Trobar De Morte ‎– Witchcraft

Trobar De Morte ‎– Witchcraft
Label: none
Format: CD, Album
Country: Spain
Released: 20 Aug 2018
Style: Celtic, Folk, Neofolk, Darkwave

Digipak, with 20-page booklet.

Is the seventh album of the band. Myths, legends, sorcery and occultism are intertwined with charming melodies of violins, guitars, bagpipes, ethnic percussions and beautiful voices creating a dark and magical universe composed of 13 songs entitled «Witchcraft».
Cover art by Victoria Francés.

Witchcraft was recorded between december 2017 to july 2018 at
Ax Studio in Barcelona by Trobar de Morte.
Mixed and mastered by Oscar David and Lady Morte.
Music of Songs 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11 composed by Lady Morte.
Music of Songs 6 & 9 composed by Daimoniel and Lady Morte.
Music of Song 12 composed by Sined Zulim and Lady Morte.
Music of song 13 composed by Daimoniel.
Keyboards arrangements in song 1 by Sathorys Elenorth.Wind instruments recorded at Motor Music Records (Sergio Gonzalez)

All Lyrics by Lady Morte except “Zugarramurdi”
from traditional Basque folklore. Lyrics of Rondalla, Cantus &
Stramonium extracted from ancient spells and magic books.

Musical instruments and musicians:
Lady Morte Keyboards, Voices, Hurdy Gurdy, percussion, flutes, Bouzouqui,
finger cymbals , bells,tambourines
Vic Bass, Chimes, Cymbal.
Üri Bokskog Bagpipes, Flutes, Whistles, Backing vocals.
Daimoniel Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bouzouki, Backing vocals.
Máiréad Violins
Sined Zulim Flamenco box drum, Indian Tabla, Sagats, Ghungroo,
Tibetan bowls, Bendir, Frame drums, Doholla, Darbouka, Tombak,
Shamanic bendir

Cover and booklet illustrations by Victoria Francés
ArtWork Designs by Lady Morte and arrangements by Victoria Francés.
Photography by Vic A. Granell
Executive Producer: Lady Morte


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