

    Scumearth. Harsh experimental electronic & dark ambient noise artist from Spain, also is a member of We are the Hunters and the Sci-Fi noise electronics Scum & Bones (disbanded). Also is a ghost member a support live and studio of the horror grind core band Machetazo.

  • La Noche de los Candiles

    Àrnica – «Marchando Al Albor» (La Noche de los Candiles 2014)

    Inicio de concierto de Àrnica en la edición anterior de la Noche de los Candiles, captura de cámara, sentimos la calidad del sonido aun así podemos hacernos una idea del potente directo de esta importante banda de Folk , agradecimientos eternos a José A. Forte Vizcaíno por su organización de esta noche.

    La Noche de los Candiles ( edición 2014 )

    * ORGANIZA: Ayuntamiento de Almócita y Centro Guadalinfo de Almócita.

    * PATROCINA: Andalucía Turismo, Consejería de Turismo y Comercio de la Junta de Andalucía y Excm. Diputación de Almería.

    * COLABORA: GH Records

    – Montaje: Diego Arandojo

    – Cámara: José A. Forte Vizcaíno

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    Àrnica ‎– Cabeza De Lobo

    Label: Equilibrium Music ‎– EQM035
    Format: CD, Album, Digipak
    Country: Portugal
    Released: 2017
    Style: Ur -Folk

    A Wolf’s head shape is tearing apart the mist. Howlings in the distance bring silence to an end, the throbbing of blood now resounding in wardrums.

    For well over 10 years, ÀRNICA have been patiently carving their niche in the Neo-Folk scene. The genre’s free form aesthetics have served as a perfect starting ground, yet were quickly subdued by ÀRNICA’s own vision as they delved into Iberian lore and tradition to find both a wealth of musical references and the spiritual elements that would shape them into a unique entity.

    Well acquainted with the Post-Industrial school of experimentation and sound manipulation, ÀRNICA were quick to make good use of its tools and techniques. Loops, samples and field-recordings merge seamlessly into traditional acoustic instrumentation, adding fine details and rural textures to their vivid portrayal of a world forgotten. This primal legacy to which ÀRNICA are devoted further manifests through the savage drumming, the warhorns and the battle cries, as sound ultimately transforms into a mesmerizing ritual.

    Following numerous live appearances, which have brought ÀRNICA to share the stage with bands like WARDRUNA, DEATH IN JUNE, BLOOD AXIS or TYR, the band now join Equilibrium Music for their third full-lenght album, one which successfully captures the raw archaic energy of their shows into recorded form.

    Much like an alchemic transmutation of lead into gold, ÀRNICA’s new offering shapes Ur-Folk into Ritual music, distilled under the scorching sun of Iberia to bring one of the most menacing and intense releases ever related to the genre. The album speaks of an old ruler that inspired his kin to fight back against those who sought to take their ground, back in an age forlorn where man and beast were as one. Now, more than pay mere tribute, ÀRNICA call upon Cabeza de Lobo to lead the Wild Men once again, in a much needed return to wilderness

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    Àrnica – Lecho de Piedra

    Label: Soliferro Grabaciones Iberas
    Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition Digipack
    Country: Spain
    Released: 2014
    Style: Folk – Ur-Folk

    ‘Lecho de Piedra’ (‘Deadbed Stone’) is the new long play by Àrnica. The iberians are back with an Ur-Folk offering full of harsh-folk tunes (‘Valle de Lobos’), nature chants (‘Monte Nublado-Cima’, ‘Trazos de Sangre’) and warrior poetry (‘Monte Nublado-Ladera’, ‘Las Plumas del Cuervo’). Dealing with the concept of die over the stone, in a mountain or within the forest. To die outside among the nature.
    Guitar, flutes, accordion, mouth harp, a lot of diferents drums, gralla, catalonian bagpipe, stones, bones, antlers, ratchets, cowbells, field recordings and a couple of samplers were used for the creation of this new piece. Created as a spiral block the offering reveals a journey through old values and feelings.
    A very special collaboration in ‘Una Bestia Astada’ track: Jay Kokopeli (Traum’er Leben) joined us with his wild breath.

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    Tribute to Circuncelion

    by Somnare ,Turnavel, Àrnica, The Wyrm, Withinei Rita,Keltika Hispanna

    In memory of

    Igor Sanchez Alejandre (Circuncelion)
    24/06/1975 – 16/10/2016 

    Special thanks to Juan Ramón Vélez ( Turnavel), Luis Navas Delgado (The Wyrm), Pilar Molina and DP Rey (Somnare) , Carles (Àrnica), Daniel (Àrnica and Withinei Rita), Daniel Salmador, Luis M. Folgado, Iñaki Simón & Andrés Barriga (Keltika Hispanna)

    Tribute to Circuncelion by Somnare ,Turnavel, Àrnica, The Wyrm, Withinei Rita,Keltika Hispanna

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    Raíz Ibérica 2016

    Raíz Ibérica
    24-25-26 de Junio de 2016 | SOLSTICIO DE VERANO
    SORIA ( Márgenes del Duero )

    Raíz Ibérica (Encuentros Contra el Mundo Moderno) es un festival que se desarrolla en plena naturaleza, un evento cultural que pretende fomentar y conservar el folclore de los pueblos que han poblado el solar ibérico y que dejaron su impronta sobre nuestra península. Un folclore muy rico y variado y, sobre todo, muy disperso, además de estar muy amenazado por la presión del mundo moderno.

    Mas información aquí: http://www.raiziberica.eu/

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    Àrnica – Viejo Mundo

    Label: Percht
    Format:CD, Digipak
    Style:Acoustic, Neofolk, Alpine Folk

    The artist’s interests are deep rooted in the ancient Iberian culture and traditions.
    Their music is a mix of traditional Pyrenne Folk and heathen Battle and Hunting-songs. Their first fullength-album „Viejo Mundo“ is a tale narrated by an old man as his last legacy to a casual traveler.
    In a hut and near by fire the traveler will be the depositor of ancient knowledge about forgotten gods, wisdom of life, tradition and statements of war.
    All lyrics and singing is in spanish or catalan language.
    A wide range of instruments is used, on top of them accordion, guitars, drums and flutes. ÀRNICA creates wild and rural atmospheres, quite similar to their friends from STURMPERCHT, but just from the opposite part of the holy Alps.

    Última Hoguera
    Danzas De Guerra
    Tu Tierra
    Hijo De Deva
    El Trashumante
    Caballos Solares
    Tu Miedo

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    Àrnica – Numancia

    Àrnica – Numancia

    Label: Ahnstern
    Catalog: Ahnstern47
    Format: CD, Mini-Album
    Style: Acoustic, Neofolk

    /// SOLD OUT ///

    Numancia was a small castro (name in Sapnish for celtiberian village).
    The inhabitants from Numancia fought against the Roman Empire for more than twenty years. It was 133 b.C.
    Roma sent their best military man called Escipion to create a siege and destroy Numancia so they could have controlled the entire peninsula.
    However, when the Romans entered the village, the survivors decided to kill their own children, set their own belongings on fire to end up with their own lives.

    If the Empire controled Celtiberia they could not control their people.
    Musically Numancia is a invigorating trip from the magnificence of the village to the final decision of choose to die instead of being conquered.
    Solid drums and ritual elements are mixed with Heathen tunes the recognizable Ur-Folk sound.
    All texts are written and sung in Spanish and in the ancient Celtiberian language.

    After this release to homage our ancestors, Àrnica will depart back to the vast mountains of the Pyrenees…


    1 Castro Arévaco 2:55
    2 Corona De Moncayo 4:36
    3 Asedio 2:04
    4 Bajo La Sombra Del Buitre 0:47
    5 Humo Y Llama 4:19
    6 Numancia Invicta 4:50
    7 Deiuoreigis 0:54