• Kazeria – Live in Madrid

    The eternal city. Full of symbols and their perennial meanings.
    Through the ages, Madrid became a primordial knot of cultures and civilizations. And a witness of their rise and fall, their clashes and their broken swords. Stone upon a stone. Blood by blood. Tragedy and faith. Those who follow Kazeria know that Spain and its historical and spiritual legacy are inspiring to my work.

    This recording collects the first Kazeria concert in Madrid as well as in Europe, held on last January, 24th. It was taken with the rusticity of a live ambience recording and edited into a single track to reflect the spirit of the performance and interaction with a kind and comitted audience. No «hi-fi» edition nor overdub technics. Just a climatic and ritual aura for a great evening. The album also includes «Gladium Spiritus», a track specially composed for the occasion, and some pics.

    I want to express my gratitude to the great friends in Espacio Palma 38 / Rara Avis (Jorge, Claudia, Rafa and crew) for putting their effort and profesionalism in arranging all things up. Same goes to GH Records for promoting the gig and also to everyone involved with it. Honour and thanks to all these kindred spirits.

    Jan. 2020.

  • Dernière Volonté ‎– Ne Te Retourne Pas

    Dernière Volonté ‎– Ne Te Retourne Pas
    Label: Hau Ruck! ‎– HR!100
    Format: CD, Compilation, Misprint
    Country: Austria
    Released: 13 Jan 2012
    Style: Military, Synth-pop, Neofolk

    Compilation of songs which appeared on some limited vinyls and deleted compilations, but as well unreleased tracks from 2003 till today. Some songs come from different side projects which never got released. Also included is the single «Toujours», originally recorded for the «Devant le Miroir» Tour and now available for the first time on CD. As well there is a track from a planned but never released CDs, produced at the same period and the main title was «Mon Insolence» which later became – in different form – the track «Languissant» on «Devant le Miroir».

    Un Pas En Arrière/Ne Te Retourne Pas (2008) – Inédits
    Achtung (2002) – Tiré de la compilation Fire Danger Season
    L’Appel (2004) – Tiré de la compilation Hau Ruck Festival II
    J’Aimerais Tant Crier (2005) – Inédit
    Regard Camouflage (2006) – Single additionnel du LP Devant Le Miroir
    Mon Insolence (2007) – Inédit (en collaboration avec Pierre Pi)
    Toujours/L’Eau Froide (2007) – Extraits du single Toujours
    L’Éternité (2007) – Single accompagnant la version LP The Philosopher’s Stone de Der Blutharsch
    La Nuit Revient/Tout A Disparu (2008) – Extraits du single La Nuit Revient

    Comes in a digipak with a 15-paged booklet affixed to it.

    BUY: https://gh-records.com/home/2441-derniere-volonte-ne-te-retourne-pas.html