• Rúnaákall by Munknörr

    Munknörr ‎– Rúnaákall
    Label: GH Records GH 144 CD, Twilight Records 1.154
    Format: CD, Album, Digipack
    Country: Argentina, Spain
    Released: 20 Dec 2019
    Style: Nordic, Folk

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    «Rúnaákall» is related to the runes , and each rune has a different vibe according to what it represents to us and what it represented to the scandinavian people. The album also is about shamanism ,nature ,and magic, a shamanic view of the meaning of the runes. We express in the form of music what we feel and understand about nature in a primitive,tribal and ritualistic way.

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    “Rúnaákall” se relaciona con las rúnas nórdicas, cada runa o composición tiene una atmósfera diferente según lo que represente la runa , para nosotros y lo que representó para el pueblo escandinavo.
    El álbum también esta relacionado con la naturaleza , la magia , es una visión chamánica del significado de las runas . Expresamos en forma de música lo que sentimos y entendemos sobre la naturaleza en una forma primitiva , tribal y ritualista.

    Munknörr is a project of Nordic and Celtic music with shamanic elements. In our compositions we seek for a pagan sound with a dark ,mystic , and primitive atmosphere.

    With our soundscapes we also try to make people feel in contact with ancient times.

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    Munknörr es un proyecto de música Nórdica , Celta, con elementos chamánicos. En nuestras composiciones buscamos un sonido pagano con una atmósfera mística, oscura , y primitiva.

    Tratamos de llevar a la gente a paisajes sonoros que tienen que ver con tiempos ancestrales.

    Buy: https://gh-records.com/home/2497-munknoerr-runaakall.html

    Bandcamp: https://gradualhaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/r-na-kall

  • Tenhi ‎– Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

    Tenhi ‎– Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006

    Label: Prophecy Productions ‎– PRO 089 LU;
    Format: 3 × CD, Compilation, Reissue , Limited Edition
    Format: 3 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
    Country: Germany
    Released: 13 Jan 2017
    Style: Folk Rock, Neofolk

    The ten-year-anniversary compilation

    In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the band, TENHI treat their fans to an all-inclusive, three-CD compilation. This is not to be seen as a regular album, but rather as a collection of rare tracks for die-hard fans.
    “Folk Aesthetics 1996–2006” is completed by a spectacular booklet of 76 pages, containing not only liner notes, the entire lyrics and their translations, but also fascinating drawings and paintings courtesy of band member Tyko Saarikko.

    Available editions:
    – 3CD Digibook
    – Vinyl 3LP (black 180g vinyl) incl. printed inner sleeves and protection sleeve (500 copies available)

    Kertomuksia Demo 1997
    I-1. Näkin Laulu
    I-2. Havuisissa Saleissa
    I-3. Tenhi

    Hallavedet MCD 1998
    I-4. Hallavedet
    I-5. Hiljaiseksi Lampi Jää

    Airut:Ciwi MCD 2001
    I-6. Tuulennostatus
    I-7. Kielo
    I-8. Ciwenkierto

    Alternatives And Unreleased
    II-1. Kausienranta
    II-2. Suortuva
    II-3. Etäisyyksien Taa
    II-4. Linnuit
    II-5. Tuulenkaato
    II-6. Sydänvalkea
    II-7. Kuoppa
    II-8. Korvenraivaajat
    II-9. Kielo
    II-10. Niin Auer Hiljaa Vie

    Kaski 1996-2006
    III-1. Häie
    III-2. Luo Varjo
    III-3. Koiranlainen Peura
    III-4. Suruiksi Soi
    III-5. Sarahdus
    III-6. Tuuli Varista
    III-7. Laule
    III-8. Vasen
    III-9. Neidiie

    Buy:  3 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation: http://www.gh-records.com/1409-te.html