• Lorenzo Abattoir

    Lorenzo Abattoir

    Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer from Torino. His work takes shape in a context of underground extreme noise music to become accessible through projects related to sound art. “The sound of chaos merging with order, where every detail and nuance seems to be carefully regulated and controlled”.

    Lorenzo Abattoir is the founder of the electroacoustic collective Mare di Dirac in which realized ritualistic performances based on minimalistic approach and unconventional musical instruments, combined with the study of natural sound effects and resonances, also militates in SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 (Official Page) Infernal Industrial band from Italy…



    Megaloschemos by Abattoir,Satori

  • From Corners Unknown

    Metal and Dark Ambient Webzine: Interviews, reviews, artist conversations, and podcasts


    In episode eight we discuss the engulfing and monolithic drones on Nachtstücke from dark ambient artist HIEMIS, the melodic tides of From Harbour’s crushing hardcore debut Fatigue, and the atmospheric yet utterly chaotic split between microcosmys and La Torture Des Ténèbres titled THE GODS THEMSELVES.

    We dedicate this episode to Caleb Scofield, vocalist and bassist of Cave In, Zozobra, and Old Gloom, who tragically passed away a couple of weeks ago. May he rest in forever lasting peace.

    Thank you so much for listening and your continued support. Let us know what you think about each of these releases below and please feel free to leave us some album suggestions for future episodes


  • Zos Kia ‎– 23

    Label: Infinite Fog Productions ‎– IF-70
    Format: 2 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Digibook
    Released: Oct 2017
    Style: Industrial, Experimental, Ambient

    Complete anthology of Zos Kia recordings. The first press released as limited to 800 copies Digibook.

    ZOS KIA was formed by John Gosling (MEKON), John Balance (COIL) and Min – with guest Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (THROBBING GRISTLE). Their one and only long-play album, Transparent, was released August 23rd 1983 in a cassette the only edition on the now-defunct Nekrophile label, Austria. They were the first released recordings of both COIL and ZOS KIA. It was reissued years later by COIL (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition. Later, 2017, the entire recordings were reissued on CD/vinyl via COLD SPRING RECORDS.
    Definitely, “Transparent” one of the most legendary and important industrial releases of all times. But beside of “Transparent”, ZOS KIA released 2 EP vinyl and record several tracks for compilation as well as about an hour of unreleased material which was found in John Gosling archives.

    Now the final and complete anthology of ZOS KIA recordings released under title “23” on 2CDs in Luxor Digibook via INFINITE FOG PRODUCTIONS. 23 tracks, more than 2 hours of exciting material in various styles, was сarefully extracted and prepared for publishing by John Gosling himself, and artwork was done by Cold Graves. Well-known track in different forms, unknown, rare and unreleased composition, and many more for the deep diving into the esoteric underground music from 80th.

    “23” is the long-awaited release for those who deeply in the old-school industrial music, collectors, rare-searchers and especially great gift for all COIL lovers.

    ZOS KIA – “23” will be out in 2 editions:

    – DELUXE 2CD Digibook including some pages with information and exclusive archive pictures.

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/http-wwwgh-recordscom-/1886-zos-kia-23.html

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  • Hunting Lodge ‎– 1982-1989

    Label: Dark Vinyl Records ‎– DV74
    Format: CD, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Country: US
    Released: 14 Jul 2017
    Style: Experimental, Industrial, Post-Punk

    HUNTING LODGE can be seen as one of the few real “Industrial ” pioneers in the early 80`s (beside SPK, LUSTMORD, THROBBING GRISTLE ..) “1982 – 1989” represents the “song oriented” side of a band that evolved relentlessly throughout its 8 years of existence. Incl. the remastered / restored version of the legendary underground club hit: “Tribal Warning Shot” Lon C. Diehl & Richard Skott met in Port Huron, Michigan, a “rust belt” town bordering Canada, in 1981, and quickly bonded over their fascination with the music of T.G., SPK, M.B., and Dome. The duo, having previously been involved in separate musical projects, decided to join forces and Hunting Lodge was born. Joined by Karl Nordstrom, the trio mixed synthesizers, bass, metal & electronic percussion, time-shifting effects, and vocals into a dark sonic stew. Nordstrom moved to San Francisco after the recording of the first Hunting Lodge release, the cassette-only At The Harrington Ballroom (1982). Diehl now employed a Roland Synth, Sequencer & 808 drum machine. Skott added his guitar to the musical arsenal, which he used to trigger a Korg MS-20 synth and a vocoder. Diehl and Skott continued recording at a feverish pace, and their first LP, WILL (track 14) was released in 1983.

    Buy: http://gh-records.com/industrial/1838-hunting-lodge-1982-1989.html

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  • Six Dead Bulgarians – Future Bygone

    Label: COD noizes – SHUM1
    Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered, Digipack
    Country: Russia
    Released: 31 Dec 2015
    Style: Industrial, Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Experimental

    4-panel glossy digipack with 16-pages booklet.

    A retrospective of the first era of post-industrial legend from the North of Russia – Arkhangelsk. Tracks recoded in 1995-1997 previously available on selfreleased cassete albums only remastered by founding member Alexander Chulkov. First time on CD.
    Composed and performed in 1995-1997 by Six Dead Bulgarians:
    Alexey Chulkov
    Anton Kovalev
    Alexander Chulkov

    Buy: http://www.gh-records.com/1068-six-dead-bulgarians-future-bygone.html

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